War Council

Changes are coming to how Orders are submitted for Border Wars. As the Kingdom of Everland fractures and war threatens to take hold, Generals can no longer stand alone. A new system of Alliances is being put in place and orders will now be completed by the War Council representing each Alliance.

Don’t worry though, if you enjoy being a General there will no doubt be a seat for you on the new War Council that represents your Alliance. At the same time it provides an opportunity for others to get involved in the process. But now those Generals or Houses that struggled to properly represent themselves in the old Borderwars format will now be able to hand control  over to those with an eye for strategy and diplomacy.

The War Councils will meet two weeks before every Border Wars event, at 6:45pm in the Classrooms attached to the CLC gymnasium. War Councils will be responsible for submitting orders on behalf of all Houses in their alliance. All War Council sessions will last approximately 30 minutes and conclude with orders being submitted.

Orders will no longer be submitted online. A new paper based order form will be provided during War Council. Each alliance will submit 1 set of orders that will contain orders for all Houses within that Alliance.

Alliances are still free to make deals with Houses outside of their Alliance, however any such agreement must take place prior to and outside of the designated War Council session.

Below is a sample of what the new paper Alliance Order Forms will look like:

Sample Alliance Order Form