Political Action

There are a variety of Political actions that a House can take each month. The number of Political Actions you can take is equal to your total Civilization score. However some Political Actions count as more than one Action (see the costs outlined below).

Civilization is NOT consumed or spent like resources, you cannot “save-it-up” for future months. Therefore it is generally in your best interest to take at least some Political Actions if you have Civilization available.

  • Close Borders (Counts as 1 Action): By default all provinces are considered to have open borders, meaning ANYONE can pass through to take Military or Political Actions targeted at territories further away. In order to prevent this you must use Civilization to control your borders, preventing anyone from passing through your province with their Military or Political Actions. You can provide a list of excluded Houses that may freely pass through (I.e. Allies). Closing your borders DOES NOT prevent Military or Political Actions taken against territories immediately at the border, and in some cases actually redirects those actions onto your border territories.
  • Increase Security (Counts as 2 Actions per house): Select Houses that you wish to increase your security efforts towards. If they send any spies/assassins to your House this month those spies/assassins will be revealed and their effects (whether positive or negative) will be ignored. Spies/assassins caught by your security efforts are not openly revealed however you are free to tell others about the spies you have captured if you wish.
  • Disrupt Trade (Counts as 3 Actions per house): Select Houses that you wish to send spies against to disrupt trade. If successful any OUTGOING trades made by that House will be cancelled.
  • Assassinate Diplomats (Counts as 3 Actions per house): Select Houses that you wish to send assassins against (in secret, treated same as spies). ALL diplomats sent by that house, regardless of intended targets or function, are assassinated and their effects cancelled.
  • Quell Revolt (Counts as 3 Actions per Territory): Send diplomats to quell a peasant revolt currently taking place within a territory adjacent to one of your own. Provided you have enough Agriculture to support the territory, it will come under your control and be added to your province with all Territory improvements intact. If you do not have enough Agriculture the Quell Revolt Political Action will fail. Diplomats sent to Quell a revolt are vulnerable to Assassins from other Houses.The Pacify Revolt Military Action overrides the Quell Revolt Political action. In the event that the Military Action fails, then the Political action will proceed. If more than one House attempts to send Diplomats to Quell a Revolt, the House with the Highest overall Civilization score will succeed. In the event of a tie, both sides fail.
  • Infiltrate House (Counts as 4 Actions per house): Select Houses that you wish to send spies to infiltrate. If successful your spies will report back the Military Action taken by that house, allowing the House who sent the spies to adjust their own Military actions accordingly (just the one house not the whole alliance).
  • Sabotage Territory (Counts as 5 Actions per house): Send spies into a territory to sabotage a single Territory improvement of your choice. If successful that improvement is immediately destroyed with no refund of its cost. Cities cannot be Sabotaged.
  • Incite Revolt (Counts as 6 Actions per Territory): Send spies into a territory to incite the peasants to revolt, causing that territory to remain in a state of Peasant Revolt until it is pacified (see Military Action: Pacify Revolt) or quelled (see above for Political Action: Quell Revolt). Incite Revolt will automatically fail if armies happen to be present in that territory that month (i.e. from a Defend action) NOTE: You cannot Pacify or Quell peasant revolt in the same month as a Revolt was incited in that territory. Incite Revolt cannot be used on territories containing cities.
  • Influence House (Counts as 1 Action per +/- influence per House): Send spies or diplomats to influence other Houses. Each Positive influence will temporarily grant +1 Might to that House in any conflict this month while each negative influence will temporarily grant -1 Might to that House in any conflict this month. Spies are sent in secret and are not reveal unless they are caught, while diplomats are an overt show of support or rivalry and are announced for all to see.

Note: Spies, Diplomats, and other such agents used for Political Actions are typically assumed to travel in the most direct route between their City of origin and their target.

More Political Actions will be added as the Border Wars season progresses…