Build Actions

Every month a House can choose to take Build Action in each of the territories owned/included in their Province, provided they have enough resources. The following options are available:

  • Build Industry (Costs 2 Resources): adds 1 Industry to your House
  • Build Agriculture (Costs 2 Resources): adds 1 Agriculture to your House
  • Build Might (Costs 2 Resources): adds 1 Might to your House
  • Build Civilization (Costs 2 Resources): adds 1 Civilization to your House
  • Found City (Costs 8 Resources & 4 improvements): Found a new capital city in a territory you control. The territory MUST already have 1 of each territory improvement built. The new city replaces those four territory improvements, with no cost refunded. Found City is only available if your former Capital City has been destroyed. Occupied Capital Cities DO NOT count as destroyed.

NOTE: The specific number of each type of Territory Improvement allowed is determined by the terrain type of that territory (see Territories). Territories can only have up to five Territory Improvements TOTAL, regardless of terrain type.

Demolish Territory Improvement (once per Territory per month): If at any point you are dissatisfied with the existing improvements in a territory you own, you may choose to destroy/ replace them. This is especially useful if attempting to found a city in a Territory that has maxed out its Improvements but does not have one of each type of Improvement. If choosing to demolish a Territory Improvement as part of your Build Actions, the cost is NOT refunded, however it can be replaced on the same turn it was destroyed.