Rules (Season 2)

  • All territorial disputes will be resolved in the Great Arena of King’s Seat on the last Friday of every month
  • Each nation can select a single territory that they wish to claim or dispute
  • The territory MUST be bordering lands already owned by a house in that nation
  • The Queen and her council will consider each disputed territory and then select which ones will be fought over in the arena
  • The Queen will also decide which nations may take part in any particular arena battle
  • Any nation with a legitimate claim to the territory can claim it as their own if they win in the arena
  • If a nation has no legitimate claim to the selected territory they can still compete, and if winning can either decide to give the territory to one of the other nations with a legitimate claim OR prevent anyone from claiming the territory that month (setting it as neutral)
  • If a nation gains the territory it will be marked on the map with their nations color, and will fly the banner of a single house within that nation that was already bordered on the territory
  • Score is determined by the the number of territories that a nation occupies (see Maps & Standings)