May 2017 Conflicts

The Meridian Alliance and the Eastern Empire continue to battle one another in the Highgreen Forest, while an uprising occurs in the Wailing Highlands. In the West, three capital cities at stake as the war between the free houses of Spartonvlier and the Warrior of the West reaches new heights.

May War Council

With only two War Council’s left before our Season 1 Finale, it’s more important than ever to start planning your strategies for the month of May. The next War Council is coming up on Friday May 12th at 6:45pm (in the Classrooms attached to the CLC gym).

April 2017 Results

The banners of the Free People of Spartonvlier fly high and proud over the palace of the Grand Duchess of Aurora. House Spartan has liberated the Fields of Plenty from the Tyranny of the Warriors of the West. Elsewhere, two more territories change hands.