House Wildbourne
“The East will Rise”

Figurehead: Eastern Empress Skie
Advisors: Jas Ngo & Wynette Augustin
Province: Wildernation
Seat of Power: The Imperial City
House Trait: Boldness
House Bonus: +1 Might & Civilization in Forest Territory
Known Alliances: Limrip, Leoness & Ragewater


Current Territories and Standings

Current resources

Excess Agriculture

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

The seemingly diminutive folk of the Primal Isle are known as House Wildbourne. Many are those who have misjudged them throughout the ages, for despite their size and primitive ways they possess a strength and boldness that could outmatch the greatest warriors of any house. This has given rise to a variety of supposed first-hand accounts of Wildbourne warriors transforming into vicious beasts and tearing their enemies apart, although of course this is problematic to truly prove.

A matriarchal tribal society by nature, the women of House Wildbourne believe that any land upon which they tread belongs to them while they have strength to stand upon it. Though they see ruling over others in a much different light than most houses, they have exerted their influence throughout the eastern lands of Freehart and beyond.

Together with their undyingly faithful brothers of House Limrip, the ‘Beast from the East’ fear nothing, and take what is theirs. They inspire others with their ferocity and strength of will and have challenged even the greatest houses, earning them the respect and renown due to a great house in turn.

Of all the Houses of Freehart only House Wildbourne was able to maintain their position as a Great House after the events of the Throne War, despite having the least support for their claim to the throne. At the Kingsmoot they stood alone, save for their faithful allies of House Limrip. However, together with the lions of House Leoness and Brightmane, both lesser claimants to the Throne, they formed a small but powerful alliance known as the Beasts of Freehart. Though ultimately the true contest for the Throne fell to the Cavalier Alliance and the Spartan Alliance, in East the Beasts of Freehart decimated their foes, even successfully accomplishing what no other House had done before, invading and occupying the sacred isle of House Highworth.

Despite fighting against the Cavalier Alliance, out of respect for a former ally and worthy opponent in King Justin of House Cavalier, House Wildbourne and her allies eventually agreed to lay down their arms when peace had been declared between Cavalier and Spartan. Regardless, the alliance of the Beasts of Freehart proved beneficial for all parties. Whether out of fear or respect, each member of the alliance grew in prestige, some even supplanting former Great Houses.

But now, as doom seems posied to envelope all of Freehart, many blame House Wildbourne and her allies, claiming that their occupation of House Highworth has cursed the Great Tree, Galadhuin Ciul. Of course House Wildbourne shrugs this off as foolish superstition, yet they have no answer of their own for the illness that seems to hold Freehart in its grip.