House Wildbourne

“The East will Rise”

Alpha Huntresses: Emma Watson & Bea Mina
Province: Wildernation
Seat of Power: The Imperial City, Jungle of the Twin Rivers
Demographic: Jr. Girls
House Trait: Boldness
Current Allegiance: Eastern Empire

“In Him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence” -Eph. 3:12

The Throne War (Pulse15): Head of The Beast of Freehart (1st place of 25 Houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16): The Beasts of War (6th place of 12 Houses)
Borderwars Season 1: Eastern Empire (1st place of 4 Alliances)
Rise of Nations (SC17): Eastern Empire (4th place of 4 Nations)
Borderwars Season 2: Eastern Empire (3rd place of 4 Nations)
Contest of Nations (SC18): Eastern Empire (3rd place of 4 Nations, 15th place of 16 Houses)

Historical Notes

Prior to arriving in Everland

The seemingly diminutive folk of the Primal Isle are known as House Wildbourne. Many are those who have misjudged them throughout the ages, for despite their size and primitive ways they possess a strength and boldness that could outmatch the greatest warriors of any house. This has given rise to a variety of supposed first-hand accounts of Wildbourne warriors transforming into vicious beasts and tearing their enemies apart, although of course this is problematic to truly prove.

A matriarchal tribal society by nature, the women of House Wildbourne believe that any land upon which they tread belongs to them while they have strength to stand upon it. Though they see ruling over others in a much different light than most houses, they have exerted their influence throughout the eastern lands of Freehart and beyond.

Together with their undyingly faithful brothers of House Limrip, the ‘Beast from the East’ fear nothing, and take what is theirs. They inspire others with their ferocity and strength of will and have challenged even the greatest houses, earning them the respect and renown due to a great house in turn.

Of all the Houses of Freehart only House Wildbourne was able to maintain their position as a Great House after the events of the Throne War, despite having the least support for their claim to the throne. At the Kingsmoot they stood alone, save for their faithful allies of House Limrip. However, together with the lions of House Leoness and Brightmane, both lesser claimants to the Throne, they formed a small but powerful alliance known as the Beasts of Freehart. Though ultimately the true contest for the Throne fell to the Cavalier Alliance and the Spartan Alliance, in East the Beasts of Freehart decimated their foes, even successfully accomplishing what no other House had done before, invading and occupying the sacred isle of House Highworth.

Despite fighting against the Cavalier Alliance, out of respect for a former ally and worthy opponent in King Justin of House Cavalier, House Wildbourne and her allies eventually agreed to lay down their arms when peace had been declared between Cavalier and Spartan. Regardless, the alliance of the Beasts of Freehart proved beneficial for all parties. Whether out of fear or respect, each member of the alliance grew in prestige, some even supplanting former Great Houses.

But now, as doom seems posied to envelope all of Freehart, many blame House Wildbourne and her allies, claiming that their occupation of House Highworth has cursed the Great Tree, Galadhuin Ciul. Of course House Wildbourne shrugs this off as foolish superstition, yet they have no answer of their own for the illness that seems to hold Freehart in its grip.

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

Long has House Wildbourne stood as Great House. Confident and bold, they did not shy away from the Crossing. Building sturdy ships which weathered the storms, they carried not only themselves but also ship wrecked refugees from House Dauntless to the shores of Everland.

Knowing the savage and unruly nature of the Beasts from the East, Houses Wildbourne and Limrip, the King wisely sought to temper them by joining them with House Onyx. Together the Beasts of War were unleashed upon Everland to subdue it to his will.

To this task House Wildbourne threw itself with abandon, even going so far as to slay a giant during what was meant to be purely a reconnaissance mission.  House Evergreen saw the strength of House Wildbourne and throughout the conquest worked towards forging an alliance with the Beasts from the East, which was finally solidified when the conquest was complete.

During this time however, House Wildbourne took it upon themselves to terrorize House Tempest, furthering an already bitter rivalry. Perhaps this counter productive aggression was in part why King Justin refused, despite all their contributions to the conquest, to acknowledge House Wildbourne as one of the Great Houses of his new Kingdom of Everland. Regardless it is a slight that will not be soon forgotten. For now House Wildbourne is content that their faithful ally House Limrip was accorded that respect.

Borderwars (Season 1)

Awarded its lands shortly after the Great Houses, House Wildbourne settled in the jungles far to the east, alongside their faithful brothers of House Limrip. Naming their province Wildernation, they immediately founded the Imperial City where their Empress would sit upon the Eastern Throne.

Wasting no time, they expanded their territories westward. Willing to honor the King’s decree that no House should go to war against another here in Everland, the Beasts from the East instead raided far and wide, drawing the animosity of House Solaris and many of the other Houses. In response, Houses Wildbourne and Limrip looked to allies new and old in Houses Leoness and Evergreen to support them. With the strong arm of House Limrip at their side, House Wildbourne unified the new Eastern Houses. Even much of the north came under their sway with a tentative alliance with House Ragewater.

However, when the Beasts from the East learned that House Evergreen was using its vast wealth to trade with rival houses, they conspired to use a local peasant revolt as an excuse to seize the Ironwood Forest from House Evergreen and hand it to House Ragewater. The ensuing conflict drew in armies from across Everland, including the Southern Houses of Cavalier, Solaris, and Phoenix. Though House Ragewater and the Beasts from the East stood victorious, it forever poisoned their relationship with House Evergreen, driving them into the waiting arms of an alliance with the South.

This was only the beginning of a much larger conflict, for not long after, it was uncovered that the King’s own House of Cavalier had incited a peasant revolt in Limrip territory. House Limrip immediately called for vengeance and ripped limbs. House Wildbourne was barely able to contain their fury but managed to halt their enraged brothers from launching an attack. Instead they sent an envoy to seek an audience with King Justin himself, to demand that he bring his errant kingsman in House Cavalier to justice. Though the plan ended in bloodshed at the hands of the Castellan Guard, it set off a chain of events that uncovered a conspiracy. High ranking members of House Cavalier and House Castellan covered up the loss of King Justin during the Crossing. King Justin of Everland is a lie and the throne room empty.

Seeing the opportunity to finally establish their own empire under the Eastern Empress, the Beasts from the East declared their independence from the rule of false Kings, asking Houses Leoness and Ragewater to declare their independence from the rule of the false Kings and join their Eastern Empire.

As these allies grew in power, House Evergreen bore the brunt of their aggression. The Eastern Empire burned their capital city of Timberhold to the ground and very nearly destroyed House Evergreen forever, had it not been for the timely assistance of the southern Houses of the Meridian Alliance.

Though the Eastern Empire was content to consolidate their lands and rule the East as a sovereign Empire, far in the West, the cunning General of House Spartan convinced the other three Alliances to set aside their differences and unite in attacking the Eastern Empire. All the while, the general of House Spartan was making his own attempt to seize the empty throne in King’s Seat. Though the Eastern Empire saw significant loses in the final year of the Borderwars, there is still much strength left in them and they remain the dominant force in Everland. Strong enough even to challenge the Great Andrei Khan and reduce his beloved Starlord City to rubble.

When Everland united against them, House Wildbourne took the worst of the aggression, losing territories to both conquest and revolts. But House Wildbourne is far from broken and Eastern Empress Skie has vowed that these lands will be returned to the Eastern Empire. Furthermore, to repay their arrogance in challenging her sovereignty, she now claims that she will bring all of Everland to its knees.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

After the death of King Justin and the events of the border wars, four nations rose to claim ruler ship of Everland. A period known as The Rise of Nations.

During the Rise of Nations Hosue Wildbourne was instrumental in bringing together some of Everland’s most powerful Houses to turn the Eastern Empire from a mere alliance of Houses Wildbourne, Limrip, Leoness, and Ragewater to a great Nation. One woman boldly declared herself Empress of them all.

Her Imperial Majesty, Sovereign Ruler of the Eastern Empire, Alpha Ripper of House Wildbourne, the Burner of Cities and Taker of Limbs, she is the Eastern Empress Skie. Riding upon her Eastern Throne, she led the Eastern Empire into the Rise of Nations with confidence of victory and the roars of her supporters shook the very foundations of the earth.

As the leading house of their nation, Wildbourne maintained their position of dominance, despite often facing the combined might of the other three nations,  joining forces against the Empress. House Wildbourne  and the Eastern Empire won strategic victories time and again, and arrived on field oof battle for the Siege of King’s Seat with superior forces. However the despicable betrayal of House Ragewater, left their numbers lacking compare dot the other nations, and the demoralizing effect of seeing House Ragewater fighting alongside their hated foe left a demoralizing mark upon the Empress and her House, one that some say she never recovered from. The only solace in defeat was that the Royal Dominion wont he throne rather than the Meridian Khanate and their traitorous lap dogs.

Forced to fall back, House Wildbourne rallies its troops for they will never quit or give up, fighting to the bitter end. The east will rise (again)!

Borderwars (Season 2)

At the outset of the Second Borderwars Queen Jordan stripped Eastern Empress Skie of her authority and forbade the East from every raising up another Empress. This demoralized House Wildbourne and they spent much of the Second Borderwars in seclusion, only periodically sending forth champions to compete in the arena when called upon by their allies.

By the end of the Second Borderwars House Wildbourne not only maintained its existing holdings, but also regained ownership of the Lower Giant’s Steppe, lost to House Dauntless in the first Borderwars. This was a result of Queen Jordan redrawing the borders of Everland in an attempt provide equality for all nations. Some believe this was a deliberate show of kindness on the Queen’s part, an attempt to heal old wounds festering withing House Wildbourne over the humiliation of their former Eastern Empress.

Contest of Nations (SC18)

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