Great House Tempest
“Loyalty over Royalty”

Temptress: Vanessa Menzies & Elan Broadhead
Province: Thunder Hills
Seat of Power: Blixt, Upper Black Hills
Demographic: Sr. Girls
House Trait: Loyalty
Current Allegiance: Westwind Warriors

“Many Declare themselves loyal, but who can find someone who is really trustworthy”-Proverbs 20:6

The Throne War (Pulse15): Bannerwomen of House Cavalier (22nd place of 25 Houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16): The Royal Vanguard (2nd place of 12 Houses)
Borderwars Season 1: Warriors of the West (2nd place of 4 Alliances)
Rise of Nations (SC17): Royal Dominion (1st place of 4 Nations)
Borderwars Season 2: Royal Dominion –> Westwind Warriors (4th place of 4 Nations)
Contest of Nations (SC18): Westwind Warriors (4th place of 4 Nations, 1st place of 16 Houses)

Historical Notes

Prior to arriving in Everland

If House Westwind is the steady force that sweeps down from the western mountains to extend its rule over all, it is House Tempest that violently tosses aside those who would oppose that rule. While small in size, this House produces some of the mightiest warriors in the Westwind armies. Utterly loyal to House Westwind, with no aspirations to rule, they are the perfect ally.

However their allegiance to House Westwind is far from their only defining feature. In their own right they are a highly civilized and wealthy house. This is in large part due to being situated on the south bank of the mighty river they call The Pulse, named so for being the very lifeblood of all Freehart. From this strategic location they control two of only three known crossings, allowing them to control trade and easily monitor the comings and goings of rival houses.

Loyal to House Westwind, House Tempest found itself suffering a similar fate during the Throne Wars after the defeat of the Westwind Alliance. However, the two Houses were reunited when both found themselves fighting under the banner of House Cavalier at the conclusion of the Throne War, saving some of the lost glory of their House. In the aftermath, when the River Pulse began to dry up, House Tempest came to the immediate defense of their ally when others accused House Westwind of ill intent. House Tempest has instead been vocal in claiming that the reckless occupation of House Highworth and the defilement of the great tree Galadhuin Ciul at the hands of House Wildbourne and Limrip is the source of what ails Freehart.

The Conquest of Everland (SC16)

The downfall of Freehart was not kind to House Tempest and when they set sail along with the other houses, many thought that they would not survive the perilous journey across the seas. However, they not only survived the Crossing, they landed in Everland with a renewed spirit. Not unlike the other houses, House Tempest faced many dangers of Everland in their attempt to build anew, not realizing that giants inhabited this new land. In addition to House Wildbourne’s attempts at sabotage, the members of House Tempest faced many injuries and obstacles.

However, as part of the Royal Vanguard (an alliance with their longstanding allies House Westwind and newfound allies House Aurora), House Tempest was victorious in their part towards defeating the elements of Everland and gaining King Justin’s favor. They shone most in conquering the Isle of Mists where Lady Chelsea defied the bullies from House Wildbourne. They landed in Everland as a House with no standing but, with strength, bravery, and loyalty to House and King, became a Great House.

Borderwars (Season 1)

As a new Great House of Everland, House Tempest choose the Black hills as their new home, seeing the coal fields as a valuable resource in the years ahead. With their eyes set on the surrounding hill country, they named their new province Thunder Hills and built their capital city of Blixt with its back against the mountains.

Loyal to their brothers in House Westwind, they quickly became embroiled in the constant raids and border skirmishes with House Onyx and Spartan. Seeking to minimize their number of enemies House Tempest wisely sought friendship with House Ragewater, sharing the northern foothills with them in relative peace.

Five years after the Conquest of Everland was complete, a feud erupted between House Cavalier and House Limrip. This set off a chain of events that resulted in the exposure of a grand deception regarding King Justin’s reclusiveness since landing in Everland. High ranking members of House Cavalier had conspired with House Castellan to cover up the loss of King Justin during the Crossing. King Justin of Everland was a lie.

With Everland gripped in political upheaval, House Tempest found itself struggling to survive. Though the might of their armies was considerable, their enemies struck at them from shadows, attacking their livestock and burning their crops, only to fade away before their might could be brought to bear. With no King to keep the peace, they realized that they needed strong leadership to survive.

When the Grand Duchess of House Aurora rose to power and proposed an alliance, House Tempest followed their brothers in House Westwind in accepting the offer, pledging to fight alongside House Aurora. So was born the Warriors of the West, a formidable alliance pairing the strength of the Westwind and Tempest armies with the brilliant leadership of Grand Duchess Jordan.

With new found confidence, House Tempest attacked an unsuspecting House Ragewater, claiming the Shoulder Hills as their own. But that confidence was quickly shattered when their enemies in House Onyx and Spartan formed an alliance of their own with House Cavalier, the so called “free peoples” alliance of Spartonvlier. Inciting revolt throughout territories belonging to the Warriors of the West, the Spartonvlier alliance proved to be an insidious foe, even going so far as to capture and destroy the capital city of House Tempest’s ancient ally, House Westwind. As further insult House Onyx, desecrated the statues honoring the ancient line of Westwind Kings, the very Kings that House Tempest had loyally served and protected for generations.

However, in that dark moment was born new hope, for, appalled at the dishonorable behaviour of its ally, House Cavalier switched sides. In that same year, General Schroeder of House Spartan raised the alarm towards the threat posed to all Everland from the rising power of the Eastern Empire. With the might of House Cavalier joining with their own, and much of Everland’s attention focused eastward, the Warriors of the West seized the opportunity to reclaim much of what had been lost.

The tides have turned, and now the Warriors of the West stand as a close rival to the Eastern Empire in both land and deed. With no King in Everland, House Tempest yearns for the rule of noble blood. As House Westwind makes no claim of its own, the loyal House Tempest will place its considerable might behind the claim of the Grand Duchess of House Aurora. Let her enemies tremble before the storm of House Tempest.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

After the death of King Justin and the events of the first Border Wars, four nations rose to claim rulership of Everland. A period known as The Rise and of Nations.

House Tempest, along with Houses Westwind, Cavalier, and Aurora formed the Royal Dominion intent on putting a Queen on the throne -the Grand Duchess Jordan of House Aurora. The other nations – The Eastern Empire, Meridian Khanate, and The Iron Republic fought among themselves.  Houses betrayed their own nations, temporary alliances were often made, and House Tempest was approached to betray The Royal Dominion more than once. The warriors of House Tempest took advantage of the unrest and advised the Grand Duchess Aurora not to get involved but remain steadfast in their quest for the throne. As such, House Tempest and the Royal Dominion were seen as a neutral party. While the others fought, House Tempest helped lead the Royal Dominion to victory in the final battle at the Siege of King’s Seat.

Borderwars (Season 2)

The Great House Tempest made early gains during the Second Borderwars, solidifying their position as the true power in the North, claiming the Northern Highgreen Forest, and the Dustbone Hills. However they were eventually eclipsed by House Leoness when they won the rights to the Dustbone Hills and the Raging Hills in the Great Arena at King’s Seat.

In some ways this would prove a boon to House Tempest, for in taking the Raging Hills House Leoness settled an decade old grudge against the betrayers of the Eastern Empire and extinguished the bloodline of House Ragewater forever. As one of only three truly northern houses in Everland, House Tempest now found itself only in competition with house Evergreen for the title of Great House of the North.

Northern politics came to the forefront when Queen Jordan and Andrei Khan announced the political alliance of their two nations. In inviting the Southern Khan to rule by her side the Queen struck a deep wound against House Tempest. While they we’re angered that the North seemed to be ignored in this new arrangement, that paled in comparison to their fury over the seemingly intentional side stepping of Tempest’s ancient allies and brothers, House Westwind. The Westwind Kings had ruled Old Freehart for generations, and had the royal bloodline not been lost in the Crossing to Everland, Tempest believed that Westwinds claim to the Throne of Everland was far superior to House Aurora’s.

Here was a chance for the Queen to reignite the royal bloodline by elevating a Windlord of House Westwind to rule by her side as King. Instead, she gave the honor to a Khan of House Solaris. From that moment forward House Tempest began to plot against the Queen.

For several years House Tempest feigned obedience as part of the Queen and Khan’s new Royal Khanate, but in their hearts they had already begun their rebellion. Convincing House Westwind to rebel was simple, they two had seen the obvious insult to their Great House, and though House Tempest lit the fires of rebellion, House Westind was eager to provide fuel.

House Evergreen took more convincing, having been a part of the Khan’s vision for a nation that bridged the North and South together. But House Tempest was persuasive. With sweet whispers and gentle nudgings, eventually they convinced House Evergreen that the Khan’s of the South had never been there for them, when the bestial Eastern Empire came to burn their cities and pillage their beloved forests. True or not, House Evergreen was swayed, and when the time was right, House Tempest tore the Royal banner asunder and declared their independence from the Royal Khanate. Together House Tempest, Westwind, and Evergreen created a new nation, under an old and reverently remembered name, the Westwind Warriors.

Though the presence of the Iron Republic standing between them made it difficult for the Queen to strike back, some measure of retaliation was felt. When the Eastern Empire saw the chance to use the Queen’s anger to further their own aims the took the Northern Highgreen Forest away from House Tempest as a prize in the Great Arena.

But before any further action could be taken against the Westwind Warriors, refugees from the long lost House Equinox arrived, wandering down from the frozen wastelands north of the Winterswall Mountains. The Queen claimed her heart was moved by compassion, and she began drafting up a new map of Everland in an attempt to make a home for House Equinox, who had suffered so much.

House Tempest saw through her intentions and sent their own agents among the ladies of House Equinox. By the time the Queen had resettled them in the North, to be used as staging point for retaliation against the Westwind Warriors, House Equinox had already been turned and promptly joined the other Northern Houses rather than be used as a pawn by the Queen.

Shortly after, House Spartan’s discovery of the Shattered Isles further improved the Westwind Warriors claims to legitimacy. For there, surviving for twenty years on their own, was the lost ships carrying the royal bloodline of the Westwind Kings. A young prince of Westwind was found among them, fighting a war with House Nightsbane, against insurmountable odds. He was instantly declared a hero and the new and rightful King of the Westwind Warriors.

With Everland’s borders redraw and King Josh on the Westwind Throne, the Westwind Warriors are a force to be reckoned with. Queen Jordan and Andrei Khan have no choice but to acknowledge House Tempest and her allies as a legitimate nation of Everland. The rebellion was a stunning success.