House Tempest
“Loyalty over Royalty”

Figurehead: Temptress Rebekah
Advisors: Jessica Cooper & Vanessa Menzies
Province: Thunder Hills
Seat of Power: Blixt
House Trait: Loyalty
House Bonus: +2 Might in Hill Territory
Known Alliances: Westwind & Aurora


Current Territories and Standings

Current resources

Excess Agriculture

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

If House Westwind is the steady force that sweeps down from the western mountains to extend its rule over all, it is House Tempest that violently tosses aside those who would oppose that rule. While small in size, this House produces some of the mightiest warriors in the Westwind armies. Utterly loyal to House Westwind, with no aspirations to rule, they are the perfect ally.

However their allegiance to House Westwind is far from their only defining feature. In their own right they are a highly civilized and wealthy house. This is in large part due to being situated on the south bank of the mighty river they call The Pulse, named so for being the very lifeblood of all Freehart. From this strategic location they control two of only three known crossings, allowing them to control trade and easily monitor the comings and goings of rival houses.

Loyal to House Westwind, House Tempest found itself suffering a similar fate during the Throne Wars after the defeat of the Westwind Alliance. However, the two Houses were reunited when both found themselves fighting under the banner of House Cavalier at the conclusion of the Throne War, saving some of the lost glory of their House. In the aftermath, when the River Pulse began to dry up, House Tempest came to the immediate defence of their ally when others accused House Westwind of ill intent. House Tempest has instead been vocal in claiming that the reckless occupation of House Highworth and the defilement of the great tree Galadhuin Ciul at the hands of House Wildbourne and Limrip is the source of what ails Freehart.