Great House Spartan
“No Hunchbacks”

Figurehead: BenThe Leo” Greco
Advisors: Shammah Egege
Province: Sparta
Seat of Power: Sparttawa
House Trait: Discipline
House Bonus: +1 Might in Any Territory
Known Alliances: Onyx & Cavalier

Current Territories and Standings

Current resources

Excess Agriculture

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

From the very moment of birth, the men of House Spartan are trained for battle. Their regimented lifestyle makes them expert soldiers who fight well in formation, using a vast array of tactics to keep their enemies guessing. Their lands, which cling along the eastern shores of the Lake of Harts, are small compared to most other houses. However, any attempt to cross their borders with an army would be utter folly.

The fortunes of House Spartan peaked during the Throne Wars and they almost won the Throne for themselves, fighting House Cavalier and its allies to a near standstill. In the end the leaders of House Spartan decided that the cost of victory would be too great for Freehart as it would have left them with nothing to rule over but ashes. Instead, they brokered peace with house Cavalier, knowing that a war fought for no gain has no purpose. The conditions of that peace left House Spartan wealthy and in high regard by most of the Houses of Freehart. They have always been respected as warriors. Now, they are also respected as one of the Great Houses of Freehart. However, the respect bring with it the burden of aiding their allies, as all around them Houses seem to be suffering from unforeseen disasters.