House Spartan
“Sparta for the Win”

Figurehead: General E. Schroeder,
Triarch of House Spartan
Advisors: Gabe Greco & Shammah Egege
Province: Sparta
Seat of Power: Sparttawa, Iron Spire
House Trait: Discipline
Current Allegiance: Iron Republic

“We are off and running and not turning back.” -Phil. 3:14


The Throne War (Pulse15): Head of the Spartan Alliance (3rd place of 25 Houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16): The Spartan Offensive (1st place of 12 Houses)
Borderwars Season 1: Spartonvlier (3rd place of 4 Alliances)
Rise of Nations (SC17): Iron Republic (2nd place of 4 Nations)
Borderwars Season 2: Iron Republic (TBD)

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

From the very moment of birth, the men of House Spartan are trained for battle. Their regimented lifestyle makes them expert soldiers who fight well in formation, using a vast array of tactics to keep their enemies guessing. Their lands, which cling along the eastern shores of the Lake of Harts, are small compared to most other houses. However, any attempt to cross their borders with an army would be utter folly.

The fortunes of House Spartan peaked during the Throne Wars and they almost won the Throne for themselves, fighting House Cavalier and its allies to a near standstill. In the end the leaders of House Spartan decided that the cost of victory would be too great for Freehart as it would have left them with nothing to rule over but ashes. Instead, they brokered peace with house Cavalier, knowing that a war fought for no gain has no purpose. The conditions of that peace left House Spartan wealthy and in high regard by most of the Houses of Freehart. They have always been respected as warriors. Now, they are also respected as one of the Great Houses of Freehart. However, the respect bring with it the burden of aiding their allies, as all around them Houses seem to be suffering from unforeseen disasters.

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

Always prepared, the disciplined forces of the Great House Spartan rose to the challenge of crossing the sea to find a new home, aiding their allies along the way. When landed upon the new and unexplored shores of Everland, it was no surprise that King Justin gave them command of one of his armies. The Spartan offensive, also including Houses Solaris and Pheonix, conquered much of Everland for King Justin, and are believed to be have struck the killing blow against the Colossus.

During the Conquest, House Spartan also maintained its friendship with House Onyx, while at the same time growing its rivalry with House Westwind. Clearly pleased with House Spartans performance, particularly during dangerous scouting missions deep into hostile territory, King Justin proclaimed House Spartan to be one of the Great Houses of Everland.

Historical Notes on House Spartan during the Borderwars (season 1)

Believed to have contributed to the Conquest of Everland more than any other House, the Great House Spartan was given the right to choose their lands second only to the King’s Ruling House of Cavalier. For their new home, they choose a towering mountain, rich in iron ore. The Iron Spire as it was called, would house their new capital of Sparttawa, the seat of power for the province of Sparta.

In the years that followed House Sparta devoted itself to keeping the peace. Despite their efforts however, the Leos of House Sparta would find themselves often at odds with their neighbours to the west. Though King Justin had decreed that war between the Houses was forbidden, raids were common place.

Five years into the Borderwars, a feud erupted between House Cavalier and House Limrip. This set off a chain of events that resulted in the exposure of a grand deception regarding King Justin’s reclusiveness since landing in Everland. High ranking members of House Cavalier had conspired with House Castellan to cover up the loss of King Justin during the Crossing. King Justin of Everland was a lie.

In the wake of this discovery the Warriors of the West struck the first blow, an Alliance of Houses Westwind and Tempest, led by the Grand Duchess of House Aurora. Together they attacked and occupied House Spartan’s holdings in the Lower Forest of Flowers. Outnumbered three to one, the Spartans were forced to retreat. But their retribution against the Duchess and her allies would be fierce.

Joining together with their staunch ally House Onyx and a new friend in a reformed House Cavalier, the free people’s alliance of Spartonvlier was formed. Under the cunning guidance of its two great generals, Commander S. Broadhead of House Cavalier and Erik the Leo of House Spartan, they made the Grand Duchess pay dearly by retaking the Lower Forest of Flowers and then attacking Schntizelholme. They tore down the walls of her proud city and captured her palace. Though she escaped capture, they believed that the occupation of her city would symbolically break the power of her tyrannical rule.

The next target of their retribution was the Windspire, the capital city of House Westwind. Victory was achieved here as well. But rather than occupying the city as they had done at Schnitzelholme, they instead destroyed the city and desecrated the statues honoring the ancient line of Westwind Kings.

Seemingly inspired by the victories of the free people’s alliance, the remnant of House Dauntless rose up and overthrew House Wildbourne to establish their own province in the Wailing Highlands, reasserting the name and title of their House. With House Dauntless joining the Spartonvlier Alliance, and much of the Warriors of the West’s territories in open revolt, they seemed poised to topple the old world order.

But disaster struck when House Cavalier sent word that they wanted no more part in the Spartonvlier alliance. Switching sides to the Warriors of the West, they claimed that House Spartan and Onyx, with the upstart House Dauntless also joining them, had no honor or respect for tradition or nobility.

Out numbered and in peril, the cunning generals once again showed their true talents by turning all eyes towards the threat of the Eastern Empire. Their foe distracted, House Spartan staged a daring attack against the King’s Seat, House Castellan’s City State, in hopes of toppling the empty throne and the symbolic grip of tyranny over Everland.

Though it was a calculated risk that cost them much, upon its failure, all is not lost. Discipline is the legacy of House Spartan and that legacy will endure. Never again will House Spartan allow itself to be ruled by tyrants. There is no surrender, there is only victory.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

Coming soon…