House Solaris
“Dominate humbly, stay true”

Sons of the Khan: Chester Guieb & EJ Mendoza
Province: Solvannah
Seat of Power: Starlord City, Upper Savanna
Demographic: Jr. Boys
House Trait: Discipline                                        
Current Allegiance: Royal Khanate

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil by doing good.” Romans 12:21

The Throne War (Pulse15): Bannermen of house Cavalier (23rd place of 25 Houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16): The Spartan Offensive (2nd place of 12 Houses)
Borderwars Season 1: Meridian Khanate (4th place of 4 Alliances)
Rise of Nations (SC17): Meridian Khanate (3rd place of 4 Nations)
Borderwars Season 2: Meridian Khanate–>Royal Khanate (1st place of 4 nations)
Contest of Nations (SC18): Royal Khanate (2nd place of 4 Nations, 13th place of 16 Houses)

Historical Notes

Prior to arriving in Everland

The vast swirling sands and scorching heat of the Endless Desert is home to one of the oldest and most storied Houses of Freehart. If for no other reason than the simple fact that they have survived for so long in such a harsh environment, they are undeniably a Great House. Sometimes called the Slayers, they have held much of the South in the grip of terror. Having few resources of their own, House Solaris has raided their neighbours for countless generations, slaying any who resists.

Their resolve is said to know no bounds, for the long scorching days in the desert sun have given them thick skin and unrivalled discipline. It is said that any Slayer of House Solaris can walk two days in the desert without requiring water. While some joke that they must be the descendants of camels, to say this in presence of a Slayer would be to invite certain death.

The history of House Solaris is convoluted, said to have been founded by wandering tribesman called the Succoni. Whether this is a reference of a single tribe or an amalgamation of many tribes is unknown. Some legends claim that the Succoni were driven into the desert from the grasslands to north by some great foe or curse. Others claim they travelled from unknown lands far to the south, crossing the Endless Desert and choosing to settle on the other side. None can say for sure but their roots are indeed ancient.

House Solaris has always opposed the rule of House Westwind, though never as violently as during the Clash of the Clans. Together with their allies they came incredibly close to defeating House Westwind and the other Great Houses.

In recent times, the southern Houses claim that the Slayers have come raiding with increased frequency. Many observe that the Endless Desert seems to be slowly creeping northward, and that the days grow hotter with each passing year. For House Solaris, this could be the beginning of a slow but inevitable decline, or perhaps a launching point forged out of necessity for House Solaris to expand its influence northward. Only time will tell.

Once a Great House whose Slayers were feared and respected throughout Southern Freehart, the Throne War saw the fortunes of House Solaris plummet. As though it were not enough that the prestige of their House hit rock bottom, in the years following the Throne War they have born the brunt of the desolation slowly spreading throughout Freehart. They have warned the other houses for many years that the sands of the Endless Desert reach farther and farther north with each passing season. However that warning has always fallen on deaf ears. That is until now. Perhaps now it is too late, for their traditional desert home is quickly growing to be uninhabitable and the very survival of House Solaris is now questionable.

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

The desolation of Freehart brought House Solaris to its knees, and many believed their fleet of hastily constructed ships would simply struggle to stay afloat, let along hold up to crossing the open ocean. Yet, they defied all expectations for even as the storms hit and the waves began to spill over their hull, House Solaris taught everyone what discipline looked like.

Never giving in to fear or doubt they worked together. For every wave that crashed upon them they bailed the water in defiance, with every gust of wind that sought to turn them aside, they would  put their backs to it and row onward. When finally they landed upon the shores of Everland it is said their vessels were held together by sheer will alone.

Surviving in the face of all odds, when so many other greater houses did not, House Solaris sought a new beginning for their House in Everland. With a desire for peace and regrowth as a community, they choose to offer their support and help to the other houses. However, their desire to be a great house once again quickly became their main objective.

Despite their small stature, the slayers of House Solaris persevered disabling the giants during scouting missions and working with the Spartan Offensive to render the Colossus vulnerable to attack. Their endurance and discipline payed off and, in the end, their harrowing journey across the sea and the mighty opposition of giants reforged House Solaris into a Great House once more.

Borderwars (Season 1)

A Great House once more, House Solaris was quick to claim territories in the warm southern savannas. Surviving for generations in the deserts of Old Freehart this new land was a paradise. They named their province Solvanna and their capital Starlord City, to honor a once great leader of their House.

In their new home they found themselves almost immediately facing aggression from their neighbours to the east. House Limrip laid uncontested claim to the Wyld Plains while Hosue Solaris was occupied fighting with house Cavalier for control of the Sweetwood. The mindless savages of House Limrip were not content to share a peaceful border and proceeded to raid Solaris territories.

When the Beasts from the East discovered that House Evergreen had been trading with House Solaris, they grew angry and concocted a plan to steal the Ironwood Forest away from house Evergreen and give it to House Ragewater. Unwilling to let their trading partner stand alone, House Solaris came to their aid. The ensuing conflict drew in armies from across Everland, including the other Southern Houses of Cavalier and Phoenix, as well the Eastern Houses of Wildbourne, Leoness, and Limrip.

Rising to the forefront during the ensuing battle was a young warrior named Andrei. His mighty deeds on the battlefield gained him the respect of his fellow warriors and admiration of the House Solaris advisors. Seeing in him the potential for the strong leadership that would be required for House Solaris to survive in these new lands, they raised him up and gave him the title of Khan, leader and hero of his people.

Yet, despite Andrei Khan’s efforts, in the end House Ragewater and the Beasts from the East stood victorious, forever poisoning their relationship with House Evergreen. But this also drove the Northern House Evergreen into the waiting arms of an alliance with the South.

The rivalry between the South and the East continued, a feud erupting between House Cavalier and House Limrip, with House Solaris caught between them. This set off a chain of events that resulted in the exposure of a grand deception regarding King Justin’s reclusiveness since landing in Everland. High ranking members of House Cavalier had conspired with House Castellan to cover up the loss of King Justin during the Crossing. King Justin of Everland was a lie.

Though a strong Southern alliance had shown great potential, for their part in the deception both House Solaris and Phoenix severed ties with house Cavalier, leaving them with only an unlikely ally in the North. Under Andrei Khan’s leadership, Houses Solaris, Phoenix, and Evergreen formed the Meridian Alliance, pledging to shield one another from Eastern aggression and rise to further greatness.

However, greatness would elude them. Despite winning back the Ironwood forest for their allies, and even briefly capturing the Wyld Plains, Houses Solaris and Phoenix were forced to fight time and again in the North. The Borderwars took a heavy toll on the Meridian Alliance, in both land and resources. Though none could question the discipline and battle prowess of the Great Andrei Khan, he was losing the war.

When the Eastern Empress finally marched against their capital city, the Great Andrei Khan summoned his horde and met them at the border between their lands. Though they fought fiercely, they were outnumbered by the Eastern Empire and had no choice but to flee. Starlord City now lies in ruins and House Solaris has once more been laid low. But the Great Andrei Khan has sworn an oath that he and hordes will never rest until the sun has risen once more on House Solaris and the Meridian Alliance.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

The Great Andrei Khan’s armies faltered early in the Rise of Nations, being out fought and pout maneuvered at every turn, while watching their most bitter rivals, the Eastern Empire come out on top. They rallied together and held secret meetings with various houses from other nations, trying to convince a house to fight for their cause. They managed to convince house Ragewater in abandoning the Eastern Empire and betraying the Eastern Empress to fight under the banner of the Meridian Khanate.

With the help of House Ragewater, the Meridian Khanate’s fortunes rose. However, turning House Ragewater caused many throughout Everland to despise the Meridian Khanate, believing them to be without honor. During the Siege of King’s Seat the Eastern Empire used this sentiment against House Solaris and rallied enough support to block much of the Great Andrei Khan’s efforts in taking the throne. Though they fought with unwavering discipline, they failed to gain enough ground in King’s Seat and lost to both the Royal Dominion and the Iron republic, much to pleasure of the Eastern Empire.

Borderwars (Season 2)

House Solaris entered the Second Borderwars in a position of weakness. Accepting House Ragewater into the Meridian Khanate during the Rise of Nations was meant to bolster their strength, but instead drew the ire of all other nations, and the Queen herself. Though she did force House Wildbourne to relinquish control of the Upper Savanna and site of House Solaris’ former capital, she forced them to prove themselves worthy in arena before she would allow them to reclaim it and rebuilt their capital.

It took several years before the great Andrei Khan would sit upon his traditional seat of power once more. It would seem that this time spent in exile from his home would teach the Great Khan a lesson in wisdom, tempering his warrior heart. For the remainder of the Second Borderwars, he would claim any additional territories.

The Great Khan decided to wage war in the political arena instead, seizing the opportunity to increase his own influence and power by proposing a political alliance with the Queen. The tireless efforts of the Iron Republic to undermine the Queen had taken a toll, and her popularity was at an all time low. Some claimed she would not be able to hold onto the throne. In this the Great Andrei Khan proved himself not merely a peerless warrior, but also statesman, stepping forward to offer the allegiance of the Meridian Khanate. Bolstering her position with the strong backing of two nations, the Queen would hold on to power for the remainder of the Borderwars, and in return offered the Great Khan a place at her side.

This would forever change the face of Everland, for though it was a boon for the Khan to be elevated to the Queen’s side, this was taken as an grievous insult by House Tempest. They believed that if anyone should be elevated to the Queen’s side, it should have been the blood of the old kings, House Westwind.

This set into motion a rebellion. House Tempest and House Westwind convinced House Evergreen to join them in forming a new nation, under an old name not easily forgotten, the Westwind Warriors. The loss of House Evergreen to the Westwind Warriors and the destruction of House Ragewater by the Eastern Empire ended the old concept of the Meridian Alliance, a merging of Northern and Southern powers. Instead House Solaris and the Great Khan would pledge themselves fully to the Royal Khanate, supporting the Queen efforts for peace when she redrew the borders of Everland to provide equal lands for all.

House Solaris can hold its head high, having begun the Second Borderwars in weakness, they now rule all of Everland alongside Queen Jordan of House Aurora.

Contest of Nations (SC18)

Coming soon…