Great House Solaris
“Dominate humbly, stay true”

Figurehead: Andrei Khan
Advisors: Chester Guieb & Josh Alvarez
Province: Solvannah
Seat of Power: Starlord City
House Trait: Discipline
House Bonus: +1 Might & Civilization in Plains Territory
Known Alliances: Phoenix & Evergreen

Current Territories and Standings

Current resources

Excess Agriculture

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

The vast swirling sands and scorching heat of the Endless Desert is home to one of the oldest and most storied Houses of Freehart. If for no other reason than the simple fact that they have survived for so long in such a harsh environment, they are undeniably a Great House. Sometimes called the Slayers, they have held much of the South in the grip of terror. Having few resources of their own, House Solaris has raided their neighbours for countless generations, slaying any who resists.

Their resolve is said to know no bounds, for the long scorching days in the desert sun have given them thick skin and unrivalled discipline. It is said that any Slayer of House Solaris can walk two days in the desert without requiring water. While some joke that they must be the descendants of camels, to say this in presence of a Slayer would be to invite certain death.

The history of House Solaris is convoluted, said to have been founded by wandering tribesman called the Succoni. Whether this is a reference of a single tribe or an amalgamation of many tribes is unknown. Some legends claim that the Succoni were driven into the desert from the grasslands to north by some great foe or curse. Others claim they travelled from unknown lands far to the south, crossing the Endless Desert and choosing to settle on the other side. None can say for sure but their roots are indeed ancient.

House Solaris has always opposed the rule of House Westwind, though never as violently as during the Clash of the Clans. Together with their allies they came incredibly close to defeating House Westwind and the other Great Houses.

In recent times, the southern Houses claim that the Slayers have come raiding with increased frequency. Many observe that the Endless Desert seems to be slowly creeping northward, and that the days grow hotter with each passing year. For House Solaris, this could be the beginning of a slow but inevitable decline, or perhaps a launching point forged out of necessity for House Solaris to expand its influence northward. Only time will tell.

Once a Great House whose Slayers were feared and respected throughout Southern Freehart, the Throne War saw the fortunes of House Solaris plummet. As though it were not enough that the prestige of their House hit rock bottom, in the years following the Throne War they have born the brunt of the desolation slowly spreading throughout Freehart. They have warned the other houses for many years that the sands of the Endless Desert reach farther and farther north with each passing season. However that warning has always fallen on deaf ears. That is until now. Perhaps now it is too late, for their traditional desert home is quickly growing to be uninhabitable and the very survival of House Solaris is now questionable.