House Ragewater
“Swift as the Raging Water”

Figurehead: Grand Papa Aidan
Advisors: Alanzo Paul & Steven Egege
Province: Krakenland
Seat of Power: The Wu
House Trait: Valor
House Bonus: +2 Might in Hill Territory
Known Alliances: Limrip, Leoness & Wilbourne

Current Territories and Standings

Current resources

Excess Agriculture

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

In the north the waters run cold and strong, tumbling down from the mountains and raging through the foothills, until finally settling as they spill out across the tundra known as the Frozen Wastes. It is from these waters that House Ragewater is said to be born. Cold and courageous, they know that the waters will always flow and that none can hope to stand in their way; even going so far as to turn those very waters against their enemies.

So assured in their own victory, their confidence is a boon to any that fight alongside them and an unyielding frustration to those that fight against them. Foremost among those who know just how self-assured House Ragewater can be, despite even the reality of having been defeated on several occasions, are their ancient enemies House Flamewright, House Stonefist, and the Great House Westwind.

This deep lying animosity is said to have begun in ancient times, when these four Houses gained supremacy over all others. However their attempt to rule as one failed and House Westwind eventually sought to set itself above the others, and so the four houses fell to fighting amongst themselves for the right to rule. As they quarreled their alliance fell to ruin around them, leaving each house forever marked by its passing. Still today, they blame each other for their own downfall, for all but House Westwind never truly recovered from those dark days. And so there can never be peace between them.

In the early days of the Throne War, when many believed they had a claim to the throne it was House Ragewater who stood above the rest. During this time an uncanny friendship developed between the Northern House of Ragewater and Southern House of Leoness. Together, with the help of House Evergreen, they very nearly won the throne. Though they rode to the Battle of Four Armies in a position of power rivaled only by the savage Wildbourne Alliance, they would leave with their forces decimated, when the soon to become King Justin of House Cavalier rallied the failing armies of the Wildbourne Alliance to steal victory out from under House Ragewater.

Rather than being conscripted into fighting under the banners of those you defeated them, House Ragewater and House Leoness fled into the wilderness in defiance. This proved to be a wise choice for House Ragewater, allowing them time to regroup and rebuild their forces, even going so far as to make as to make one last attempt for the Throne during the Kingsmoot. But their earlier defeat had weakened their positon among the other Houses and ultimately they had to admit defeat. But their resilience and defiance in the face of defeat, and their undeniable valor on the battlefield garner them great respect even now. Many believe that the fighting heart of House Ragewater, demonstrated so clearly during the Throne War, may very well prove to allow House Ragewater to endure even as the Houses around them fall prey to a dying land.