The Lost House Ragewater
“Swift as the Raging Water”

Grand Poppa: all deceased
Province: formerly, Krakenland
Seat of Power: formerly,The Wu, Raging Hills
Demographic: formerly, Sr. Boys
House Trait: Valor
Current Allegiance: Destroyed

“For by fire and by his sword the Lord will judge all flesh: and the slain of the Lord shall be many.”-Isiah 66:16

The Throne War (Pulse15): Head of the Ragewater alliance (5th of 25 houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16):The Hunters March (12th of 12 houses)
Borderwars Season 1: Eastern Empire (1st of 4 alliances)
Rise of Nations (SC17): Eastern Empire–> Meridian Khanate (3rd of 4 nations)
Borderwars Season 2: Meridian Khanate–>Destroyed

Historical Notes

Prior to arriving in Everland

In the north the waters run cold and strong, tumbling down from the mountains and raging through the foothills, until finally settling as they spill out across the tundra known as the Frozen Wastes. It is from these waters that House Ragewater is said to be born. Cold and courageous, they know that the waters will always flow and that none can hope to stand in their way; even going so far as to turn those very waters against their enemies.

So assured in their own victory, their confidence is a boon to any that fight alongside them and an unyielding frustration to those that fight against them. Foremost among those who know just how self-assured House Ragewater can be, despite even the reality of having been defeated on several occasions, are their ancient enemies House Flamewright, House Stonefist, and the Great House Westwind.

This deep lying animosity is said to have begun in ancient times, when these four Houses gained supremacy over all others. However their attempt to rule as one failed and House Westwind eventually sought to set itself above the others, and so the four houses fell to fighting amongst themselves for the right to rule. As they quarreled their alliance fell to ruin around them, leaving each house forever marked by its passing. Still today, they blame each other for their own downfall, for all but House Westwind never truly recovered from those dark days. And so there can never be peace between them.

In the early days of the Throne War, when many believed they had a claim to the throne it was House Ragewater who stood above the rest. During this time an uncanny friendship developed between the Northern House of Ragewater and Southern House of Leoness. Together, with the help of House Evergreen, they very nearly won the throne. Though they rode to the Battle of Four Armies in a position of power rivaled only by the savage Wildbourne Alliance, they would leave with their forces decimated, when the soon to become King Justin of House Cavalier rallied the failing armies of the Wildbourne Alliance to steal victory out from under House Ragewater.

Rather than being conscripted into fighting under the banners of those you defeated them, House Ragewater and House Leoness fled into the wilderness in defiance. This proved to be a wise choice for House Ragewater, allowing them time to regroup and rebuild their forces, even going so far as to make as to make one last attempt for the Throne during the Kingsmoot. But their earlier defeat had weakened their positon among the other Houses and ultimately they had to admit defeat. But their resilience and defiance in the face of defeat, and their undeniable valor on the battlefield garner them great respect even now. Many believe that the fighting heart of House Ragewater, demonstrated so clearly during the Throne War, may very well prove to allow House Ragewater to endure even as the Houses around them fall prey to a dying land.

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

An ancient and valorous House, Ragewater defied the odds and survived the perilous journey from Freehart to Everland. The same could not be said for their old rivals, House Flamewright and Stonefist. Now House Ragewater has only one of it’s ancient enemies remaining, House Westwind. Perhaps this is what drove them to build temporary alliances with other houses, choosing to fight together against the perils facing them in Everland. However, their strength failed them when faced with the Giants of Everland, for they found themselves least among all Houses when the Conquest was complete.

Borderwars (Season 1)

Least among all the Houses of Everland, House Ragewater was given the scraps of land remaining in the far north. But ever at home among rugged hills and raging rivers, this suited them well enough. Here they founded the province of Krakenland, choosing to build the capital city, the Wu, around the remains of one of the Giant’s Watchtowers.

With no advisors surviving the Crossing, survival in this new land was a struggle. Their new Grand Papa Aidan was inexperienced and unsure of himself in the political arena, bouncing from one alliance to the next, never sure who he could trust, always trying to appease all parties.

In a bid to gain the trust and allegiance of House Ragewater, the Beasts from the East offered up the wealth of the Ironwood Forest. Though allied with House Evergreen, the rightful owners of the forest, the Beasts from the East claimed that House Evergreen was using its vast wealth to trade with rival houses. Though forbidden by the King to occupy lands belonging to another House, the Beasts planned to use a local peasant revolt as an excuse to seize the Ironwood Forest and hand it to House Ragewater.

The promise of wealth was too great a prize to pass up and so, House Ragewater betrayed House Evergreen. The ensuing conflict drew in armies from across Everland, including the Southern Houses of Cavalier, Solaris and Phoenix. Ragewater won the day, but in doing so forever poisoned their relationship with House Evergreen, driving them into the waiting arms of an alliance with the South.

This was only the beginning of a much larger conflict, for not long after it was uncovered that the King’s own House of Cavalier had incited a peasant revolt in House Limrip territory. This set off a chain of events that at long last revealed the truth about King Justin’s absence in Everland. High ranking members of House Cavalier had conspired with House Castellan to cover up the loss of King Justin during the Crossing. King Justin of Everland was a lie.

Seeing the opportunity to finally establish their own empire under the Eastern Empress, the Beasts from the East declared their independence from the rule of false Kings, asking House Ragewater to join their Eastern Empire. Some in House Ragewater questioned the decision to join, but it proved wise when a former friend and ally in House Tempest invaded and occupied the Shoulder Hills without provocation, a puppet to the strategic masterminds of House Cavalier and Spartan.

Some say this is when Grand Papa Aidan came into his own as the leader of House Ragewater. Cutting their losses in the Shoulder Hills, he drove House Ragewater to fully embrace the Eastern Empire. With their help, House Ragewater was able to conquer two thirds of House Evergreen’s forest home and burned their capital city of Timberhold to the ground, bringing them to the brink of extinction.

From the least of all Houses to first among them, when the other Alliances united against the Eastern Empire in the final year of the Borderwars, House Ragewater was a prime target. They suffered considerable losses, losing their capital city to House Tempest. However, the Giant’s Watchtower that the city was built around proved to be their salvation. While the invaders foolishly celebrated a premature victory, House Ragewater rallied its forces within the tower and staged a counter attack to retake the city.

With its capital secured once more, House Ragewater stands ready to join their allies as they strike back at House Tempest and any foe that dares stand against the Eastern Empire.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

House Ragewater began the Rise of Nations fighting under the banner of the Eastern Empire but believing that the Eastern Empress was not fit to rule, planned to betray the Eastern Empire. They turned their allegiance to the Meridian Khanate believing that the great Andrei Khan was worthy to take the throne. House Ragewater’s support improved the Meridian Khanate’s fortunes as they were faltering in the beginning. However, this wasn’t enough to help the Khan as even though they fought fiercely in the Siege of King’s Seat, they failed to take the throne for themselves. They have now forever made an enemy of the Eastern Empire, who have vowed that one day they will have vengeance and the rip Ragewater’s limbs once and for all.

Borderwars (Season 2)

Though they did not betray the Queen herself, House Ragewater’s actions during the Rise of Nations drew her ire none the less. Upon ascending the throne of Everland she immediate took away most of their lands and title as punishment. In her words;

Though I see a warrior’s honor in the Great Andrei Khan, one house among you must be punished. House Ragewater, your careless and cowardly acts during the Rise of Nations brought great shame to your House. Though my advisers counselled me to make an example of you by wiping out your House, I will show mercy. Instead, all lands you once claimed, apart from your capital, will be taken from you. Prove to Everland that you yet deserve a place among us, by fighting to regain your honor in the arena.

House Ragewater did little to prove that they had a place in Everland, winning no new territories in the arena. But as fate would have ti they ended up allied with the Queen herself, when the Great Andrei Khan pledged the Meridian Khanate to her service, thus forming the Royal Khanate.

Even with their Nations allied, many believed the Queen still held disdain for the dishonorable House Ragewater. When the Eastern Empire began to mass forces on the border of Ragewater’s sole territory in the Rage Hills, she did nothing, even though this was in direct disobedience with decree that no house would go to war against another outside of the great Arena. But the Eastern Empire did not immediately attack.

Eager for revenge the Eastern Empire asked for the right to end the feud once and for all by challenging Ragewater in the Great Arena. If they were victorious the Queen would grant them the right to move their forces into the Raging Hills to put House Ragewater to the sword. The people of the Raging Hills would be offered the chance to declare themselves for the Eastern Empire, granting them mercy. Any that yet pledge allegiance to House Ragewater would be executed for their crimes. If however they were to fail in the arena, they would turn from vengeance and forever forgive House Ragewater their transgressions. In this they would trust justice to the divine hand of fate.

With their very existence on the line, House Ragewater sent forth a mighty champion, one who carried the blood of giants in his veins. He was terrifying to behold and many believed he would win the day. But sometimes the hand of fate must be forced. Even as House Ragewater stood poised to defeat the Eastern Empire, savage warriors from House Limrip stormed the arena, attacking the giant of Ragewater and ripping his limbs off in a brutal display of vengeance.

Despite breaking the laws of the arena the Queen seemed to watch without care. Some even said she grinned, proving once and for all that she has no love for the traitorous House Ragewater.

As per the bargain struck, the Eastern Empire was permitted to invade. True to their word, the savages fell upon the Raging Hills. House Ragewater fought with valor, and perhaps in death redeemed itself, but they were no match for the combined might of three Houses thirsty for vengeance. Their allies abandoned them to their fate, and it wasn’t long before their walls fell and the streets of their capital ran red. By the end of the day not a single living member of House Ragewater remained, and the people of the Raging Hills threw down their weapons and asked for mercy, swearing allegiance to the Eastern Empire.

Here ends the bloodline of House Ragewater, their valor poured out, may time one day wash away their shame.