House Phoenix
“Loyalty burns our flame, our Loyalty is Lit”

The Sparks of the Phoenix: Loureen Anthony & Sidney McGrew
Province: Myst
Seat of Power: The Hidden City, The Glittering Hills
Demographic: Jr. Girls
House Trait: Loyalty
Current Allegiance: Royal Khanate

 “when the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul”-Psalm94:19

The Throne War (Pulse15): Bannerwomen of house Spartan (20th place of 25 Houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16): The Spartan Offensive (6th place of 12 Houses)
Borderwars Season 1: Meridian Khanate (4th place of 4 Alliances)
Rise of Nations (SC17): Meridian Khanate (3rd place of 4 Nations)
Borderwars Season 2: Meridian Khanate–>Royal Khanate (1st place of 4 Nations)
Contest of Nations (SC18): Royal Khanate (2nd place of 4 Nations, 9th place of 16 Houses)

Historical Notes

Prior to arriving in Everland

As the dunes of the Endless Desert give way to towering mountains in the west, House Phoenix stands vigilant. Named for the mythical bird that was once said to roost in those very mountains, their house has been consumed in flame and reborn countless times; just as the legends of the Phoenix claim.

Standing between two of Freehart’s greatest rival Houses, mighty House Westwind and their own age old ally, House Solaris; they have been caught up in countless wars. Despite the near ruination of their House on countless occasions, they have always stood side by side with House Solaris, bound together in bonds of friendship and family. Some say that without the unwavering loyalty of House Phoenix, House Solaris would have been laid low by its enemies.

Their long history of war, destruction, and rebirth has made House Phoenix resilient. As a people they believe that every time they rise again, they are stronger for it.

Though owing loyalty to House Solaris, mid way through the Throne War House Phoenix was drafted into the powerful Spartan Alliance. Ultimately that alliance reneged on its claim to the throne in the last days of the war, despite suffering few actual defeats. As a result, House Phoenix managed to avoid the fate that befell their traditional ally and neighbour, House Solaris. However more recently, the fates of these two South houses once again seems to be tied together as the sands of the Endless Desert threaten to engulf both Houses with an intensity never before seen.

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

Ever loyal, House Phoenix persevered through the Crossing and stayed true to themselves during the conquest of Everland. They maintained their loyalty to their alliance and to King Justin every step of the way. As part of the King’s army, dubbed the Spartan Offensive, House Pheonix fought valiantly alongside House Solaris and Spartan in all challenges presented, victorious in many. House Phoenix joyfully celebrated the success of their alliance and, specifically, of House Spartan in the defeat of the giants of Everland.

Borderwars (Season 1)

Wishing to settle near their brothers in House Solaris, House Phoenix chose the mist shrouded hills of the southern peninsula. Experts in carving out a civilization from the rugged terrain they thrilled here, naturally protected on three sides, with friends and allies on the fourth. They named their province Myst, and founded their capital deep in the hills where few would ever be able to find it, calling it the Hidden City.

In the early years of the Borderwars they found it easy to stay reclusive, only venturing forth when House Solaris would call for their assistance. When House Solaris found itself at odds with the Beasts from the East, House Phoenix answered the call.

Tensions mounted when the Beasts from the East discovered that House Evergreen had been trading with House Solaris. They grew angry and concocted a plan to steal the Ironwood Forest away from House Evergreen and give it to House Ragewater. Unwilling to let their trading partner stand alone, House Solaris and Phoenix came to their aid, also drawing House Cavalier into the fray. Opposing them was the Eastern Houses of Wildbourne, Leoness, and Limrip, backing the aggressor, House Ragewater.

In the ensuing battle, a new power rose up through the ranks of House Solaris, a young warrior and hero of his people, who would become known as Andrei Khan. Ever loyal to House Solaris, House Phoenix also embraced Andrei Khan as the symbolic leader of their age-old alliance.

Yet, despite Andrei Khan’s efforts, in the end House Ragewater and the Beasts from the East stood victorious, forever poisoning their relationship with House Evergreen. But this also drove the Northern House Evergreen into the waiting arms of an alliance with the South.

The rivalry between the South and the East continued, a feud erupting between House Cavalier and House Limrip, with House Solaris caught between them. This set off a chain of events that resulted in the exposure of a grand deception regarding King Justin’s reclusiveness since landing in Everland. High ranking members of House Cavalier had conspired with House Castellan to cover up the loss of King Justin during the Crossing. King Justin of Everland was a lie.

Though the strong Southern alliance had shown great potential, for their part in the deception both House Solaris and Phoenix severed ties with house Cavalier, leaving them with only an unlikely ally in the North. Under Andrei Khan’s leadership, Houses Solaris, Phoenix and Evergreen formed the Meridian Alliance, pledging to shield one another from Eastern aggression and rise to further greatness.

However, greatness would elude them. Despite winning back the Ironwood forest for their allies, and even standing along to fight off an invasion force when House Ragewater and Leoness attempted to conquer an undefended Southern Highgreen Forest. However, a year later they invaded again and, with its resources running thin, House Phoenix was soundly defeated.

Elsewhere, the Borderwars took a heavy toll on the Meridian Alliance, in both land and resources. Though none could question the discipline and battle prowess of the Great Andrei Khan, he and his loyal allies in House Phoenix were losing the war.

With its own lands untouched by war, it will fall to House Phoenix to rise up and defend its faltering allies. The time has come for House Phoenix to leave the safety of the Myst and march to war under the banner of the Great Andrei Khan. The Spark of the Phoenix is lit, and all Everland shall burn.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

After the death of King Justin and the events of the First Border Wars, four nations rose to claim rulership of Everland. A period known as The Rise of Nations.

House Phoenix, along with Houses Solaris and Evergreen represented the Meridian Khanate intent on having the Great Andrei Khan rule Everland. Halfway through the Rise of Nations, House Ragewater betrayed the Eastern Empire choosing to join the Meridian Khanate and support the Great Andrei Khan.

The ladies of House Pheonix rose to the challenge and held their ground during the feuding among the nations, resisting the undermining of their loyalty to House Solaris and the Great Andrei Khan. While the Meridian Khanate did not win the throne during the Siege of King’s Seat, they were relieved that their rivals in the Eastern Empire also failed. Though the new Queen of Everland shows promise, but only time will tell if she has what it takes to rule. House Phoenix will seek her favor if she proves worthy of it, but their loyalty to the Great Andrei Khan and his House will never falter.

Borderwars (Season 2)

House Phoenix did not participate heavily in the Second Borders, maintaining their existing province as it has stood since the original Conquest of Everland. They continued to support House Solaris and the Great Andrei Khan, loyally following him when he merged the Meridian Khanate with the Queen’s  Royal Dominion to form the Royal Khanate.

When House Tempest, Westwind, and Evergreen subsequently rebelled and broke away to form their own nation, as the Westwind Warriors, House Phoenix stayed true to their age old allies and remained with the Royal Khanate in support of their Great Khan.

Contest of Nations (SC18)

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