House Phoenix
“Loyalty burns our flame, our Loyalty is Lit”

Figurehead: The Spark of the Phoenix, Grace
Advisors: Elan Diosi & Sabrina Bashir
Province: Myst
Seat of Power: The Hidden City
House Trait: Loyalty
House Bonus: +1 Might & Industry in Hill Territory
Known Alliances: Solaris & Evergreen


Current Territories and Standings

Current resources

Excess Agriculture

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

As the dunes of the Endless Desert give way to towering mountains in the west, House Phoenix stands vigilant. Named for the mythical bird that was once said to roost in those very mountains, their house has been consumed in flame and reborn countless times; just as the legends of the Phoenix claim.

Standing between two of Freehart’s greatest rival Houses, mighty House Westwind and their own age old ally, House Solaris; they have been caught up in countless wars. Despite the near ruination of their House on countless occasions, they have always stood side by side with House Solaris, bound together in bonds of friendship and family. Some say that without the unwavering loyalty of House Phoenix, House Solaris would have been laid low by its enemies.

Their long history of war, destruction, and rebirth has made House Phoenix resilient. As a people they believe that every time they rise again, they are stronger for it.

Though owing loyalty to House Solaris, mid way through the Throne War House Phoenix was drafted into the powerful Spartan Alliance. Ultimately that alliance reneged on its claim to the throne in the last days of the war, despite suffering few actual defeats. As a result, House Phoenix managed to avoid the fate that befell their traditional ally and neighbour, House Solaris. However more recently, the fates of these two South houses once again seems to be tied together as the sands of the Endless Desert threaten to engulf both Houses with an intensity never before seen.