House Onyx
“Tough like an Ox”

Figurehead: The Ox, Stephen
Advisors: Jelimark Alvarez & Gabe Greco
Province: Dairylands
Seat of Power: Oxfort
House Trait: Virtue
House Bonus: +2 Agriculture in Plains Territory
Known Alliances: Spartan & Cavalier


Current Territories and Standings

Current resources

Excess Agriculture

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

From the rich southern soil beneath their feet, House Onyx is famous for their ability to raise bountiful crops and restorative herbal remedies. However, to pass them off as simple farmers would be a mistake, for House Onyx has stood for many years as a pillar of excellence in these lands. They are known to be highly competitive and fiercely independent. Yet even as they defeat their enemies they are said to raise them up again, calling them to be more than what they once were, for House Onyx constantly strives to test itself against only the strongest and most resourceful opponents.

A proud and virtuous house in their own right, House Onyx attempted to forge its own alliance and make a bid for the Throne. However, they were defeated by superior foes. This did not cause them to grow angry or bitter in defeat. Rather they wisely choose to join forces with those that had bested them. As later member of the Spartan alliance, they flourished for some time in the aftermath of the Throne Wars. However, in recent years their once rich farmlands have begun to emit a foul and unknown stench and, as crops fail more and more each year, the soil seems almost poisoned. House Onyx looks to the Great House Spartan for assistance in this dark time, however their wealth has its own limits.