House Onyx
“Tough like an Ox”

Figurehead: Stephen the Ox, Triarch of House Onyx
Advisors: Travis Broadhead & Daniel Lawrance-Lopez
Province: Dairylands
Seat of Power: Oxfort, Eastern Dalelands
House Trait: Steadiness
Current Allegiance: Iron Republic

“I’m off and running and not turning back.” -Phil. 3:14

The Throne War (Pulse15): Bannermen of House Spartan (11th place of 25 Houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16): The Beasts of War (9th place of 12 Houses)
Borderwars Season 1: Spartonvlier (3rd place of 4 Alliances)
Rise of Nations (SC17): Iron Republic (2nd place of 4 Nations)
Borderwars Season 2: Iron Republic (TBD)

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

From the rich southern soil beneath their feet, House Onyx is famous for their ability to raise bountiful crops and restorative herbal remedies. However, to pass them off as simple farmers would be a mistake, for House Onyx has stood for many years as a pillar of excellence in these lands. They are known to be highly competitive and fiercely independent. Yet even as they defeat their enemies they are said to raise them up again, calling them to be more than what they once were, for House Onyx constantly strives to test itself against only the strongest and most resourceful opponents.

A proud and virtuous house in their own right, House Onyx attempted to forge its own alliance and make a bid for the Throne. However, they were defeated by superior foes. This did not cause them to grow angry or bitter in defeat. Rather they wisely choose to join forces with those that had bested them. As a later member of the Spartan alliance, they flourished for some time in the aftermath of the Throne Wars. However, in recent years their once rich farmlands have begun to emit a foul and unknown stench and, as crops fail more and more each year, the soil seems almost poisoned. House Onyx looks to the Great House Spartan for assistance in this dark time, however their wealth has its own limits.

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

With its once rich farmlands in ruins, House Onyx was quick to embrace King Justin’s plan to leave Freehart. Suffering as all Houses did during the crossing, they survived and landed on the shores of Everland ready to do their part for King and country. They began their settlement in Everland with childish pranks from House Westwind and name calling from House Limrip.

Yet despite this, the virtuous House Onyx maintained good relationships with all Houses, choosing to work alongside them, during dangerous scouting missions, defying the will of the giants and, in the end, defeating the great Colossus. Under the King’s command, they fought alongside Houses Wildbourne and Limrip as the Beasts of War. Yet through it all, they maintained their alliance with House Spartan, supporting them every step of the way and helping them gain victories in the conquest of Everland.

This friendship greatly assisted House Spartan in becoming the Greatest of all houses during the Conquest, though perhaps to some extend at the cost of their own House. Regardless, House Onyx is confident in the future for they put forth their best effort for the good of all. With the conquest of Everland complete, they look once more to planting crops and raising livestock, ever willing to share with those they call friends.

Yet, despite their open hands and virtuous hearts, House Onyx harbors a secret doubt. For they whisper among themselves, and those with an ear to hear, that perhaps not all is well with King Justin. For throughout the Conquest of Everland, the King was absent, always speaking through his herald. Though it is claimed the King merely fell ill during the crossing, is there more at work here? For now House Onyx watches and listens…

Historical Notes on House Onyx during the Borderwars (Season 1)

Following the Conquest of Everland, House Onyx found a new home among sweeping pastures and running streams of the Dalelands. Founding a small capital city, they named it the Oxfort, Home of the Ox of House Onyx. Though some mocked House Onyx by calling their new province the Dairylands, House Onyx embraced the name.

Throughout the decade long Borderwars, House Onyx remained closely tied to House Spartan. As such, when House Spartan proposed an alliance of free peoples throughout Everland, House Onyx was first to join.

For House Onyx it was no great surprise when it was revealed that the high ranking members of House Cavalier had conspired with House Castellan to cover up the loss of King Justin during the Crossing. For they had always claimed in secret that King Justin’s reign in Everland was a farce, perpetrated by power hungry reptilian scoundrels.

As part of the Spartonvlier Alliance, House Onyx did its part by ensuring that the troops of all three houses remained well fed and provisioned. Their troops, however, were largely placed in the capable hands and cunning guidance of their ally’s two great generals, Commander S. Broadhead of House Cavalier and Erik the Leo of House Spartan.

In an intense two-year campaign against their long-time rivals, they tore down the walls of Schnitzelholme and captured the palace of Grand Duchess Jordan of House Aurora. Though she escaped capture, they believed that the occupation of her city would symbolically break the power of her tyrannical rule.

In the next stage of their campaign they set their sights on the Windspire, the capital city of House Westwind. Victory was achieved here as well, but rather than occupying the city as they had done at Schnitzelholme, they instead reduced the city to rubble.

In this endeavour, House Onyx took some initiative. Taking it upon themselves to destroy the statues honoring the ancient line of Westwind Kings as a disrespectful show of dominance over their old enemy. As a further sign of victory they poured out gallons of milk upon the shattered remains of the old Westwind Kings, the mockery of the Dairyland finally repaid.

However, this act angered House Cavalier, who claimed it was a dishonorable deed, and used it as an excuse to betray the Spartonvlier Alliance. But with new allies in House Dauntless, and the clever schemes of House Spartan shifting attention towards the Eastern Empire, House Onyx remains steadfast.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

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