House Nightsbane ShieldGreat House Nightsbane
“Death to darkness”

Admirals: Monica Okwuobi & Sarah George
Province: The Islands
Seat of Power: Duskhearth, Storm Breaker Island
Demographic: Jr. Girls
House Trait: Resilience
Current Allegiance: Iron Republic

“And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it” – John 1:5

The Throne War (SC15): Bannermen of House Spartan (11th place of 25 houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16): House was lost during The Crossing
Borderwars Season 1: House was lost during The Crossing
Rise of Nations (SC17): House was lost during The Crossing
Borderwars Season 2: Iron Republic (2nd place of 4 Nations), Rediscovered in Final Episode
Contest of Nations (SC18): Iron Republic (1st place of 4 nations, 1st place of 16 houses)

Historical Notes

Prior to arriving in Everland

Little is known about House Nightsbane, for the island chain that they call home is shrouded in mist and steeped in mystery. Those brave enough to set foot upon the frigid Nightsbane Islands return with tales of fierce warrior women, emerging from the mist to boldly defend their shores, striking with uncanny speed and wielding deadly poisons against their foes. So fearsome is their reputation that it is said that even the darkness flees from the women of House Nightsbane.

During the Throne Wars House Nightsbane was one of the first to declare for House Spartan. They contributed greatly to the success of the Spartan Alliance, but were tragically lost at sea during the Crossing.

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

House Nightsbane’s fleet of ships was separated from the others during the crossing when it was hit by a terrible storm. They were believed lost at sea, and did not participate in the Conquest of Everland.

Borderwars (Season 1)

Nightsbane was believed lost and did not participate.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

Nightsbane was believed lost and did not participate.

Borderwars (Season 2)

For two decades the Houses of Everland had been far to occupied with events unfolding on the mainland, that they did not expend the resources to explore the waters beyond their immediate coastlines. It wasn’t until the closing years of the Second Borderwars that they finally dared sail beyond sight of land.

Only House Spartan and House Westwind were brave enough to sail out beyond the Bay of Remembrance, and there both fleets found a small archipelago of islands. As they sailed closer to investigate they stumbled upon a naval battle between several small vessels. One side was flying a banner that only the oldest Captains recognized. It was the fearsome warrior women of House Nightsbane.

Stranger still was the fact that the ships fighting against them flew the very recognizable banner of House Westwind, yet they were not apart of the Westwind fleet that had come from the mainland. The mainland ships immediately came to the aid of their brethren and would have quickly destroyed the Nightsbane fleet, if not for the arrival of the ships of the Iron Republic. House Nightsbane had been a long-time ally of House Spartan and had strongly supported their claim to the throne during the Throne Wars. Bolstered by the arrival of the Spartan Fleet, the battle began to turn and the Westwind fleet decided to retreat to a solitary and well fortified island on the northern edge of the archipelago.

Content with their victory the Spartan Fleet sailed with the ships from House Nightsbane and discovered that their old ally had conquered most of the archipelago, which they called the Shattered Islands. During the great Storm, their vessels had run a ground upon a large volcanic island on the western edge of the Shattered Islands. Though many were lost when their ships broke apart on the rocks, the island was still their salvation, for their ships would otherwise have sunk beneath the waves out in the open ocean. With no choice but to make this island their new home, they called it Stormbreaker Island.

Though they struggled to survive at first, eventually they began to thrive and expand. In doing so they discovered that a remnant of House Westwind, the elite royal guard and young Prince carrying the blood of the Old Westwind Kings, had also been shipwrecked on the Shattered Isles. It wasn’t long before they fell into conflict over control of the Shattered Isles and for over a decade they fought. Slowly House Nightsbane gained the advantage, becoming experts at naval warfare and pushing House Westwind out of the Shattered Isles. Had it not been for this chance encounter with the vessels from the mainland, some believe House Westwind would have been defeated in the Shattered Isle.

But it was not to be. And now House Westwind has raised up another King while House Nightsbane has been accepted into the Iron Republic with open arms.

Contest of Nations (SC18)

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