House Limrip
“In loyalty is greatness”

Figurehead: Alpha Ripper Toni
Advisors: Rob Gray & Josh Alvarez
Province: Ripnation
Seat of Power: The Temple of Mamba, Esterwyld Jungle
House Trait: Loyalty
Current Allegiance: Eastern Empire

“A friend is always loyal and a brother is born for adversity”- Prov. 17:17

The Throne War (Pulse15): Bannermen of House Wildbourne (4th of 25 houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16): The Beasts of War (2nd of 12 houses)
Borderwars Season 1: Eastern Empire (1st of 4 alliances)
Rise of Nations (SC17): Eastern Empire (4th of 4 nations)
Borderwars Season 2: Eastern Empire (3rd of 4 nations)

Historical Notes

Prior to arriving in Everland

As savage and primal as the jungle they call home, House Limrip is notorious for pulling the limbs off of their defeated enemies. Yet despite their long history of violence and savagery, House Limrip is also surprisingly capable of keen judgement towards those they respect, even when they are an adversary, for they believe that only the strongest and most cunning should rule.

This was most evident during the time period known as the Clash of the Clans, the culmination of which began the long and prosperous rule of House Westwind, under King Mitchell the Just. After suffering defeat on the field of battle against King Mitchell’s Westwind Warriors, the proud Alpha of House Limrip humbled himself and wisely bent the knee, offering his sword and pledging fealty. However all of this would change when King Lucas the Fierce usurped King Mitchell’s throne, placing House Westwind and House Limrip once again at odds due to his treachery.

For all their wild and often erratic behaviour, House Limrip is still known as a House whose loyalty is not easily won, but once earned is unwavering. Perhaps lending to a shared bestial heritage, they are the staunchest allies and strongest supporters of House Wildbourne, serving as faithful guardians of their sister house throughout the ages. Together these houses are known far and wide as the ‘Beasts from the East’.

Though content to prowl in the shadows of House Wildbourne, striking fear into the hearts of the enemies of both Houses, House Limrip nonetheless achieved Greatness in its own right during the Throne war. Some would however argue their methods, citing the defilement of the great tree Galadhuin Ciul as a barbaric and disrespectful act. But for House Limrip, the ceremonial marking of the great tree was a reverent act, symbolizing the victory the Beasts of Freehart won over their rivals when they took the island home of House Highworth.

Despite their continued occupation of those lands, House Limrip holds that they bear no responsibility for the current troubles faced by Freehart. The constant mewling of the other Houses cannot hide the simple fact that only the strong survive.

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

When all of the Hosues set sail for unknown shores to escape the doom of Freehart, House Limrip sailed alongside House Wildbourne. For House Limrip will remain ever loyal to House Wildbounre, facing whatever may come as one. Together they survived the storms and landed in Freehart and together they worked to conquer it. Their efforts were invaluable as they secured vital resources for the King’s conquest.

When a mighty army was required to assault the eastern flank of the Colossus, the King wisely kept the Beasts from the East together, adding House Onyx to their ranks to form the Beasts of War. Marching fearlessly to battle they slew many giants, and eventually gained the ire of the Colossus, who attacked them directly. Yet they showed no fear and held the Lord of Giants at bay while the Spartan Offensive struck the killing blow.

While it was surely the combined forces of all four of King Justin’s armies, House Limrip holds that their savage assault carried the victory that day. To any that doubt that claim, House Limrip is quick to remind them that King Justin himself called House Limrip one of the Great Houses of his new Kingdom.

Jealous of the victory won by the Beasts of War, compared to the pitiful attack of the Royal Vanguard, the treacherous cowards of House Westwind and Tempest raided Houses Wildbourne and Limrip while all were meant to be celebrating victory with King Justin. House Limrip claims Vengeance, this cowardly act will not go unpunished.

Borderwars (Season 1)

Newly titled as a Great House of Everland, Limrip could have claimed some of the richest lands that Everland had to offer. Instead, they choose to settle far to the east in a savage jungle that seemed to have no end. Here they founded their sacred capital the Temple of Mamba, in the province of Ripnation

Wasting no time, they expanded their territories westward. Willing to honor the King’s decree that no House should go to war against another here in Everland, the Beasts from the East instead raided far and wide, drawing the animosity of House Solaris and many of the other Houses. In response, Houses Wildbourne and Limrip looked to allies new and old in Houses Leoness and Evergreen to support them. With the strong arm of House Limrip at their side, House Wildbourne unified the new Eastern Houses. Even much of the north came under their sway with a tentative alliance with House Ragewater.

However, when the Beasts from the East learned that House Evergreen was using its vast wealth to trade with rival houses, they conspired to use a local peasant revolt as an excuse to seize the Ironwood Forest from House Evergreen and hand it to House Ragewater. The ensuing conflict drew in armies from across Everland, including the Southern Houses of Cavalier, Solaris, and Phoenix. Though House Ragewater and the Beasts from the East stood victorious, it forever poisoned their relationship with House Evergreen, driving them into the waiting arms of an alliance with the South.

This was only the beginning of a much larger conflict, for not long after, it was uncovered that the King’s own House of Cavalier had incited a peasant revolt in Limrip territory. House Limrip immediately called for vengeance and ripped limbs. House Wildbourne was barely able to contain their fury but managed to halt their enraged brothers from launching an attack. Instead they sent an envoy to seek an audience with King Justin himself, to demand that he bring his errant kingsman in House Cavalier to justice. Though the plan ended in bloodshed at the hands of the Castellan Guard, it set off a chain of events that uncovered a conspiracy. High ranking members of House Cavalier and House Castellan covered up the loss of King Justin during the Crossing. King Justin of Everland is a lie and the throne room empty.

Seeing the opportunity to finally establish their own empire under the Eastern Empress, the Beasts from the East declared their independence from the rule of false Kings, asking Houses Leoness and Ragewater to declare their independence from the rule of the false Kings and join their Eastern Empire.

As these allies grew in power, House Evergreen bore the brunt of their aggression. The Eastern Empire burned their capital city of Timberhold to the ground and very nearly destroyed House Evergreen forever, had it not been for the timely assistance of the southern Houses of the Meridian Alliance.

Though the Eastern Empire was content to consolidate their lands and rule the East as a sovereign Empire, far in the West, the cunning General of House Spartan convinced the other three Alliances to set aside their differences and unite in attacking the Eastern Empire. All the while, the general of House Spartan was making his own attempt to seize the empty throne in King’s Seat. Though the Eastern Empire saw significant loses in the final year of the Borderwars, there is still much strength left in them and they remain the dominant force in Everland. Strong enough even to challenge the Great Andrei Khan and reduce his beloved Starlord City to rubble.

When Everland united against them, House Limrip was spared, for the surrounding lands of House Wildbourne acted as a shield to preserve their strength. This happened precisely as intended. Now those foolish enough to attack the Eastern Empress will soon learn how deep the loyalty and strength of House Limrip runs. Vengeance is unleashed and each and every offense will be repaid with the ripping of many limbs.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

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Borderwars (Season 2)

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Contest of Nations (SC18)