Great House Limrip
“In loyalty is greatness”

Figurehead: Alpha Ripper David
Advisors: Rob Gray & Gabriel Lenin
Province: Ripnation
Seat of Power: The Temple of Mamba
House Trait: Loyalty
House Bonus: +2 Might in Forest Territory
Known Alliances: Wildbourne, Leoness & Ragewater


Current Territories and Standings

Current resources

Excess Agriculture

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

As savage and primal as the jungle they call home, House Limrip is notorious for pulling the limbs off of their defeated enemies. Yet despite their long history of violence and savagery, House Limrip is also surprisingly capable of keen judgement towards those they respect, even when they are an adversary, for they believe that only the strongest and most cunning should rule.

This was most evident during the time period known as the Clash of the Clans, the culmination of which began the long and prosperous rule of House Westwind, under King Mitchell the Just. After suffering defeat on the field of battle against King Mitchell’s Westwind Warriors, the proud Alpha of House Limrip humbled himself and wisely bent the knee, offering his sword and pledging fealty. However all of this would change when King Lucas the Fierce usurped King Mitchell’s throne, placing House Westwind and House Limrip once again at odds due to his treachery.

For all their wild and often erratic behaviour, House Limrip is still known as a House whose loyalty is not easily won, but once earned is unwavering. Perhaps lending to a shared bestial heritage, they are the staunchest allies and strongest supporters of House Wildbourne, serving as faithful guardians of their sister house throughout the ages. Together these houses are known far and wide as the ‘Beasts from the East’.

Though content to prowl in the shadows of House Wildbourne, striking fear into the hearts of the enemies of both Houses, House Limrip nonetheless achieved Greatness in its own right during the Throne war. Some would however argue their methods, citing the defilement of the great tree Galadhuin Ciul as a barbaric and disrespectful act. But for House Limrip, the ceremonial marking of the great tree was a reverent act, symbolizing the victory the Beasts of Freehart won over their rivals when they took the island home of House Highworth.

Despite their continued occupation of those lands, House Limrip holds that they bear no responsibility for the current troubles faced by Freehart. The constant mewling of the other Houses cannot hide the simple fact that only the strong survive.