House Leoness

“The righteous are as bold as a lion”

Alpha Huntresses: Malia Gray & Sabrina Menzies
Province: Grand Prowess
Seat of Power: Roar, Upper Giant Steppe
Demographic: Sr. Girls
House Trait: Boldness
Current Allegiance: Eastern Empire

“the righteous are as bold as a lion”-Prov. 28:1

The Throne War (Pulse15): Bannerwomen of House Wildbourne (2nd place of 25 Houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16): The Beasts of War (8th place of 12 Houses)
Borderwars Season 1: Eastern Empire (1st place of 4 Alliances)
Rise of Nations (SC17): Eastern Empire (4th place of 4 Nations)
Borderwars Season 2: Eastern Empire (3rd place of 4 Nations)
Contest of Nations (SC18): Eastern Empire (3rd place of 4 Nations, 7th place of 16 Houses)

Historical Notes

Prior to arriving in Everland

Among the tall grass of the Southern Plains it is the women, not the men, who hunt the largest prey and the most fearsome beasts. Many claim that the hunters of House Leoness are without peer, anywhere in these lands. With an audacious zeal for life, they flourish and feast on the bounty of the land. Should their lands ever be threatened they will not hesitate to turn their hunting spears upon their foe.

Fiercely independent, House Leoness is often thought to have stood alone through most of the Throne War. Though they fought under the banner of the Ragewater Alliance, and even befriended House Ragewater and Evergreen, they ultimately choose to part ways and pursue their own claim to the throne during the Kingsmoot. It is no surprise that they felt worthy of throne, for they won a great number of victories both on and off the battlefield. But nomatter how great their merit, no House could win the Throne of Freehart without the support of at least some of the others Houses. By the end of the War, House Leoness threw its support behind House Wildbourne, seeing in them a kindred spirit, and in doing so confirmed its position as a Great House of Freehart.

In the years following the Throne War, House Leoness became very vocal regarding the well being of Freehart. As great hunters they were very much in tune with the natural world around them, and were quick to notice that something was amiss. Now they find that game has become dangerously scarce, and even the most docile animals seem to be fueled by an unknown rage. With their very way of life threatened, House Leoness boldly defies the demise of Freehart, knowing that if they are to fall it will be with spears in hand.

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

Surviving the Crossing, House Leoness arrived in Everland, fearless and bold, one of the Great Houses of Freehart. They wasted no time reuniting with old allies, Houses Ragewater and Evergreen. They gave each conquest and challenge their all but suffered many injuries along the way. Though they fought well, their efforts fell short in the eyes of the King, and their status as a great house was lost under King Justin’s rule. Buy no means reduced to minor house, with the defeat of the giants, perhaps House Leoness will yet pounce upon the opportunity to become a Great House once more.

Borderwars (Season 1)

Content to settle in the vast rolling grasslands of the Giant’s Steppe, the advisors in their new capital of Roar used the cunning of their hunter instincts to quickly grow the wealth and power of their new Province, the Grand Prowess.

Early on they used their considerable might to raid distant Houses, without fear of reprisal. However as other House slowly began to build up their forces, House Leoness found itself in need of allies. In their neighbour to the south, House Wildbourne, they found a kindred spirit and worthy ally.

House Leoness would become a new member of the infamous Beasts of the East and, at the same time, find itself in an alliance with House Evergreen once more. With the strength of House Leoness behind them, House Wildbourne began unifying the new Eastern Houses. Even much of the north came under their sway with a tentative alliance with House Ragewater.

However, when the Beasts from the East learned that House Evergreen was using its vast wealth to trade with rival houses, they conspired to use a local peasant revolt as an excuse to seize the Ironwood Forest from House Evergreen and hand it to House Ragewater. The ensuing conflict drew in armies from across Everland, including the Southern Houses of Cavalier, Solaris, and Phoenix.

In the end, House Leoness chose to side with the Beasts from the East. With their support, House Ragewater and the Beasts from the East stood victorious, forever poisoning their relationship with House Evergreen, driving them into the waiting arms of an alliance with the South.

This was only the beginning of a much larger conflict, for not long after, it was uncovered that the King’s own House of Cavalier had incited a peasant revolt in Limrip territory. This set off a chain of events that at long last revealed the truth about King Justin’s absence in Everland. High ranking members of House Cavalier had conspired with House Castellan to cover up the loss of King Justin during the Crossing. King Justin of Everland was a lie.

Seeing the empty throne in King’s Seat as an opportunity to finally establish their own empire under the Eastern Empress, the Beasts from the East solidified their alliance with Houses Leoness and Ragewater. House Leoness, respecting the boldness of the Eastern Empress and knowing the Beasts of the East to always make good on their promises, decided to join them. Together they declared their independence from the rule of the false King, calling their alliance the Eastern Empire.

House Leoness proved to be an invaluable member of the alliance. Through careful planning, they had accumulated significant resources throughout the Borderwars. These resources were used to fortify House Ragewater’s holdings and turn aside numerous attacks. Without House Leoness, House Ragewater surely would not have held on to the Highgreen Forest after tearing it away from House Evergreen’s grasp.

Though the Eastern Empire was content to consolidate their lands and rule the East as a sovereign Empire, far in the West the cunning General of House Spartan convinced the other three Alliances to set aside their differences and unite to attack the Eastern Empire, meanwhile making his own attempt to seize the empty throne in King’s Seat. Though the Eastern Empire saw significant loses in the final year of the Borderwars, House Leoness was spared any significant losses and will now play a pivotal role as the Eastern Empress seeks retribution. It is time for the lions of House Leoness to boldly stalk their prey.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

After the death of King Justin and the events of the First Border Wars, four nations rose to claim rulership of Everland. A period known as The Rise of Nations.

As supporter of the The Eastern Empire, along with Houses Wildbourne, Limrip, and  Ragewater, House Leoness was vocal in their support of the Eastern Empress’ claim to the throne of Everland, even assisting in carrying the Empress in her . Even after House Ragewater betrayed them to join the Meridian Khanate, the Eastern Empire seemed poised to to win the throne at the Siege of King’s Seat.

However the betrayal of House Ragewater cost them greatly in numbers and the Siege of King’s Seat proved difficult for the Eastern Empire. Despite battling enemies much greater in number then themselves, they never gave up and fought with the boldness of righteous lionesses. Though in the end Eastern Empire did not take King’s Seat, they were at least satisfied that the victory did not go to the Meridian Khanate and the traitorous filth of House Ragewater. The new Queen Jordan of The Royal Dominion will be given the opportunity prove her worth as ruler. But in time, the Eastern Empire will rise again.

Borderwars (Season 2)

House Leoness thrived during the Second Borderwars, claiming the Southern Highgreen Forest after winning an early victory in the Great Arena. Though ultimately they would lose it again to the original owners, House Evergreen, Leoness would still go on to  surpass even the Great House Tempest in total number of territories. Mid way through the Second Borderwars they wresting control of the Dustbone Hills from House Tempest, and then laid claim to the Raging Hills when the Eastern Empire, under House Limrip’s leadership, orchestrated the long overdue revenge against House Ragewater. By claiming their sole remaining territory and occupying their capital they defeated them once and for all, putting House Ragewater to the sword and offering their people a one time chance of freedom if they joined the Eastern Empire.

However this did not quench House Leoness’ thirst for power. When House Tempest rebelled against the Queen to elevate their old ally House Westwind and reform the Westwind Warriors, House Tempest was first to offer vengeance on the Queen’s behalf. Knowing full well the sting of betrayal and fresh off of ending House Ragewater’s lineage, it was the perfect opportunity to claim for lands for the Eastern Empire. Challenging House Tempest for the Northern Highgreen Forest, once again the Eastern Emprie was victorious in arena. This swung the balance of power even further in house Leoness’ favor, cementing their position as the most land-wealthy House in Everland, with an unrivaled seven territories under their control.

This must have caused the Queen great concern, as the Eastern Empires power now rivaled her own. When she declared that all nations of Everland should be given equal holdings and redrew the borders, House Leoness suffered the most from her grand plan for peace. Losing three territories, House Leoness was pushed back into the East, and two of her north territories were given to House Equinox, a long lost House that had arrived as refugees wandering down from the Winterswall Mountains.

House Leoness will not forget this, yet another insult against the Eastern Empire by Queen Jordan. Such is her fear of the East that she would rather hand territories over to the upstart nation of the Westwind Warriors, born out of rebellion against her, than to see the East rise again.

This will prove folly, for with the return of the lions of House Brightmane, the Beasts of the East are once again made whole, and all of Everland will tremble.

Contest of Nations (SC18)

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