House Leoness
“The righteous are as bold as a lion”

Figurehead: Cassidy the Huntress
Advisors: Malia Gray & Olejuru Anozie
Province: Grand Prowess
Seat of Power: Roar
House Trait: Boldness
House Bonus: +1 Might & Agriculture in Plains Territory
Known Alliances: Wildbourne, Ragewater & Limrip


Current Territories and Standings

Current resources

Excess Agriculture


Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

Among the tall grass of the Southern Plains it is the women, not the men, who hunt the largest prey and the most fearsome beasts. Many claim that the hunters of House Leoness are without peer, anywhere in these lands. With an audacious zeal for life, they flourish and feast on the bounty of the land. Should their lands ever be threatened they will not hesitate to turn their hunting spears upon their foe.

Fiercely independent, House Leoness is often thought to have stood alone through most of the Throne War. Though they fought under the banner of the Ragewater Alliance, and even befriended House Ragewater and Evergreen, they ultimately choose to part ways and pursue their own claim to the throne during the Kingsmoot. It is no surprise that they felt worthy of throne, for they won a great number of victories both on and off the battlefield. But nomatter how great their merit, no House could win the Throne of Freehart without the support of at least some of the others Houses. By the end of the War, House Leoness threw its support behind House Wildbourne, seeing in them a kindred spirit, and in doing so confirmed its position as a Great House of Freehart.

In the years following the Throne War, House Leoness became very vocal regarding the well being of Freehart. As great hunters they were very much in tune with the natural world around them, and were quick to notice that something was amiss. Now they find that game has become dangerously scarce, and even the most docile animals seem to be fueled by an unknown rage. With their very way of life threatened, House Leoness boldly defies the demise of Freehart, knowing that if they are to fall it will be with spears in hand.