House Evergreen
“True North Strong”

Figurehead: Green Giant Adam
Advisors: Jaydon Kutryk & Jelimark Alvarez
Province: Evergreenland
Seat of Power: Timberwrath, Ironwood Forest
House Trait: Resilience
Current Allegiance: Westwind Warriors

“But as servants of God we commend ourselves in every way: by great endurance, in afflictions, hardships, calamities…”-2 Cor. 6:4

The Throne War (Pulse15): Bannermen of House Ragewater (8th place of 25 Houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16): Hunters March (10th place of 12 Houses)
Borderwars Season 1: Meridian Khanate (4th place of 4 Alliances)
Rise of Nations (SC17): Meridian Khanate (3rd place of 4 Nations)
Borderwars Season 2: Meridian Khanate–>Westwind Warriors (4th place of 4 Nations)

Historical Notes

Prior to arriving in Everland

The great wealth of House Evergreen is the sprawling forest that they call home, however that very wealth almost proved to be their downfall. For many years ago the greedy eyes of their neighbours to the east and south, set their gaze upon this wealth and attempted to claim it as their own, invading the forest and harvesting its resources. House Evergreen was unable to push back the assembled multitude of the thieving houses, but in their darkest hour it was House Verdant that came to their rescue.

Enraged by the hapless destruction of the forests so near to their own lands, House Verdant sent its armies to aid House Evergreen, and together they defeated those who so shamefully sought to harvest the trees. From that day forward House Evergreen pledged itself to House Verdant, and the two houses joined themselves in bonds of friendship and mutual protection of the forest that they both call home.

House Evergreen has been betrayed by those whom they called friend. Though together House Verdant and House Evergreen had long defended the Great Northern Forest against their enemies, during the Throne War, House Verdant turned on their loyal ally leaving House Evergreen to stand alone. In the wake of that betrayal, an unlikely friendship was formed between three Houses with seemingly nothing in common. Thus the Ragewater Alliance was formed, which grew to become a significant force during the Throne War, until it was defeated at the Battle of Four Armies.

Nonetheless, House Evergreen faired well enough with the help of new allies. But they will never forget the treachery of House Verdant and the betrayal of sacred oaths.  Now as the Great Forest withers under an unknown pestilence, House Evergreen lays blame solely at the feet of House Verdant, claiming that the forests that the two Houses had long protected are now cursed.

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

Laying the blame for the demise of Old Freehart upon the treachery of their former allies, House Evergreen drew a cruel satisfaction from seeing the ships of House Verdant smashed to pieces upon the stormy seas. As the wreckage of the last House Verdant ship faded in the distance House Evergreen thought perhaps they could rid themselves of the spectre of betrayal.

However, the scars run deep and, upon landing on the shores of Everland, House Evergreen found themselves questioning their alliance with Houses Ragewater and Leoness. Their doubt proved well placed for the Houses Ragewater and Leoness where quick to turn their backs upon House Evergreen. An unquestionably loyal house now found itself without true allies to remain loyal to.

Having lost many soldiers during the early scouting missions, they sought to find strong allies to pledge themselves to in order to survive.  Being witness to the unquestionable strength of House Wildbourne as they slayed the giants, Evergreen looked to bind itself to the combined might of Houses Wildbourne and Limrip. After the fall of the Colossus, House Evergreen made it’s official allegiance to House Wildbourne known to all. But, with so many having walked away from Evergreen in the past, can this alliance hold true?

Borderwars (Season 1)

Tenth in line after the Ruling House Cavalier, House Evergreen was surprised to discover that no one had laid claim to the vast northern forests of Everland. They quickly made this their new home, the province of Evergreenland, founding their capital city of Timberhold behind a stout wooden palisade.

Experts at responsibly harvesting the wealth of the forests, they quickly outpaced the other Houses in stockpiling resources and, through clever trading, became the wealthiest House in all Everland. However, this drew the ire of House Castellan, seeing their rapid rise to power as a destabilizing element in the political arena of Everland.

Some suspect it was House Castellan that informed the Beasts from the East of a secret trade agreement between House Solaris and House Evergreen. House Evergreen had built a tentative friendship with House Wildbourne during the Conquest of Everland and hoped to remain on good terms with all sides. However, House Evergreen’s trading policies proved to be its own downfall.

Upon learning that House Evergreen was trading with their enemies, they became enraged. To circumvent the King’s orders that no house should invade land rightfully belonging to another, the Beasts from the East conspired to use a local peasant revolt as an excuse to seize the Ironwood Forest from House Evergreen and hand it to House Ragewater. Unwilling to let their trading partner stand alone, several Houses rallied to defend House Evergreen, including House Solaris, Phoenix, and even House Cavalier was drawn into the fray. But, faced against the Eastern Houses of Wildbourne, Leoness, and Limrip, who propped up their puppet, House Ragewater, the battle for the Ironwood Forest was lost.

Betrayed yet again, House Evergreen realized too late that their offers of loyalty to the houses would never be respected. Casting aside their old ways, they decided that their true strength was not in their loyalty but in their resilience, for like the forests that they cultivated, no matter how many times they were cut down they always grew back stronger.

Yet, despite this, House Evergreen was still in need of allies and it seemed that the Southern Houses were willing to embrace them. This would prove even more important when it was discovered that King Justin of Everland was a lie, a grand deception covered up by high ranking members of Houses Cavalier and Castellan. In the wake of this discovery, House Evergreen joined the Meridian Alliance, led by a brave young warrior from House Solaris, whom they called Andrei Khan.

Yet, despite winning back the Ironwood forest with the help of their new allies from the Eastern Empire, Evergreen was under constant attack. The Borderwars took a heavy toll on the Meridian Alliance, in both land and resources. None felt its sting more than House Evergreen. One by one their territories fell. Even the stout walls of Timberhold were no match for the Eastern Empire, who burned it to the ground.

Forced back into their only remaining territory, House Evergreen has rebuilt a new capital in the Ironwood Forest, naming it Timberwrath. They fight now for their very survival. The Great Andrei Khan has pledged that they will retake the forest and rumors grow that the Spark of Phoenix has unleashed the full might of her House. Can House Evergreen hold on long enough for the Southern Houses to come to their aid? The resilience of House Evergreen will be put to the test, but the green Giant vows they will endure.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

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Borderwars (Season 2)

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Contest of Nations (SC18)