House Evergreen
“True North Strong”

Figurehead: Green Giant Adam
Advisors: Jaydon Kutryk & Daniel Guieb
Province: Evergreenland
Seat of Power: Timberhold
House Trait: Resilience
House Bonus: +2 Industry in Forest Territory
Known Alliances: Pheonix & Solaris

Current Territories and Standings

Current resources

Excess Agriculture

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

The great wealth of House Evergreen is the sprawling forest that they call home, however that very wealth almost proved to be their downfall. For many years ago the greedy eyes of their neighbours to the east and south, set their gaze upon this wealth and attempted to claim it as their own, invading the forest and harvesting its resources. House Evergreen was unable to push back the assembled multitude of the thieving houses, but in their darkest hour it was House Verdant that came to their rescue.

Enraged by the hapless destruction of the forests so near to their own lands, House Verdant sent its armies to aid House Evergreen, and together they defeated those who so shamefully sought to harvest the trees. From that day forward House Evergreen pledged itself to House Verdant, and the two houses joined themselves in bonds of friendship and mutual protection of the forest that they both call home.

House Evergreen has been betrayed by those whom they called friend. Though together House Verdant and House Evergreen had long defended the Great Northern Forest against their enemies, during the Throne War, House Verdant turned on their loyal ally leaving House Evergreen to stand alone. In the wake of that betrayal, an unlikely friendship was formed between three Houses with seemingly nothing in common. Thus the Ragewater Alliance was formed, which grew to become a significant force during the Throne War, until it was defeated at the Battle of Four Armies.

Nonetheless, House Evergreen faired well enough with the help of new allies. But they will never forget the treachery of House Verdant and the betrayal of sacred oaths.  Now as the Great Forest withers under an unknown pestilence, House Evergreen lays blame solely at the feet of House Verdant, claiming that the forests that the two Houses had long protected are now cursed.