House Equinox ShieldHouse Equinox
“Balance in all things”

Chieftains: Dallyce Thiessen & Harmony Biregeyi
Province: Frostheart
Seat of Power: Wintersbreak, Raging Hills
Demographic: Jr. Girls
House Trait: Discipline
Current Allegiance: Westwind Warriors

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” – Eccl 3:1

The Throne War (SC15): Bannermen of House Spartan (17th of 25 houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16): House was lost during The Crossing
Borderwars Season 1: House was lost during The Crossing
Rise of Nations (SC17): House was lost during The Crossing
Borderwars Season 2: Westwind Warriors (4th of 4 Nations), Rediscovered in Final Episode
Contest of Nations (SC18): Westwind Warriors (4th place of 4 Nations, 9th place of 16 Houses)

Historical Notes

Prior to arriving in Everland

In the far Northeast of Freehart stands House Equinox, uniquely situated where the vast Frozen Waste of the north runs into the sea. From these cold yet fertile waters, they harvest a great bounty of sea creatures and are famous for their whale bone crossbows. Twice each year they celebrate the Equinox that is their namesake, when day and night share equal time. Theirs is a disciplined life, for if the summer months are spent to frivolously, then the long winter will be their demise. However this life, which celebrates balance in all things, is a surprisingly pleasant one, and people of House Equinox are known to be some of the most joyful and radiant people in all of Freehart.

Though initially siding with House Stonefist during the Throne Wars, they eventually joined the Spartan Alliance. However, their role within that alliance was minor and they received little assistance when it came time to flee the doom of Old Freehart. Forced to fend for themselves they relied upon their own knowledge of sailing and fishing to construct vessels that would carry them to a new home.

Then they joined the rest of the fleet their vessels did not impress the houses, for they appeared hastily and cheaply made from the outside. As such none were surprised that when the great storm ended, the ships from house Equinox were nowhere to be found, for surely they had broken apart and sunk beneath the waves. What the other houses didn’t know what that House Equinox had reinforced their hulls with the massive rib cages of the whales they so often hunted, and sealed them from the inside with layer upon layer of whale oil.

Of all the ships in the fleet, these were the hardiest, and this why House Equinox survived what no other house would have…

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

House Equinox’s fleet of ships was separated from the others during the crossing when it was hit by a terrible storm. They were believed lost at sea, and did not participate in the Conquest of Everland.

Borderwars (Season 1)

Equinox was believed lost and did not participate.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

Equinox was believed lost and did not participate.

Borderwars (Season 2)

House Equinox’s tale does not resurface until almost 20 years after they were thought to be lost at sea. When they were first reunited with the Houses of Everland, they were thought to be primitive nomads, wandering down the eastern river valley into the  Raging Hills.

However, when confronted it was discovered that they were the descendants of House Equinox. They told a harrowing tale of survival in the rugged frozen wastelands north of the Winterswall Mountains. Their ships, sails shredded, and hulls barely holding together, had been blown far of course from the main fleet of Old Freehart. Caught in a strong artic current their ships drifted ever northward until they became locked in ice. With no choice but to leave their ships behind, they traveled east along the ice until they found the mainland. Many perished from starvation or succumbed to the icy cold, however the remnant survived and found meager game in frozen north.

They travelled ever eastward, in search of a gap in the impenetrable wall of mountains. After nearly 20 years of wandering, they finally stumbled upon the eastern river valley and began following its watercourse southwards into warmer lands.

House Equinox went  before the Queen to request lands to call their own and rebuild the former glory of their House. The Queen saw the opportunity to both show mercy and charity, but also to regain a foothold in the North to combat the rebellion of the Westwind Warriors.

However, the crafty agents of House Tempest were quick to infiltrate House Equinox and expose the Queen’s true intentions. Having suffered so much, House Equinox did not want to become a pawn in someone else’s war. Shortly after being resettled in the North, forming a province of their own called Frostheart, they declared their allegiance for the Westwind Warriors and King Josh, seeing in him and this nation a fresh hope for the future of their House.

Contest of Nations (SC18)

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