House Dauntless ShieldHouse Dauntless

“Blood of the Dragons”

Figurehead: Unknown
Advisor: Unknown
Province: Drakenlund
Seat of Power: Unknown
House Trait: Liberty
House Bonus: +1 Might & Industry in Hill Territory
Known Alliances: Onyx & Spartan


Current Territories and Standings

Current resources

Excess Agriculture

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

The women of House Dauntless are known throughout the land for their boldness, throwing themselves to any task with determination and enthusiasm, regardless of the obstacles in their way. House Dauntless has made its home alongside the western mountains for generations beyond counting, and legend claims they are the descendants of the last Dragon Queen who took on human form during the Age of Myth.

During the Throne War they fought with a boldness that seemed to give credence to the legends. However, siding with House Brightmane early in the war, they saw their fortunes plummet and their mighty wings clipped when their champions were sounded defeated mid way through the war.

Though eventually siding with House Spartan in its final bid for the throne, with much of its strength depleted, House Dauntless played a minor role in the remainder of the Throne War. When the war was finally over, the prestige of House was in shambles and as the fate of Freeheart spirals towards disaster so to it seems does the fate of House Dauntless.