House Dauntless ShieldHouse Dauntless

“Blood of the Dragons”

Figurehead: Natasha the Dragon,
Triarch of House Dauntless
Advisor: Jamie Dorozio & Sarah George
Province: Drakenlund
Seat of Power: Unknown
House Trait: Liberty
Current Allegiance: Iron Republic

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.” -Gal. 5:1


The Throne War (Pulse15): Bannerwomen of House Spartan (23rd of 25 houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16): Remained Neutral, thought to be destroyed
Borderwars Season 1: Spartonvlier (3rd place of 4 Alliances)
Rise of Nations (SC17): Iron Republic (2nd place of 4 Nations)
Borderwars Season 2: Iron Republic (TBD)

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

The women of House Dauntless are known throughout the land for their boldness, throwing themselves to any task with determination and enthusiasm, regardless of the obstacles in their way. House Dauntless has made its home alongside the western mountains for generations beyond counting, and legend claims they are the descendants of the last Dragon Queen who took on human form during the Age of Myth.

During the Throne War they fought with a boldness that seemed to give credence to the legends. However, siding with House Brightmane early in the war, they saw their fortunes plummet and their mighty wings clipped when their champions were sounded defeated mid way through the war.

Though eventually siding with House Spartan in its final bid for the throne, with much of its strength depleted, House Dauntless played a minor role in the remainder of the Throne War. When the war was finally over, the prestige of their House was in shambles and as the fate of Freeheart spirals towards disaster so too it seems does the fate of House Dauntless.

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

When King Justin decreed that Freehart could no longer sustain us, like the other Houses, House Dauntless constructed ships to carry them across the sea in the desperate hope of survival. However, living so long in the Western mountains, they knew little of the rigors of the open ocean. With scarce resources, their ships were not equipped for what was to come.

Struck with fierce storms during the perilous journey to Everland, their ships were among the first to flounder and tear apart. Much of the brave House Dauntless was lost beneath waves in that terrible storm. The few that survived the dangerous waters were brought aboard the sturdy ships of House Wildbourne as refugees. With their house shattered and owing a debt to House Wildbourne for their survival, the Blood of the Dragons was absorbed into House Wildbourne and the once mighty line of House Dauntless was brought to an end. Or at least, so it was thought…

Historical Notes on House Dauntless during the Borderwars (Season 1)

The story of House Dauntless does not begin anew until the final years of the decade long Borderwars. It is best summed up in a historic letter penned to the Spartonvlier Alliance.


“Dear Commander S. Broadhead and the Houses of the Spartonvlier Alliance,

We write in desperate times, asking for your help. When our ships were destroyed in the crossing from Old Freehart what few survivors of our once mighty House were graciously granted refuge aboard the ships of House Wildbourne. Among these bold warriors, we thought we had found kindred spirits and when House Wildbourne settled the Wailing Highlands we willingly volunteered the remnant of our House to settle among them. We felt somehow at home among the cliffs overlooking the Great Mistmourne Lake.

Though we respect her boldness, we have come to realize that we cannot suffer ourselves to be ruled by the Eastern Empress. Her aggression and thirst for conquest has left her own people in the Wailing Highlands to live in constant fear of reprisal from one of her many enemies. With only a small garrison to protect us, the common folk here begin to believe that the Empress has forgotten them.

With every day that passes the people here are driven further into poverty by the burden of the Eastern Empire’s war. For too long the powerful have preyed on the weak, causing the destruction of our homes in Old Freehart. Now they have brought the plague of their corruption and tyranny to despoil these new shores. What hope have we for the future? We must be free of them once and for all.

Though we ourselves are few, the blood of the last Dragon Queen yet flows through our veins. If we were to rise up and lead the common folk of the Wailing Highlands in rebellion against the Empress, we know they would follow us. But even if we could overthrow the garrison, surely the Empress would send her armies to deal with us. Alone we would fall, but with the might of the Spartonvlier Alliance behind us, we could defy her and build a new life, with the freedom to decide our own fate.

Please help us, you are our only hope. Support our army in the Wailing Highlands. Help us overthrow the tyrannical rule of the Eastern Empire and we will pledge our House to fight by your side until all the people of Everland can live in the freedom and peace they deserve.”


The free people of the Spartonvlier Alliance were more than happy to accept House Dauntless into their ranks, an act that proved lucrative in the wake of House Cavalier breaking away from them. With new support from the Spartonvlier alliance they were successful in overthrowing House Wildbourne in the Wailing highlands, claiming it as their new home.

From their newly formed province of Drakenlund They wasted no time in wresting control of the Lower Giant’s Steppe out from under the Eastern Empress of House Wildbourne, adding it to their own newly formed province of Drakenlund.

Seeing territories throughout the Eastern Empire in open revolt, House Dauntless has also sent out agents in hopes of convincing the common folk of these lands to join with them in opposing the Eastern Empress. House Dauntless has been made new and proclaims liberty for all. Together with her allies, they will see all tyrants fall.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

Coming soon…