House Cavalier
“Who sows virtue reaps honor”

Knight Commanders: Alaukwu Anozie & Daniel L.L.
Province: Summerlands
Seat of Power: Ecthelion, The Summerway
Demographic: Sr. Boys
House Trait: Chivalry
Current Allegiance: Royal Khanate

“If you do this you will experience God’s peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can comprehend”-Phil. 4:7

The Throne War (Pulse15): Head of the Cavalier Alliance (5th place of 25 Houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16): Ruling House of Everland, remained neutral
Borderwars Season 1: Spartonvlier–>Warriors of the West (2nd place of 4 Alliances)
Rise of Nations (SC17): Royal Dominion (1st place of 4 Nations)
Borderwars Season 2: Royal Dominion–>Royal Khanate (1st place of 4 Nations)
Contest of Nations (SC18): Royal Khanate (2nd place of 4 Nations, 8th place of 16 Houses)

Historical Notes

Prior to arriving in Everland

House Cavalier lays claim to a large swath of land in Northeast Freehart. Though somewhat rugged, their lands are prosperous and bountiful, boasting of massive herds of cattle, sheep, and goats. From these lands rides forth the famous Knights of Cavalier. Unsurpassed in honor and chivalry, they champion the cause of the weak and uphold justice. However the code they live their lives by is strict and rigid, and those that do not see things the same way are often deemed to be adversaries.

Though not a Great House themselves, House Cavalier rose to greatness during the throne war. Largely due to the now famous victories won by Lord Justin. Many houses rallied to his banner and soon he carried enough support to make a bid for the throne of all Freehart. Only House Spartan stood with enough support to truly oppose him, and the two grand alliances fought each other to a  near standstill. In the end, house Spartan bent the knee, if only to preserve what was left of the wartorn kingdom.

Victorious over all others, Justin was crowned King of Freehart and House Cavalier became the Ruling House. For six years following the throne wars, there was peace and prosperity in Freehart. The reign of King Justin seemed to bear great promise. But soon, some strange affliction became to grip Freehart.

It began first with the River Pulse, the very life blood of Freehart. For countless generations its life giving waters had run down from the Western mountains. But with each year they dwindled, defying explanation, until one spring the River Pulse became nothing but dry stone. In the South, desert winds blew further north than ever before, bringing with them drought and scorching heat. The Great Northern Forests grew twisted and dark, a malignant sickness seeming to strike at the very roots of the trees. On our Eastern shores, fisherman returned with empty nets, the bounty of those once fruitful waters simply vanishing. All throughout Freehart, crops faltered, and herds shrank as disease ran rampant throughout the land.

Now Freehart stands poised on the brink of annihilation. The crown which King Justin fought so hard to secure, sits heavy upon his brow, for it carries the fate of not only House Cavalier upon it, but of all Freehart.

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

As the people of Freehart struggled to survive, rumors and accusations rose up like wildfire. But the King knew that casting blame would not change the simple fact that Freehart could no longer sustain his Kingdom. So, he rallied his people, calling upon all Houses to join together to construct a fleet of ships, to carry their people away from the doom of Freehart, to set sail for distant and unknown shores.

The harrowing journey across the sea would become known as the Crossing, and is documented elsewhere in the Ship’s Log of the King’s own scribe. Many Houses did not survive the Crossing, however House Cavalier was among those that landed upon the unexplored shores of a land they would come to call Everland.

Once disembarked they King gave orders for the Houses to explore and conquer this new land in his name. However, those orders were always given through the King’s Herald, for apparently King Justin had taken ill on the harsh voyage across the sea and was not well enough to make public appearances. Though this caused some measure of doubt, all agreed that in this new land, the Houses of Old Freehart had no choice but to work together or face certain destruction. Together they rallied under the King’s banner and set to the task. All the while House Cavalier issued orders in the King’s name, with the promise that according to how much each House contributed to the Conquest of Everland, they would be rewarded in kind with lands and titles.

As they explored, it became apparent that they were not alone in this new land. Eventually they discovered the presence of fearsome giants, led by a being called the Colossus, Lord of Giants. The Colossus did not take kindly to these invaders, attacking at every chance and attempting to chase them back out into the open seas. House Cavalier knew there was nowhere else to go and so, under the King’s orders, four Mighty armies were created to overcome the giants and defeat the Colossus.

The exploits of those armies and the Houses within them are detailed in the Chronicles of each of those houses but, suffice to say, that the King’s plan bore fruit and the Colossus was defeated. With no further resistance, the Conquest of Everland was complete.

It would fall to House Castellan to found the capital city of King’s Seat, where King Justin would sit his throne and rule the entirety of his new Kingdom of Everland. At the same time, King Justin issued commandments, through his Herald as always, for the houses to receive their just rewards. Among them would be considerable lands and titles given to the King’s own House Cavalier. These lands would be set apart from the capital, so that all of Everland would know King Justin was the King of all Everland, of all Houses, not just his own.

Borderwars (Season 1)

As the King’s own House, the Ruling House of Cavalier was granted first choice of lands in Everland. They chose for themselves the fertile plains south of the King’s River. These fair lands were rich in gold and other valuable resources, the ideal home for the founding of their new seat of power, the grand city of Ecthelion. They named their new province the Summerlands.

Though early on they found themselves at odds with House Solaris over who should lay claim to the natural fruit Orchards of the Sweet wood, the two houses grew to be close friends over the years, allying together on many occasions.

Yet, despite this friendship, when the truth was revealed that the high ranking members of House Cavalier had conspired with House Castellan to cover up the loss of King Justin during the Crossing, both Houses Solaris and Phoenix severed ties with House Cavalier.

Seeking to distance themselves from the disgrace of this great deception and in an attempt to reclaim some of their lost honor, House Cavalier renounced their claim to any crown or throne, seeking instead only independence and the right to hold their own lands.

In this endeavour, they found kindred spirits in Houses Spartan and Onyx and, together, these three Houses formed the free peoples alliance of Spartonvlier dedicated to mutually supporting each others independence from the tyranny of Kings and their schemes.

The Spartonvlier alliance was a force to be reckoned with and, under the cunning guidance of its two great generals, Commander S. Broadhead of House Cavalier and Erik the Leo of House Spartan, they achieved many strategic victories against their long time rivals The Warriors of the West.  This included tearing down the walls of Schnitzelholme and capturing the palace of Grand Duchess Jordan of House Aurora. Though she escaped capture, they believed that the occupation of her city would symbolically break the power of her tyrannical rule.

In the next stage of their campaign they captured the Windspire, the capital city of House Westwind. However, rather than occupying the city as a symbolic gesture of freedom for the people, they reduced the city to rubble. House Onyx then desecrated the statues honoring the ancient line of Westwind Kings, drowning their remains in milk as a further insult.

Seemingly inspired by the victories of the free peoples alliance, the remnant of Dauntless rose up and overthrew House Wildbourne to establish their own province in the Wailing Highlands, reasserting the name and title of their House. With House Dauntless joining the Spartonvlier Alliance, and much of the Warriors of the West’s territories in open revolt, they seemed poised to topple the old order of Everland.

Seeing too late that their allies once noble goals had descended into unrestrained violence and depravity, House Cavalier came to believe that it was fighting on the wrong side. The world that their alliance would leave in its wake was one without honor with no respect for tradition and nobility.

In a stunning upset House Cavalier broke away from the Spartonvlier alliance and joined the Warriors of the West, who pledged to set aside their differences to face a new threat emerging from the East, quietly brewing while the West fought amongst itself. For the spectre of the Eastern Empire has risen, and the Beasts from the East march to war.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

Having parted ways with the Iron Republic during the first Borderwars over ideological differences, they turned their loyalty to the Royal Dominion. They fought with honor and chivalry and helped the Royal Dominion’s fortunes peak, winning multiple battles. Feeling confident for all their winnings, they soared above all nations, winning the final battle, for their numbers, combined with replicating the Iron Republic’s superior tactics gave them the advantage to win for the Grand Duchess and now Queen Jordan.

Borderwars (Season 2)

House Cavalier maintained its holdings throughout most of the Second Borderwars. They began as part of the Royal Dominion, joining the Royal Khanate when Queen Jordan and Andrei Khan made their political alliance, and remaining with them when Westwind and Tempest rebelled. In the closing years of the Second Borderwars they lost their claim to the Summerhills to House Spartan and the Iron Republic.

Contest of Nations (SC18)