House Castellan
“Order at any cost”

Figurehead: First Sword Hannes
Advisor: Ben Neufeld
Province: The Capital
Seat of Power: King’s Seat
House Trait: Order
House Bonus: +3 Civilization & +1 Might in the Capital
Known Alliances: None

Current Territories and Standings

Current resources

Excess Agriculture

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

House Castellan is devoted to order. While most often this drives them to pursue peace, on occasion it also means going to war to tip the balance. They see chaos as the true enemy of all Freehart, knowing that quarrelling Houses and endless war will only cause Freehart to suffer.

Well situated at the very center of Freehart, their lands are secured behind a massive wall that completely cuts them off from the rest of Freehart. Spaced such that they are always within sight of each other, great towers sit perched upon the wall, the sigil by which House Castellan is known. Legends say it was built to imprison the last of a race of giants, but any true born of House Castellan knows that it was not built to keep giants in but rather to safeguard the vast wealth of gold found within their lands.

Despite their wealth and well-fortified position, House Castellan is small in number and has never sought rule. Instead they prefer to quietly and methodically influence events throughout Freehart, from behind the safety of their wall, to build a well ordered and harmonious world.

In truth, House Castellan would like nothing more than to see one of the Houses of Freehart rise to greatness over all others. If the right House were to rise to power, House Castellan would align itself fully with them to ensure good governance and wise rule, for they truly believe that a strong and benevolent monarchy ruling from a central seat of power is in the best interest of all of Freehart.