House Castellan
“Order at any cost”

Lord Commander: Antoine Bouchard,
First Sword of the Castellan Guard
Province: The City-State of King’s Seat
Seat of Power: King’s Seat
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House Trait: Order
Current Allegiance: None

“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” -John 14:27 NKJV

The Throne War (Pulse15): Remained neutral, upheld the Throne of Freehart
Conquest of Everland (SC16): Remained neutral, upheld the will of King Justin
Borderwars Season 1: King’s Seat City State (neutral)
Rise of Nations (SC17): Remained neutral, defended the vacant Throne of Everland
Borderwars Season 2: Royal Dominion–>Royal Khanate (1st place of 4 Nations)

Historical Notes

Prior to arriving in Everland

House Castellan is devoted to order. While most often this drives them to pursue peace, on occasion it also means going to war to tip the balance. They see chaos as the true enemy of all Freehart, knowing that quarrelling Houses and endless war will only cause Freehart to suffer.

Well situated at the very center of Freehart, their lands are secured behind a massive wall that completely cuts them off from the rest of Freehart. Spaced such that they are always within sight of each other, great towers sit perched upon the wall, the sigil by which House Castellan is known. Legends say it was built to imprison the last of a race of giants, but any true born of House Castellan knows that it was not built to keep giants in but rather to safeguard the vast wealth of gold found within their lands.

Despite their wealth and well-fortified position, House Castellan is small in number and has never sought rule. Instead they prefer to quietly and methodically influence events throughout Freehart, from behind the safety of their wall, to build a well ordered and harmonious world.

In truth, House Castellan would like nothing more than to see one of the Houses of Freehart rise to greatness over all others. If the right House were to rise to power, House Castellan would align itself fully with them to ensure good governance and wise rule, for they truly believe that a strong and benevolent monarchy ruling from a central seat of power is in the best interest of all of Freehart.

So it was that they did nothing to oppose the rise to power of King Justin of House Cavalier during the Throne War. When it became clear that House Cavalier had bested all others, House Castellan opened its gates and built a grand throne room for King Justin, pledging their house to his service and swearing an oath to protect the throne at all costs.

When it became apparent that Freehart was sick, and that the land would not recover, House Castellan immediately took up the King’s call to construct ships to cross the sea in search of a new land to call home.

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

Sworn to defend the King, House Castellan was quick to enforce the seclusion of King Justin upon landing in Everland, supporting the claim that he had taken ill during the Crossing. They were also instrumental in ensuring that though his orders were not given in person, the Houses would obey. Their scouts and agents often traveled with the other Houses to ensure that the will of the King was enforced. However, House Castellan soldiers rarely participated in any battles as they were honor bound to protect the King. Their duty was to form an impenetrable perimeter around the King as he and his House traveled throughout Everland.

When the conquest was complete, they took on a similar role as in Old Freehart. Spending a great deal of their own vast resources to found the capital city of King’s Seat, to which House Castellan would lay claim, but would house the throne of Everland and safeguard King Justin during his long recovery.

Borderwars (Season 1)

As the stewards of the throne of Everland, King Justin granted House Castellan the capital, naming it King’s Seat. As an independent city state, House castellan was to remain neutral in all conflicts and uphold the King’s will. As in days of old, the Castellan Guard swore to defend the King and his throne.

With considerable resources at their disposal, House Castellan built a glorious city with several layers of concentric walls and fortifications. At its heart was the King’s Palace, an impenetrable fortress that housed the throne room of King Justin of Everland.

The formidable defenses of King’s Seat made it simple for the Castellan Guard to enforce the seclusion of King Justin as he recovered from the strange illness he contracted during the Crossing. While its military forces were small, they were well trained and efficient, seldom leaving King’s Seat unless to enforce order in Everland and keep the King’s peace.

However, House Castellan was far from inactive. Its agents found their way into each and every House of Everland. This made it easy for House Castellan to always stay aware of the political and military plans of the other Houses, staying one step ahead of them if necessary. Yet, despite their reach, they could not outright prevent conflicts without direct involvement

Five years after the Conquest of Everland was complete, a feud erupted when it was uncovered that the King’s own House of Cavalier had incited a peasant revolt in House Limrip’s territory. House Limrip immediately called for vengeance and ripped limbs. Their sisters in House Wildbourne were barely able to contain their fury but managed to halt their enraged brothers from launching an attack. Instead, they sent an envoy to seek an audience with King Justin himself, to demand that he bring his errant kinsman in House Cavalier to justice.

Upon reaching King’s Seat they found the gates of the palace closed and under heavy guard. The Castellan Guard insisted as always that the King was not well enough to grant audience and that any concern could be relayed to him through his herald. House Wildourne did not accept this and attempted to gain entrance by force.

The unfortunate skirmish was over quickly, for they were no match for the Castellan Guard. The bloodshed set off a chain of events however, that forced House Castellan to reveal its most guarded secret. They had conspired with High ranking members of House Cavalier to cover up the loss of King Justin during the Crossing. The throne room they had built deep within King’s Seat had never sat a King.

Order at any cost, these are the ancient words of House Castellan, and they cling to them even now. House Castellan makes no apology, what they did was necessary, and it made the Conquest of Everland possible. But now it would seem that the truth will plunge Everland into the chaos and disorder of war.

With the throne room empty, the other Houses immediately saw the opportunity to establish their own sovereignty and pursue their own agendas. Wasting no time, they formed powerful alliances to back up their claims, warring against one another for dominance. In the waning years of the Borderwars some even set their sights upon King’s Seat. House Castellan has no choice now but to bar its gates and wait out the storm. If Everland must bring itself to the brink of destruction to shake off the last remnants of Old Freehart, then so be it. There will be order, House Castellan will ensure it.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

House Castellan remained neutral throughout the Rise of Nations, believing that order is what will keep Everland from all-out war and the destruction of their new home. However, when the four nations set their sights on the empty throne in King’s Seat, they had no choice but uphold their solemn oath to defend the throne, empty or not. They fought valiantly, but eventually were forced to yield to the Royal Dominion. However, once the Grand Duchess of House Aurora was proclaimed Queen of all Everland, they were quick to take up their oath once more and serve under the Royal Dominion and defend her throne from any threat.

Borderwars (Season 2)

Throughout the Second Borderwars House Castellan faithfully protected Queen Jordan, extending that protection to the Great Andrei Khan as well, when the Queen made a political alliance with him to form the Royal Khanate. As always House Castellan and the Castellan guard are pledged to defend King’s Seat and whoever sits the throne, as such when House Tempest and Westwind rebelled and formed their own nation House Castellan stayed loyal to the Royal Khanate.

Contest of Nations (SC18)