House Brightmane Shield

House Brightmane
“The wise lion stands together”

Pridelords: Travis Broadhead & Josh Alvarez
Province: Prydane
Seat of Power: Pride Rock, East Prydane
Demographic: Jr. Boys
House Trait: Valor
Current Allegiance: Eastern Empire

“Stop weeping; behold, the Lion that is from the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome…” – Rev 5:5

The Throne War (SC15): Bannermen of House Wildbourne (5th of 25 houses)
Conquest of Everland (SC16): House was lost during The Crossing
Borderwars Season 1: House was lost during The Crossing
Rise of Nations (SC17): House was lost during The Crossing
Borderwars Season 2: Eastern Empire (3rd of 4 Nations), Rediscovered in Final Episode
Contest of Nations (SC18): Eastern Empire (3rd place of 4 Nations, 12th place of 16 Houses)

Historical Notes

Prior to arriving in Everland

As the savage jungles of the northern borderlands of Freehart gave way to lush farm lands in the south, House Brightmane thrives; despite the predations of their aggressive neighbours. They are an ancient house who claim their roots back to the Age of Myths and a line of Kings that they say once ruled everything south of the Pulse River. However, no Brightmane King has ever existed in recorded history, and many believe that House Brightmane dwells overly much on tales of past glory. But none can deny, they are a noble house of fair birth, known to carry themselves as true gentleman in all things.

During the Throne Wars they eventually sided with the Beasts from the East, and became staunch allies of House Limrip, Wildbourne, and Leoness and together formed the alliance known as the Beasts of Freehart.

In the years following the Throne Wars House Brightmane, like all the others, was forced to flee the ruin of Freehart. Through their allegiance with the Beasts of Freehart, many blamed House Brightmane for the downfall of Freehart and saw it as poetic justice that the Brightmane ships were lost during the Crossing.

Conquest of Everland (SC16)

House Brightmane’s fleet of ships was separated from the others during the crossing when it was hit by a terrible storm. They were believed lost at sea, and did not participate in the Conquest of Everland.

Borderwars (Season 1)

Brightmane was believed lost and did not participate.

Rise of Nations (SC17)

Brightmane was believed lost and did not participate.

Borderwars (Season 2)

In the closing years of the Second Borderwars, ships bearing the banner of House Limrip discovered a large island in the Sothersun Sea. Eager to claim new land for their house they landed but were immediately greeted by armed soldiers ready to defend the island. Before the two sides could come to blows however, several veterans in the Limrip landing party recognized the banner carried by the island soldiers as belonging to House Brightmane.

The ships carrying House Brightmane across the Exodus Sea during the Crossing, thought lost in the storm,  had simply been blown off course around Cape Sothersun, only to eventually make land fall upon this island. Like so many other Houses they salvaged the timber from their vessels to rebuild a new home here on the island they named Prydane.

For two decades they struggled to survive and rebuild, unable to spend valuable resources to build ships large enough to sail out in search of the other Houses. Up until this day they thought they were the only survivors. Now having rediscovered their long-lost allies from the days of the Throne Wars in Old Freehart, alive and well on the mainland, House Brightmane was quick to pledge its allegiance to the Eastern Empire. Many years ago, they had all fought together in a mighty alliance known as the Beasts of Freehart, and now reunited again House Brightmane brings renewed strength to the Eastern Empire.

Contest of Nations (SC18)

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