House Aurora

“Our beauty and dignity will stand the test of time”

Figurehead: Grand Duchess Jordan
Advisors: Lora Cooper & Keren Lenin
Province: Schqenaywa
Seat of Power: Schnitzelholme
House Trait: Dignity
House Bonus: +2 Might in Plains Territory
Known Alliances: Westwind & Tempest

Current Territories and Standings

Current resources

Excess Agriculture

Historical Notes, prior to arriving in Everland:

Artists, poets and dreamers; these are the lifeblood of House Aurora. They are a jovial people, quick to extent the hand of friendship and always willing to treat others with respect. Among their ranks exists a secret society of women soldiers; the Shield Maidens of House Aurora, drawn from all vocations and walks of life. They ride to battle on beautiful black horses, whose manes are tied with bright colored ribbons to match those braided into the Shield Maidens own hair. They ride to battle in armor polished to shine like purest silver, and the sight of them charging across the battlefield is said to be breathtaking to behold. They do not speak, nor raise the visors of their magnificent helms, and thus their true identity remains a mystery until they are bested in combat; though this seldom occurs.

Proud and dignified, the Shield Maidens of House Aurora rode to many a victory during the Throne War, often alongside their Knightly brothers of House Cavalier. Despite this, their disposition towards quiet dignity has left House Aurora somewhat removed from the politics of Freehart. While this has spared them many troubles in the past, it now has the potential to prove disastrous. For as the kingdom plunges into famine and despair, the Great Houses of Freehart see first to the needs of their closest and most vocal allies. Faced with a world in change around them, House Aurora must learn to adapt in order to survive. But can they do so while staying true to who they are?