Of the twenty five Houses of Old Freehart, only fourteen survived the Crossing of the Exodus Sea. Here in their new home they struggle to survive and restore the former glory their Houses.

The Conquest of Everland was no small matter, for soon after landing on these unknown shores the remaining Houses of Old Freehart were challenged by the local inhabitants, ruthless giants whom had no interest in sharing their lands.

However the King rallied his people, creating four mighty armies to drive back the giants. In the Eastern Wastelands, the giants made their last stand under the banner of the Colossus, Lord of Giants. Penned in by the four armies of King Justin, the Colossus and his giants fought fiercely but the armies of King Justin won the day. When finally the Colossus fell in battle, King Justin’s victory was secured and with it the remaining Houses of Old Freehart could finally claim Everland as their new home.

Each of the Houses was awarded conquest points to reflect their overall efforts to explore and conquer Everland in the name of the King. Those houses who contributed the most, were awarded the title of Great House.


However much has changed since then. The newly reformed Houses of Everland quickly fell to fighting among themselves. When it was discovered that King Justin had gone missing during the crossing and that his absence was a grand conspiracy, all out war gripped the land. Eventually this led to the formation of four great alliances that would grow to become independent nations within Everland.

While the proud Houses of Everland retain their individual identities, they now work together with the other Houses to further the goals of their own nations. This tumultuous time in our history, known as the Rise of Nations, saw one Nation gain the upper hand. Under Queen Jordan of Everland, the Royal Dominion holds sway as the preeminent nation within our borders. The four primary houses within the Royal Dominion have all been granted the title of Great House.