Eastern Empire

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  • House Limrip
  • House Leoness
  • House Brightmane
  • House Wildbourne

The Eastern Empire draws its origins from ancient history in Old Freehart, and has always been built upon the backbone of an unshakable alliance between House Wildbourne and House Limrip. Their shared heritage of savagery extends back even before the dark days of the Throne War in Freehart. For centuries they have been known as the Beasts from the East.

If this alliance was the foundation stone of the Eastern Empire, then its ground floor was the inclusion of two other Houses during the Throne War, the twin lions of Freehart, House Leoness and House Brightmane. Together they formed a new alliance called the Beasts of Freehart and attempted to claim the throne as their own. Despite winning several great victorious, their efforts feel short compared to the grand alliances formed by their rivals.

It is perhaps this exclusion from the greater politics of the land that first gave rise to concept of an Eastern Nation with its own right to self govern. However, this would not become a reality until leaving Freehart for good and landing in Everland.

The Conquest of Everland saw an unexpected period of cooperation between the warring Houses. United under the Banner of King Justin of House Cavalier, they faced giants and prevailed. Though House Brightmane was lost during the Crossing, House Onyx briefly joined the Beasts from the East to form one of four grand armies of King Justin, known as the Beasts of War. Together they were tasked with holding the eastern flank during the the final battle of the Conquest of Everland, the Fall of the Colossus, when the giants and their monstrous Lord were finally defeated.

When King Justin’s decrees awarded each house their own province in their newly conquered home of Everland, Houses Limrip and Wildbourne naturally choose the wild and untamed lands in the East. Whether by providence or design, an old ally took up residence in the east as well. House Leoness founded its province alongside the Beasts from the East.

When the great lie of House Cavalier was exposed and it was discovered that King Justin had perished in the Crossing, war returned once more. Banding together the Eastern Houses formed an alliance that once gain evoked their desire to self rule. However this time, a cunning leader arose from within House Wildbourne and declared herself the Eastern Empress. Though not a true Empire, or even as yet not a sovereign nation, with the backing of House Limrip her position was secured as the leader of the Alliance they called the Eastern Empire.

The Eastern Empire was a dominant force during the First Borderwars and eventually swayed House Ragewater to join them. Together they established themselves as the preeminent alliance within Everland and finally the East asserted itself.

With her position elevated, the Eastern Empress came into her own during the Rise of Nations finally doing what generations of Beasts from the East had only dreamed of, establishing a self governing Eastern Nation, called the Eastern Empire.

However, once ascending her eastern throne her reign was short lived. For when the other alliances formalized their own nations the race was one to claim the empty throne in King’s Seat. For whoever holds the vacant throne of King Justin rules over all nations.

Having out maneuvered and outplayed their competition, The Eastern Empire had the strategic advantage when all four nations arrived to lay siege to King’s Seat. However the betrayal of House Ragewater demoralized their forces and they failed to gain significant foothold in King’s Seat. Though their field general eventually rallied them for one final heroic charge the Eastern Empire’s forces were repelled.

It was the Grand Duchess of the Royal Dominion that won the day, and in doing so proclaimed herself Queen of Everland. He first act as sovereign ruler of all nations of Everland was to remove her rival, the Eastern Empress, from power and claim the Eastern Throne for herself.

While the Queen allowed the four nations of Everland to retain their independence, with no strong leader to guide them the Eastern Empire looked to the leaders of the each House to guide them through the Second Borderwars. Despite the loss of their Empress, the Eastern Empire won many battles in the Queen’s arena. Through clever politicking, House Leoness reaped the majority of the benefits, expanding its territories greatly.

Though ultimately they did not emerge victorious during the Second Borderwars, they did manage to orchestrate the complete destruction of the traitorous House Ragewater. The architects of vengeance were the leaders of House Limrip, and to many within the Eastern Empire, this was victory enough.

Now with House Wildbourne still in disarray even a decade after losing their Eastern Empress, the time for House Limrip to step out of the shadows and take charge of the future of the Eastern Empire is at hand. One man in particular has risen from within their ranks, a proud veteran of many wars, and long time Alpha Ripper of House Limrip. Imperator Gray now steps into the light to lead the Eastern Empire in a bold new vision for his nation.Beasts from the East nobackground-01