May 2017 Results

House Westwind’s capital city has been destroyed by House Onyx, and the statues honoring the ancient line of Westwind Kings have been reduced to rubble. Across the land peasants revolt, and in the East, House Dauntless defies the authority of the Eastern Empress, claiming the Wailing Highlands as their new home.

April 2017 Results

The banners of the Free People of Spartonvlier fly high and proud over the palace of the Grand Duchess of Aurora. House Spartan has liberated the Fields of Plenty from the Tyranny of the Warriors of the West. Elsewhere, two more territories change hands.

March 2017 Results

The Siege of Timberhold is over, and the Eastern Empire has left the former capital of House Evergreen in ashes. Attackers won across all fronts this month. As a result six territories have changed hands.