Contest of Nations SC18

Summer Camp 2018 (SC18) saw the cowardly assassination of Queen Jordan and the Great Andrei Khan. The Contest of Nations was Queen Jordan’s plan to unite the fractured nations of Everland in a peaceful contest focused on friendly competition. However, on route to the opening ceremonies of the Contest of Nations the Queen adn Khan were attacked and slain.

The Castellan guard quickly hid the bodies before word could get out of the manner of their death, concerned that accusations would quickly escalate and ruin any chance of the Contest of Nations continuing, and worse yet, bringing war to Everland once more.

Lord Antoine, First Sword of the Castellan Guard ordered an immediate investigation, and demanded that Contest of Nations go on. As the first contest he ordered each house to apprehend a known assassin from each House. Once all assassins were accounted for, the manner of the Queen and Khan’s death would be revealed uncovering the true assassins based on their weapon of choice.

While each of the Houses mobilized their forces to begin the search, four leaders stepped forward to represent their respective nations. Each leader gave a speech decrying the despicable assassinations and proclaiming their willingness to honor the Queen’s last request to see the Contest of Nations go forward.

Rising up to take his father’s place as leader of the Royal Khanate was the Chester Khan, who some have taken to calling Kid Khan. The newly elected Chancellor Greco represented the Iron Republic, and though he had disparaging words from some of the other nations he agreed that the Contest of Nations was in everyone’s best interests. King Josh, the Skinner, declared his birthright as King of the Westwind Warriors, determined to reestablish the sovereignty of his bloodline. From the Eastern Empire, a new power stepped into the light, the Imperator Gray. He gave a bold speech, both asserting the might of his Empire but also strongly opposing the assassinations.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people on stage and nightImage may contain: 4 people, night and indoorImage may contain: 5 people, night

Ultimately, it was assassins from House Onyx and House Tempest that were found responsible, both using poison to strike down the Queen and Khan. The Imperator Gray carry out the execution himself, challenging Everland that “we can be better than this!”41517402_1841284675908948_4140839602854297600_o

The rest of the Contest of Nations went peacefully, though competition was still fierce. Going into the final contest, the Iron Republic had significant lead, while the other three nations were neck-in-neck., forcing them to bid their points heavily on the final contest.Bidding.PNG

When the dust had settled, the Iron Republic Jr. Team won the day, doubling their points while the Royal Khanate Sr. Team won, doubling the 25 points they bid. This put them in second place overall, with the Eastern Empire standing third on the winners podium, while the Westwind Warriors lost almost everything and came in last. The Iron Republic stood victorious, claiming first place int he Contest of Nations.



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