Season 2 Episode 10

Queen Jordan and Andrei Khan’s bold new vision for Everland was unveiled in Episode 10, the final episode of Season 2 of Project 314 Borderwars. With three lost Houses resurfacing and joining the existing nations, the Queen and the Khan have redrawn the borders of Everland to ensure that all nations have equal land holdings.

Further more, she has proclaimed that no more shall the four nations of Everland squabble over territories. Instead contests in the great arena will award prizes from the  Queen’s own treasury, and the prestige of knowing that your nation has best all others.

As an exhibition of things to come, she hosted a three round Ga-Ga ball competition in the arena, even allowing audience participation via pool noodle floggings. Each nation would provide a male and female champion to compete. To honor the past victories of those nations which out performed the others in the previous contests, the Queen allowed the Royal Khanate and Eastern Empire two provide 2 additional sets of champions if they were defeated, while the Iron Republic was granted only 1 set of replacements. The recently reformed Westwind Warriors were not granted any replacements and would have to win all three rounds to win victory.

The new map of Everland was unveiled with great applause and fanfare, and the assembled Houses of Everland seemed at last to rally behind their fair and just Queen. It was then time for the arena to open and the competition to begin. The blood thirsty crowds were quick to begin an intense barrage of pool noodle flogging, striking the champions indiscriminate of allegiance.

The Iron Republic champion, General Schroeder of House Spartan, carried them to victory int eh first two rounds. Eliminating the Westwind Warriors early on. In the third and final round however the Generals strength faltered. Exhausted after battling fresh champions from the Eastern Empire and Royal Khanate, as well as the increasingly violent assaults of the crowd, the General fell and the champions from the Royal Khanate won the day.

With victory at hand the Queen opened her coffers and distributed prizes to all of the loyal subjects of the Royal Khanate.

Though it was a tumultuous first decade of her reign over all of Everland, her Royal Majesty Queen Jordan seems to have at last brought peace to Everland.

Long may she reign!




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