Season 2 Episode 9

In a shocking turn of events Episode 9 saw the murmurings of discontent give way to full blown rebellion. House Tempest defied Queen Jordan and in a ceremonial display of defiance, shredded the Aurora and Cavalier sigils from their banner and  claimed it as the banner of a new Nation called the Westwind Warriors. This has forever changed the political map of Everland.


House Tempest claimed that elevating Andrei Khan to a position of royalty by the Queen’s side was a grievous insult to both house Tempest and the old blood of House Westwind. Henceforth, their new nation would be founded upon the ancient line of Westwind Kings. They also convinced House Evergreen that their allies in the South had little of offer them, and that joining the Westwind Warriors in a strong an unified Northwestern nation  was the only logical play.

Queen Jordan was furious, and knowing full well the sting of betrayal, the Eastern Empire decided to take advantage of the situation and offer there services in seeking revenge upon House Tempest and challenging for the Northern Highgreen Forest.

Meanwhile the Iron Republic, emboldened by the rebellious upstarts, moved to expand their own territories and challenged House Cavalier over ownership of the long secure Summerhills.

Each nation was allowed to send forth four champions into the arena. The champion that could survive the whirling ball of death would be awarded victory. The eastern Empire was victorious against the Westwind Warriors, ironically putting the Westwind Warriors in last place after having broken away from the Royal Khanate.

While the Iron Republics champions were fast to fall, one among them General Schroeder himself, single handily turned the tide and outlasted the four opposing champions of the Royal Khanate, expanding the Iron Republic’s holdings into the South for the first time in their history, under the banner of House Spartan.

With the Queen and the Khan’s authority over Everland now in question, war looms on the horizon for all of Everland.


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