Season 2 Episode 8

Episode eight saw the climatic and violent end of a bitter feud between the Eastern Empire and House Ragewater. As well as a bid by Queen Jordan herself to unite the lands belonging to her loyal allies in the North.

The Queen’s plan was to challenge the Iron Republic for ownership of the Lower Forest of Flowers. Victory would connect the her own territories in the South to House Westwind in the North. Combined with the Houses loyal to the Khan, together the newly formed Royal Khanate would effectively surround the Iron Republic and place them in a position to quickly counter any possible uprising within their ranks. As concession to quell the animosity towards her rule, she offered to remove their penalty in the games, believing that they had learned their lesson and should be dealt with fairly.

Perhaps giving the Iron Republic a level playing field was a mistake. For they were emboldened and fought fiercely to defend their land and prevent the queen from securing her noose around their necks . The Queens champions were soundly defeated and the Iron Republic won the day. Honor bound to the outcome the Queen accepted her loss with grace.

Eager for revenge against House Ragewater for their heinous betrayal during the Throne War, the Eastern Empire asked for the right to end the feud once and for all by challenging Ragewater in the Great Arena. If they were victorious the Queen would grant them the right to move their forces, massed along the border of the Dustbone Hills, into the Raging Hills to put House Ragewater to the sword. The people of the Raging Hills would be offered the chance to declare themselves for the Eastern Empire, granting them mercy. Any that yet pledge allegiance to House Ragewater would be executed for their crimes. If however they were to fail in the arena, they would turn from vengeance and forever forgive House Ragewater their transgressions. In this they would trust justice to the divine hand of fate.

House Ragewater sent forth a mighty champion, rumored to have the blood of giants in his viens. He was terrifying to behold amd many believed he would win the day. But sometimes the hand of fate must be forced. Even as House Ragewater stood poised to defeat the Eastern Empire, savage warriors from House Limrip stormed the arena and attacked the giant of Ragewater, ripping his limbs off in a brutal display of vengeance.

Despite breaking the rules of the arena the Queen seemed to watch without care. Some even said she grinned, knowing full well that she has no love for the traitorous House Ragewater. What this means for future challenges in the arena is unclear. For every time the Queen moves to hold the tenuous peace of everland together it seems to slip further from her grasp.







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