Season 2 Episode 7

Episode seven saw Queen Jordan and Andrei Khan taking to the stage to further solidify the alliance between the Royal Dominion and the Meridian Khanate, forming the Royal Khanate. Together they now far outweigh the Eastern Empire and Iron Republic.

In response the Iron Republic defied the Queen’s authority, sending a hideous half rabbit half human champion that they called the Easter Bunny to challenge her in single combat. However the Queen summoned forth a champion of her own, our Lord and Saviour Himself, Jesus Christ.

Descending into the great arena their battle was fierce, and for a brief moment it appeared as though the Easter Bunny had won the day, knocking Jesus to the ground. However on the third count he rose again and defeated the Easter Bunny. Carrying the day in favor of the Queen and her new Alliance.

For the time being it appears that the Queen and the Khan’s power stand unrivaled. But there are yet stirrings of discontent…


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