Season 2 Episode 6

In Episode 6 the Great Andrei Khan publicly declared his loyalty to Queen Jordan and pledged that House Solaris and the Meridian Khanate would support her throne and ensure that the stirrings of rebellion are silenced.

Queen Jordan accepted the Khan’s offer and invited him to stand beside her throne as a demonstration of their new friendship. While some in the crowd voiced their displeasure, none can argue that with the two nations standing together their combined might will surely hold any would be rebels in check.

To further strike home the point the Meridian Khanate challenged the Iron Republic for ownership on the Wyld Plains. The Queen heartily accepted the challenge, eager to see the Iron Republic put in their place. as always she insisted that the Iron Republic be given a disadvantage in the ensuing contest.

However this was not the only challenge. A representative from House Leoness came forward on behalf of the Eastern Empire with a complaint against the Queen’s own allies in House Tempest. They claim that House Tempest has no place in the East and requested the right to challenge the Royal Dominion over ownership of the Dustbone Hills.

In a surprising turn, Queen Jordan agreed that House Tempest had over reached themselves and that if the Eastern Empire could prove themselves worthy they would be allowed to take back their land.

With the challenges made, each nation sent forward a champion. After a prolonged battle in the Great Arena, the champion from the Iron Republic was able to overcome the champion from the Meridian Khanate, successfully defending their claim over the Wyld Plains and insuring that not lands changed title.

When the Eastern Empire took to the arena against the Royal Dominion, the eastern champion dominated the battle early on, seeming to demoralize their opponent form the Queen’s own nation. However not once, but twice, the judge in the field called the apparent Eastern Empire win invalid due to their champion breaking the established rules of the contest. The judges call allowed the Royal Dominion to rally, and in the end they won the field.

But the victory was short lived, for the Queen over turned the judges ruling, saying that from where she sat upon her throne she saw the Eastern Empire prove themselves twice over. While she admitted the Royal Dominion could claim a moral victory if they so choose, the prize of the contest would got to the Eastern Empire, and the Dustbone Hills was awarded to House Leoness.

There is already much speculation as to the Queen’s motives. Some believe that even with the Meridian Khanate pledging their loyalty, the Queen is attempting to show favor to the Eastern Empire in the hopes that they will side with her in any coming conflict with the rebellious Iron Republic. Others believe that she simply did not wish for it to seem as though her judges had rigged the contest to prevent anyone from winning against her own nation.

The most sinister of rumors however claims that their is a growing rift between the great Houses of Tempest and Aurora, and that this was a further attempt for the Queen to exercise her authority over House Tempest. How far this rift will go remains to be seen but if House Westwind sides with their ancient ally House Tempest, the future of the Royal Dominion could be in question.

With Episode six complete, the standings are as follows:

  1. Royal Dominion (15)
  2. Eastern Empire (10)
  3. Iron Republic (9)
  4. Meridian Khanate (9)

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