Season 2 Episode 5

In episode five, we saw the four Nations of Everland gather together once more. With no unclaimed territories remaining, the future of Queen Jordan’s plan to prevent open warfare was uncertain. Unsure of how she would respond, tensions ran high.

Queen Jordan invited anyone with a grievance to bring it before her, with a promise that she would consider their words.

The Iron Republic was first to come forward:

“Your Majesty, I am Travis of the House Onyx, and I speak on behalf of the free peoples of the Iron Republic.

You claim to have brought peace and justice to Everland. But where is the justice for the Iron Republic?

You bring us all here to the Great Arena of King’s Seat and force us to fight for scraps for your own amusement, meanwhile your power and influence grows unchecked, stretching now from West to East.

For perceived slights against your rule you continue to handicap the Iron Republic in these contests, making a mockery of the very people who keep your fields plowed and your industry growing. Our only crime is that we believe in liberty and freedom for the people of Everland.

All the while your own allies, House Westwind, continue to occupy the Western Dalelands. Lands that were gifted to my House by King Justin for our efforts in settling this new land. Lands bought with the blood and sweat of the people of the Iron Republic.

Where is your justice Queen Jordan?”

In response to the disrespectful tone of the Iron Republic the Queens Guard drew their swords and offered to take the head of Travis of the House Onyx. However the Queen stayed their hand, graciously offering mercy and allowing them to present their request.

“If you are truly the Swift Hand of Justice, you will allow us to fight here in the arena tonight for what is rightfully ours. We challenge House Westwind of the Royal Dominion and we demand you allow us to fight to reclaim the Western Dalelands.”

The Queen decided that their claim was just, even if delivered with disrespect. She therefore decreed that she would allow the Iron Republic to send a champion into the arena to face her own champion. But to punish their disrespect she insisted that the Iron Republic fight with one arm tied behind their back.

Despite the handicap, the Iron Republic was victorious. With no choice but to remain true to her word the Queen awarded the Western Dalelands to House Onyx of the Iron Republic.

The Meridian Khanate was next to approach the throne:

“Your Majesty, I am Adam, Green Giant of House Evergreen, and I speak on behalf of the Meridian Khanate.

I bring you greetings from the Great Andrei Khan, who pays homage to you. The Throne of Everland is rightfully yours, bought with the might of House Aurora and your allies in the Royal Dominion. Honor and Glory to your House and your rule Queen Jordan.

Unlike those who seek to undermine your rule, the Meridian Khanate knows your efforts here at the Great Arena have kept Everland from plunging back into unrestrained war and destruction.

The Great Andrei Khan believes you to be the Bringer of Peace and the Swift Hand of Justice. It is this very justice he calls upon now on behalf of his loyal friends of House Evergreen. With respect, I ask that you consider our request.”

Pleased with the respect show to her, the Queen allowed them to present their request.

“The Highgreen Forest is a valuable resource, one which the savages of the Eastern Empire have no right to. Under their rule the wealth of the forest is wasted. House Evergreen are the true stewards of the forest. We ask for the right to challenge House Leoness of the Eastern Empire, to restore the Southern Highgreen forest to the wise and honorable rule of the Great Andrei Khan and the Meridian Khanate.”

The Queen was pleased to address their request and allowed the Meridian Khanate to challenge the Eastern Empire in the arena.

Old feuds run deep between these two nations, and the fighting was fierce. For a time it was unclear who would win. But in the end the Khanate was victorious and the Southern Highgreen Forest was awarded to House Evergreen of the Meridian Khanate.

The outcome of both challenges should have done much to alleviate tensions among the other nations regarding Queen Jordan’s rule, however dissent against the Royal Dominion continues to grow. The Queen faces a difficult road ahead, if she works to hard to appease her people she may appear weak, yet if she hardens herself to their requests she may simply find herself with more enemies.

With Episode five complete, the standings are as follows:

  1. Royal Dominion (16)
  2. Eastern Empire (9)
  3. Iron Republic (9)
  4. Meridian Khanate (9)

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