Season 2 Episode 4

In episode four of this season the only remaining territory up for grabs was the remote Northeastern territory of the Dustbone Hills. With no territories bordering it the Iron Republic was allowed no claim, but was still invited to compete in the arena.

Once each nation had sent forth a champion, Queen Jordan demanded that the Iron Republic replace their champion with someone smaller, much to the displeasure of those already decrying the Queens heavy handed treatment of dissidents.

To further worsen her plungeing popularity among the other nations, the Royal Dominion beat out all other competitors in the arena. The Iron Republic fell first, followed by the Meridian Khanate, and last to fall the Eastern Empire.

With House Tempest claiming the Dustbone Hills on behalf of the Royal Dominion, the Queen’s reach grows ever longer, now even extending into the East for the first time ever.

With no territories left to make claim upon the nations and houses of Everland have begun to speculate what will happen next. Does the Queen intend to continue holding contests in the Great Arena? And if so, what will be the prize for victory?

With Episode four complete, the standings are as follows:

  1. Royal Dominion (17)
  2. Eastern Empire (10)
  3. Iron Republic (8)
  4. Meridian Khanate (8)







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