Season 2 Episode 3

In the third epsiode of Season 2 the Meridian Khanate brought forward their claim to the Upper Savanna. Prior to the Rise of Nations, the Eastern Empire had conqueror the territory under the banner of House Wildbourne. Their first act had been to destroy Starlord City, the seat of power of House Solaris. After Queen Jordan won the throne, she  stripped ownership away from the Eastern Empire as punishment for challenging her. She then declared that the highly conflicted territory would remain neutral until someone could prove their claim to it in the Great Arena.

That day has come, and the Queen called upon all nations to send forward two champions to do battle. By the law of borders, of the four nations of Everland only the Eastern Empire could not claim the Upper Savanna as a reward for victory. However, they joined in the arena none the less, hoping that if they could win they would at least be able to prevent their old enemy from rebuilding their capital.

The Iron Republic fell early in the competition, their champions once again severally handicapped by the Queens decree. Unrest grows as the Queen insists upon keeping her boot heel upon the neck of the ideologically dangerous Iron Republic.

The remaining three nations fought long and hard, each coming within grasp of victory. However, the Queen’s own Royal Dominionw as next to falter, followed shortly after by the Eastern Empire, leaving the Meridian Khanate to stand triumphant at evenings end.

The Andrei Khan himself stood by his champions to congratulate them on a battle well fought. With the territory his once more, he ordered the immediate reconstruction of Starlord City, to be his glorious capital and the seat of power of House Solaris once more.

This victory also brings the Meridian Khanate’s power even with that of the Iron Republic, however both still stand in the impressive shadow of the Royal Dominion, with even the Eastern Empire forced to acknowledge the Queen Jordan’s supremacy over Everland.

With Episode three complete, the standings are as follows:

  1. Royal Dominion (16)
  2. Eastern Empire (10)
  3. Iron Republic (8)
  4. Meridian Khanate (8)

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