Season 2 Episode 1

In the first episode of Season 2 of Borderwars our newly crowned Queen addressed her subjects and handed out punishments to those nations that stood against her during the Rise of Nations at SC17. This included removing ownership of several territories from Houses throughout Everland.

Once the revised map was made available, the Queen informed the four nations of Everland that any territorial disputes would be settled in the Great Arena in king’s Seat. Each nation was allowed to bring forward a representative to make a claim, and after some discussion the Queen and her council decided that the Southern Highgreen forest would be the prize for this episodes games.

Despite their Empress being dethroned (or perhaps enraged because of it), the Eastern Empire fought its way into the tie breaker round and won victory in the arena. As a result House Leoness of the Eastern Empire has claimed ownership of Southern Highgreen forest.

For those interested, here’s a transcript of Queen Jordan’s speech:

“People of Everland,

I promise with every bone in my body that I will love Everland forever. I will base my decisions on what is best for my people before myself. Everland is my home, and you are all my family. Thank you for being gracious with me.   

Yet, from the moment that we first landed on the fertile soil of our new home, we have been at war with one another. Brother fighting brother, relationships lost, trust thrown over the shoulder so carelessly. That ends now. My first Royal decree is that war is forbidden. Yet I am not blind to injustice. The Borderwars cost your Houses much. Many of you are still eager to win back territories stolen by your enemies.

Henceforth, all territorial disputes will be resolved in the Great Arena of King’s Seat. This will be our new Borderwars. You will bring your grievances before me and my council, selecting a single territory which your Nation wishes to claim. That territory MUST be bordering lands that you already own. We will consider your disputes and then select one of the requested territories as the prize for whichever Nation wins in the arena. Rob will explain more about that later.

Our first contest will begin this evening. But before we commence, I have some announcements that some of you might not be so fond of. Nations of Everland. My council and I have decided that for your actions during the Borderwars and Rise of Nations, justice must be served.

Eastern Empire- First, your Eastern Empress has been dethroned. She holds no title, and is equal to the rest of you. Second, you no long have claim to the Upper Savannah. You overreached when you invaded and destroyed the capital of House Solaris. The land will go unclaimed until a nation can prove in the arena that they deserve it.

Iron Republic- Your ideals are pure, but you have fallen far from them. Your strength is born from dishonorable acts. For the shameful act of taking House Aurora’s capital, you will not be permitted to rise to your full strength again. In the competitions ahead you will find yourself handicapped. Also, the Northern Highgreen forest will be stripped from you, to remain neutral until claimed in the arena. For your crimes against House Westwind and the desecration of their capital, the Western Glen will immediately be returned to House Westwind. It’s capital, the Windspire, will be restored to its former glory, at your expense.

Meridan Khanate- Though I see a warrior’s honor in the Great Andrei Khan, one house among you must be punished. House Ragewater, your careless and cowardly acts during the Rise of Nations brought great shame to your House. Though my advisors counselled me to make an example of you by wiping out your House, I will show mercy. Instead, all lands you once claimed, apart from your capital, will be taken from you. Prove to Everland that you yet deserve a place among us, by fighting to regain your honor in the arena.

As we come to a close it’s time for the Royal Dominion…

My friends, I couldn’t have done this without you. I am so grateful for you love and support. Let it be known that the members of House Aurora, Tempest, Westwind, and Cavalier will henceforth be granted full rank and title as the nobility of Everland.

[Queen Jordan called Royal Dominion up on stage]

People of Everland, know that those who stand before you have noble blood flowing through their veins. Their titles as dukes, duchesses will not be taken lightly. They will be respected throughout my reign.

House Castellan, you stood firm in the defense of King’s Seat, even when besieged by four armies. You have proved your loyalty to throne of Everland and will be granted the honor of forming my Royal Queensguard. Should any decide to challenge my rule I know you will stand with me.

To all of you, know that my rule as Queen of Everland will be just, and marked by peace. Please come to me anytime if you have questions. Thank you all for being so good to our country. Everland”



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