June 2017 Results

The final results for the Finale Episode (June 2017) of Project 314 Border Wars are now in. While at first it appeared that Warriors of the West had risen above all other rivals when they occupied the capital city of House Ragewater, they did not account for the fact House Ragewater had built their capital around the remains of one of the mighty Giant Watchtowers. While the Warriors of the West celebrated their victory House Ragewater launched a counter attack from within the city and repelled the invaders. However, much of the territory still remains under House Tempest control, and the territory has now been split into two new territories. For details on how the final scores for each conflict were calculated, see the Conflicts page.

The Standings have been updated to include the rewards and penalties from the battles fought in the Season 1 finale.

Rewards Summary:

  • House Ragewater gains control of the Southern Highgreen Forest
  • House Dauntless gains control of the Lower Giants Steppe
  • House Westwind gains control of the Western Dalelands, after pacifying the Peasant Revolt
  • House Wildbourne gains control of the Upper Savanna, burning House Solaris’s Capital to the ground

Penalties Summary:

  • 1 Civilization improvement is destroyed in the Northern Highgreen Forest
  • 1 Civilization improvement is destroyed in the Lower Giants Steppe
  • House Solaris’s capital, Starlord City is destroyed by House Wildbourne (Upper Savanna)
  • 1 Might improvement is destroyed in the Upper Savanna
  • 1 Industry improvement is destroyed in the Windward Hills

June 2017 Conflicts Resolved 1

June 2017 Conflicts Resolved 2


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