May War Council

With only two War Council’s left before our Season 1 Finale, it’s more important than ever to start planning your strategies for the month of May. The next War Council is coming up on Friday May 12th at 6:45pm (in the Classrooms attached to the CLC gym). All resources for the month of May have been awarded, and the map and Standings have been updated.

As part of upcoming War Council, Alliances will be required to submit orders for each House in their alliance by the end of the War Council session. For April’s War Council we will continue to use the paper based Order Forms. Alliances will have approximately 30 minutes to complete their orders, however nothing is preventing anyone from discussing their plans ahead of time.

A reminder for those houses that have lost their Capital, without it you are severely crippled. Not only do you lose out on the bonus Industry, Agriculture, Might, and Civilization of your capital, you also lose the ability to exert you Military influence. This means that while you have no Capital, you can only target adjacent territories with your Military action.

For House Evergreen, with the Timberhold reduced to ashes by the Eastern Empire, be sure to review the rules for founding a new city (See the Build Actions page for details). For House Aurora, Schnitzelholme is currently occupied by House Spartan, so be sure to review the rules for retaking your capital (See the Military Actions page for details).

As we approach the end of the season, most of the rules are now out in the open, however we are adding one new Political Action this month, called “Disrupt trade”.  To disrupt trade will require 3 Poltical Actions per house, and if successful will cancel any OUTGOING trades made by that House. See the Political Actions page for details.


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