April 2017 Results

The final results for the April 2017 (Episode 8) Hungry Hungry Human edition of Project 314 Border Wars are now in. Three territories have changed hands, and House Aurora’s capital city is now being occupied by House Spartan. For details on how the final scores for each conflict were calculated, see the Conflicts page.

The Standings have been updated to include the rewards and penalties from the battles fought in Episode 8.

Rewards Summary:

  • House Tempest gains control of Shoulder Hills
  • House Spartan gains control of the Fields of Plenty
  • House Wildbourne gains control of the Wyld Plains

Penalties Summary:

  • 1 Might improvement is destroyed in Shoulder Hills
  • House Aurora’s capital of Schnitzelholme is occupied by House Spartan (Fields of Plenty)
  • 1 Industry improvement is destroyed in the Fields of Plenty

Battle Summary:

House Phoenix valiantly defended their allies territory against the aggression of the Eastern Empire, spending considerable resources to turn aside the overwhelming numbers of their foe. For now Evergreen holds onto the southern portions of their forest home.

Surrounded on all sides by enemies on all sides, House Evergreen barely escaped the trap set by House Limrip. Evergreen’s forces fought bravely, but the ill-fated invasion failed and the battle was lost. It was surely good fortunate that House Limrip fought alone, spreading out their forces in an attempt to pen them in. This left gaps in their battle line through which the survivors were able to escape, fleeing back to the safety of the forest and the protection of their Meridian allies.

The Eastern Empress found revenge on the field of battle, taking back the Wyld Plains and showing the Khan that she and her warriors were not to be underestimated. Though House Solaris outfought Wildbourne, the battle was lost before it began due tot he stealth predations of the Eastern Empires spies and political agents. However, only time will tell if the Eastern Empire can maintain its hold on this highly contested territory.

The small Ragewater garrison stationed in Shoulder Hills accounted themselves well in defence of their remote outpost. Taken by surprise, they fought on nonetheless and almost turned back the invaders. However in the end, numbers won the day and the garrison was broken. The House Tempest banner now flies in the Shoulder Hills.

The grand plans of the Spartonvlier leadership came to full fruition, bringing their superior numbers to bear against the formidable defences of House Aurora. When the siege came to its climatic end, the roar of battle fading and the dust settling, the stone walls and stout gatehouse of Schnitzelholme lay in ruins. The three banners of the Free People of Spartonvlier flew high and proud over the palace of the Grand Duchess of Aurora. House Spartan, seeing themselves as liberators, now occupy the city  to ensure that the tyranny of the Duchess and her allies will forever remain broken over of the Fields of Plenty.


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