April 2017 Conflicts

The April 2017 War Council has concluded and the results are summarized as follows:

Build Actions

Eastern Empire: 9 new builds
Warriors of the West: 6 new builds
Spartonvlier: 5 new builds
Meridian Alliance: 6 new builds

Trade Actions

All trade actions this month were within alliances. 6 resources & 1 agriculture traded hands.

Political Actions

The Political Actions that are public knowledge are summarized as follows:

House Leoness uses its political influence to publically hinder House Evergreen (-1) & House Solaris (-1)
House Ragewater uses its political influence to publically hinder House Solaris (-2)
House Cavalier uses its political influence to publically benefit House Spartan (+1)
House Evergreen captures spies from House Leoness, negating their negative influence
House Solaris sends agents to Incite Revolt in the Northern Highgreen Forest, however they are captured and executed by House Ragewater’s security forces
House Cavalier sends diplomats to peacefully quell the Peasant revolt in the Summer Hills
Both House Spartan and House Westwind send diplomats to peacefully quell the Peasant revolt in the Upper Forest of Flowers, however unknown Assassins intercept the Spartan diplomats and only the Westwind diplomats arrive to quell the revolt

Military Actions

The majority of conflicts this month seem to occur further East, with an unexpected invasion by the Warriors of the West. The conflicts for April are summarized below:

April 2017 Conflicts Summary

The onslaught of the Eastern Empire against House Evergreen continues, with House Ragewater pushing deeper into the forest. Not satisfied with burning the Timberhold to the ground, they now seek to occupy the Southern Highgreen as well. Their ally, House Leoness, sends its armies to join in the task, fresh from claiming the Eastern Wastelands. Though more accustomed to hunting in the grasslands of the Giant’s Steppe, they are eager to test their skills among the trees. The invasion would have spelled certain doom for Evergreen, for they committed their own army to a Meridian offensive against the Eastern Empire. However it is rumored that House Phoenix has agents within House Ragewater, for they unexpectedly turned their forces away from their allies, circling around the Great Mistmourne Lake, to arrive in the Southern Highgreen well ahead of the Eastern Empire. Despite being outnumbered, House Phoenix has been able to fortify their position and turn the odds back in favor of the Meridian Alliance.

Committed to their own invasion plans, House Evergreen forged ahead into the Lower Giant’s Steppe. However, what was originally planned as a three pronged assault on Wildbourne’s base of power within the partially rebuild Giant’s Watchtower, has now turned into a solo endeavour. With Phoenix tied up defending the Southern Highgreen and House Solaris forced back to defend against Wildbourne aggression, it yet seemed that House Evergreen held the advantage against the small garrison stationed at the watchtower. However even as they drew up their battle lines and prepared to lay siege, their scouts discovered that a large army flying the banner of House Limrip had arrived from the South overnight and has penned House Evergreen in with a large perimeter of  sharpened stakes. Such a feat defies any other explanation than House Limrip having foreknowledge that the Meridian Alliance would invade the Lower Giant’s Steppe. The more obvious target was the Limrip capital and temple city of Mamba,  exposed to threat of invasion after the Meridan Alliance crushed House Wildbournes forces in the Wyld Plains last month. Yet instead, considerable resources were expended to build these temporary stake lines and hide them from the approaching Evergreen army, only to then be revealed and manned by the incoming Limrip army. House Solaris now suspects that they have Limrip spies in their midst, who somehow overheard battle plans during the secretive War Council held in Starlord City. Regardless, Evergreen now stands alone, and at great disadvantage. Yet if against all odds they can defeat House Limrip, surely the rest of the territory will fall.

When House Wildbourne’s armies were seen gathering on the outskirts of the Wyld plains it was assumed that the Eastern Empire sought to regain their former territory after the embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Great Andrei Khan. Surely the Eastern Empress would not choose to once again stand alone when House Solaris had proven their superior strength and discipline on the battlefield. As such, rather than supporting House Evergreen in a simple invasion of a relatively undefended territory, House Solaris chose to instead pull back to defend the Wyld Plains and hold the advantage they had gained in previous month. By the time they realized that House Limrip was nowhere to be found, it was too late to slip past House Wildbourne, and battle is now inevitable. To make matters worse, the quartermasters of the Solaris army now report that their cache of weapons have been plundered and their food stores spoiled by unknown agents. Solaris now faces their adversary ill-equipped and half starved. Though slight in size, the Eastern Empress has bared her teeth, and the warrior women of House Wildbourne stand ready to follow her to any end.

The sole battle being fought in the west is one of great consequence, an overt demonstration of the brilliant strategies of the commanders of the free people’s armies of Spartonvlier. It begins however with a battle far to the north. The first step was to plant the idea within their rivals ranks, that the Northern territories of House Ragewater were ripe for the taking. Thirsty for new lands to replace their loses, House Tempest took the bait and rallied their allies behind them, drawing much of the strength of the Warriors of the West away from their own holdings. As the whispers promised, they now stand poised to overwhelm the meager Ragewater garrison left behind to defend the Shoulder Hills. However, this comes at a high cost.

Therein lies the brilliance of Spartonvlier’s well laid plans. For while they quietly encouraged the Warriors of the West to set aside their own conflict, they rallied all of their own forces to invade the Fields of Plenty, home of House Aurora’s capital city of Schnitzelholme. Too late Aurora realized her folly, for her allies had already dispatched their forces for the Shoulder Hills. Fortunately Grand Duchess Jorden turned her own army in time to retreat to the relative safety of her own walls, but now Spartonvlier has laid siege. However all is not lost, for the walls of Schnitzelholme are thick stone and the brave Cavalry of House Aurora, shield maidens one and all, sally forth to disrupt the siege. Meanwhile stealthy agents of unknown origin harass the rear guard of the Spartonvlier forces, making it challenging to form a cohesive assault. However, strength of numbers may yet carry the day and the fate of Schnitzelholme lies within the hands of House Spartan.


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