April War Council

It’s time to start talking strategy among your alliance. The next War Council is coming up on Friday April 14th at 6:45pm (in the Classrooms attached to the CLC gym). All resources for the month of April have been awarded, and the map and Standings have been updated.

As part of upcoming War Council, Alliances will be required to submit orders for each House in their alliance by the end of the War Council session. For April’s War Council we will continue to use the paper based Order Forms introduced last month. Alliances will have approximately 30 minutes to complete their orders, however nothing is preventing anyone from discussing their plans ahead of time.

With House Evergreen’s capital of Timberhold reduced to ashes by the Eastern Empire, it is now necessary to expand the Build Action rules. A new Build Action has been added, called “Found City“, allowing any House that currently has no Capital city to build a new one in a territory that they control, and that already has at least one of each type of territory improvement. See the Build Actions page for details.

A new Military Action called “Retake City” is also available, under the Occupy Actions. This option is only available in the event that an enemy house currently occupies your city  (rather than destroying it).  “Retake City” is a no-cost invasion of your former territory, in the hopes of retaking your capital city. See the Military Actions page for details.

April also sees some changes and new options for Political Actions. A new action called  “Sabotage Territory” has been added, that lets a House send spies into a target territory to destroy a Territory Improvement of their choice, provided the spies are not caught. With the current political climate, security is tighter than ever. As a result the the cost of Incite Revolt has gone up yet again, from 5 actions to 6 actions as of April. See the Political Actions page for details.


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