March 2017 Results

The final results for the March 2017 (Episode 7) Flip-Tile edition of Project 314 Border Wars are now in. Attackers won across all fronts this month. As a result six territories have changed hands. For details on how the final scores for each conflict were calculated, see the Conflicts page.

The Standings have been updated to include the rewards and penalties from the battles fought in Episode 7.

Rewards Summary:

  • House Ragewater gains control of the Northern Highgreen Forest
  • House Spartan gains control of the Lower Forest of Flowers
  • House Onyx gains control of Black Iron Gap
  • House Solaris gains control of the Wyld Plains
  • HouseWestind gains control of the Western Dalelands
  • House Leoness gains control of the Eastern Wastelands

Penalties Summary:

  • 1 Civilization improvement is destroyed in the Northern Highgreen Forest
  • House Evergreen’s capital of Timberhold is destroyed by House Ragewater (Northern Highgreen Forest)
  • 1 Agriculture improvement is destroyed in the Lower Forest of Flowers
  • 1 Might improvement is destroyed in the Wyld Plains
  • 1 Might improvement is destroyed in the Western Dalelands

Battle Summary:

Fought in the Northern Highgreen Forest, the Siege of Timberhold was perhaps the most significant battle to take place since the Fall of the Colossus. The stout ironwood palisades of House Evergreen’s capital held back House Ragewater’s siege engines, and it seemed for a time that a stalemate would occur. However, the beastial warriors of House Limrip, so at home fighting beneath the trees, managed to sneak up to the walls under cover of darkness and set them ablaze. Once the walls began to fall, the Eastern Empire swarmed into the city. Though both sides fought fiercely, the houses of the Eastern Empire outnumbered Evergreen, who stood alone while the rest of the Meridian Alliance fought elsewhere. When the last of the Evergreen defenders were defeated the Eastern Empire chose to let the fires burn unabated. The fire removing all trace of the once proud capital of House Evergreen and destroyed large swathes of the surrounding forest. The survivors had no choice but to flee south and regroup. Only time will tell if they will can rally their forces and rebuild elsewhere. It is a dark day for a house once known for it’s loyalty. Yet after so many betrayals if they can somehow manage to survive this latest defeat, they will earn a new reputation in Everland and forever be known for their resilience, the True North Strong.

Though even matched in numbers, with House Aurora holding a slight advantage in armaments, it was House Spartan that won the latest in what is proving to be a long and bitter conflict between these two houses in the Lower Forest of Flowers. For now, control goes back to the original owners, but such constant conflict is starting to exact a toll upon the land itself as more territory improvements are destroyed.

The Peasant Revolt in Black Iron Gap has been put down by the combined armies of House Onyx and House Cavalier. The peasants were no match for the Spartonvlier forces and order has now been restored under the banner of House Onyx. House Tempest is sure to be discontented with this outcome in lands that once belonged to them. Rumor has it that House Westwind had sent an envoy to seek a diplomatic solution to the revolt in an attempt to restore Black Iron Gap to its right owners. Force of arms won the day however, and now House Tempest must decide how to proceed.

Meanwhile in the Wyld plains, the hastily constructed defences of House Wildbourne were tossed aside by the fury of the Great Andrei Khan and sheer numbers of the Meridian alliance. The Eastern Empire had no choice but to retreat and relinquish their claim on the Wyld Plains.

The Western Dalelands fared even worse in the face of overwhelming numbers. With the bulk of Onyx’s forces fighting peasants in Black Iron Gap, only a small local garrison remained behind to defend against the Warriors of the West. As result the Western half of the Dalelands have now fallen to House Westwind. House Onyx has gained largely empty grazing lands in exchange for handing House Westwind half of the well developed wealth of the Dalelands.

While all the rest of Everland fought amongst itself, House Leoness quietly secured more land for the Eastern Empire, claiming the Eastern Wastelands without contest. Whether this land will prove to have any lasting value is unknown, but it has solidified the Eastern Empire’s position as the largest single landowner in all of Everland. The Eastern Empress Skie will be well pleased.





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