March 2017 Conflicts

The March 2017 War Council has concluded and the results are summarized as follows:

Build Actions

Eastern Empire: 10 new builds (but 1 failed due to exceeding maximums)
Warriors of the West: 6 new builds (but 1 failed due to exceeding maximums)
Spartonvlier: 4 new builds (but 1 failed due to exceeding maximums)
Meridian Alliance: 7 new builds

Trade Actions

All trade actions this month were within alliances. 8 resources in total traded hands.

Political Actions

The Political Actions that are public knowledge are summarized as follows:

House Leoness uses its political influence to publically benefit House Ragewater (+3 might)
House Wildbourne uses its political influence to publically benefit House Ragewater (+3 might)
House Tempest sends Diplomats to both House Aurora and House Westwind (+1 might each), however they are assassinated enroute by unknown forces
Unknown forces send agents to successfully Incite Revolt in the Summerhills
Unknown forces send agents to successfully Incite Revolt in the Upper Forest of Flowers

Military Actions

With Alliances openly invading each other’s territories, Everland has plunged into all out war. The conflicts for March are summarized below:

March 2017 Conflicts

With war between the Meridian Alliance and the Eastern Empire inevitable, House Ragewater launched a preemptive strike against Timberhold, House Evergreen’s capital city  located deep in the Northern High Green Forest. With their allies from House Wildbourne and Limrip at their side, the Eastern Empire sought to quickly overwhelm the local garrison. However, some say the forest itself carried warning and despite lacking support from the rest of the Meridian Alliance, House Evergreen’s army arrived ahead of the invaders to fortify Timberhold, at a great cost of resources. With Evergreen firmly entrenched and Ragewater bearing the diplomatic support of their allies, both sides now stand evenly matched in might. However, the Eastern Empire carries an advantage in numbers, though somewhat reduced due to support from House Wildbourne being cut off by an attack on their territories far to the south.

Shocked at their loss last month to House Aurora, House Spartan sends its army back into the Lower Forest of Flowers to attempt to reclaim their lost territory. Seemingly confident of victory their army stands alone. The impending attack prompted House Aurora to pull their own forces back from supporting their allies and instead focus on defence. With House Aurora unable to bring their cavalry to bear within the confines of the forest, House Spartan’s troops have an advantage, being peerless warriors in an infantry battle. However Aurora has unexpectedly been gifted superior weapons and armor from an unknown benefactor. While their numbers stand equal, it is believed that House Aurora holds the upper hand.

Meanwhile the rest of the free peoples of Spartonvlier mobilize to deal with a peasant revolt in Black Iron Gap, a territory once belonging to House Tempest, but believed to have been incited to revolt by one of only a handful of Houses with the ability to do so. On the open fields of Black Iron Gap, House Cavalier’s knights will likely make quick work of any peasants that dare resist them. To further dash the hopes of the revolt, House Onyx also seems to have acquired superior equipment through clandestined means. Oddly enough, the weapons and armor they carry bear a striking resemblance to those carried by House Aurora. Could an outside force be supplying arms to both sides of the increasingly hostile conflict between Spartonvlier and the Warriors of the West?

In the South, the Meridian Alliance is on the move. The Great Andrei Khan of House Solaris has set his sights on the Wyld plains and with support from House Phoenix, they seek to claim it from House Wildbourne and the Eastern Empire. Though normally adept at combat upon the southern plains, the Khan’s forces have been crippled by unknown spies. This is good fortune for House Wildbourne, for it has provided them with time to redirect their army from its original  intent to lend aid to the siege of Timberhold in the North. Now House Wildbourne has returned back to the Wyld Plains in an attempt to hold off the Khan. It is even rumored that the Eastern Empress herself will take to the ramparts in defiance of the Khan. The newly constructed defences along the border of her domain will prove a timely addition and grant an advantage in the coming battle. However it may not be enough as the defenders still stand outnumbered two to one.

Perhaps the most one sided of all the conflicts in March will be the invasion of the Western Dalelands by the combined forces of the Warriors of the West. Though they have lost the support of House Aurora due to the Spartan invasion, both House Westwind and House Tempest are adept at using hit and run tactics to sweep down from the mist shrouded hills surrounding the Dalelands. Despite the superior armaments on loan to their forces, house Onyx is ill prepared for such an attack. With the bulk of their army spearheading the attack on Black Iron Gap, the defence of the Western Dalelands falls to the local garrison. However the garrison will be far outnumbered by the foe and faces a deadly war of attrition as the Warriors of the West slowly grind down their defences.

Far the east, House Leoness seeks to expand the reach of the Eastern Empire and is believed to have sent forces to tame the scorching heat of the barren Eastern Wastelands. These desolate lands, where little seems to be able to grow or survive, mark the eastern edge of Everland and none have dared ventured beyond them. While its value pales in comparison to the fertile lands found throughout the rest of Everland it nonetheless will add to the already significant land mass claimed by the Eastern Empire. Though some believe that the giants who once claimed dominion all of Everland can yet be found there, it is doubtful that House Leoness will face any real opposition.


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