March War Council

It’s time to start talking strategy among your alliance. The next War Council is coming up on Friday March 17th at 6:45pm (in the Classrooms attached to the CLC gym). All resources for the month of March have been awarded, and the map and Standings have been updated.

As part of upcoming War Council, Alliances will be required to submit orders for each House in their alliance by the end of the War Council session. For March’s War Council we will be using a new (and hopefully simpler) paper based Order Form for their Alliance. Alliances will have approximately 30 minutes to complete their orders, however nothing is preventing anyone from discussing their plans ahead of time.

With several invasions taking place throughout Everland, some Alliance are now considering using excess resources to fortify their positions. A new Military Action is now available, under the Defend Action. Fortifying a territory that your army has chosen to defend, allows you to temporarily boost your Might in that territory at a cost of +1 Might per resource spent.

There are also some changes to Political Actions this month. With the fracturing of the Houses of Everland into their respective alliances, it now requires more Civilization to attempt to incite revolt in another Alliances territory. The cost of Incite Revolt has gone up from 4 actions to 5 actions as of March. A new option has also been added,  called Infiltrate House, which counts as 4 actions per house infiltrated. If successful, your spies will report back the Military Action taken by that house, allowing the House that infiltrated to adjust their own Military actions accordingly.


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