February 2017 Results

The final results for the February 2017 (Episode 6) Relay-cart edition of Project 314 Border Wars are now in. Numbers played a significant role in this month’s conflicts. In all cases, victory was won by side that brought more houses to battle. As a result several territories have changed hands.

The Standings have been updated to include the rewards and penalties from the battles fought in Episode 6.

House Ragewater took the brunt of the punishment this month, not only losing the Ironwood Forest to the Meridian Alliance, but also having a civilization improvement destroyed when a Spartonvlier raid was redirected onto the Shoulder Hills. With their allies from the Eastern Empire otherwise occupied, Ragewater faced both battles alone, and was soundly crushed on both fronts. The Ironwood Forest now belongs to its original owners, House Evergreen. However the battles waged there caused the destruction of a Might improvement.

In the Wyld Plains the Eastern empire poured significant resources into crushing the peasant revolt, sending three of their four armies into the territory. With Ragewater diverted to defend their own territories, the Eastern Empire’s forces were reduced to two Houses. The battle itself went poorly for the Eastern Empire and had Wildbourne gone alone it is likely they would have suffered an embarrassing defeat at the hands of the revolting peasants. However in the end their superior numbers and weapons carried them to victory over the peasants and the Wyld Plains is now under the control of House Wildbourne. Their allies in House Limrip seem unperturbed to have lost the territory as they have secured the Far Esterwyld for themselves, consolidating their grip on the on the entire Esterwyld Jungle region.

A fierce battle also raged in the Lower Forest of Flowers, resulting in the destruction of a local industrial improvement. Though House Spartan put up a valiant defence, when the roar of battle faded it was the superior numbers of the Warriors of the West that carried the day. With the invasion of the the Lower Forest of Flowers complete, the territory now  belongs to House Aurora who spearheaded the attack.


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