February 2017 Conflicts

The February 2017 War Council has concluded and the results are summarized as follows:

Build Actions

Eastern Empire: 11 new builds
Warriors of the West: 4 new builds
Spartonvlier: 4 new builds (but 1 failed due to exceeding maximums)
Meridian Alliance: 3 new builds

Trade Actions

All trade actions this month were within alliances. 10 resources in total traded hands.

Political Actions

The Political Actions that are public knowledge are summarized as follows:

House Evergreen uses its political influence to publically benefit the House Solaris and Phoenix (+1)
House Limrip uses its political influence to publically benefit House Wildbourne (+2)
House Solaris uses its political influence to publically benefit House Evergreen (+2)
House Phoenix uses its political influence to publically benefit House Evergreen (+1)
House Evergreen captures spies from House Ragewater, negating their negative influence
House Onyx captures assassins from House Aurora, negating their effect
Unknown forces send agents to Incite Revolt in Black Iron Gap

Military Actions

February’s was the first month of combined alliance Military Actions. The ensuing conflicts are summarized below:

february-2017-conflictsAs their first military action as an alliance, Spartonvlier attempted to pool their military might and stage an unexpected raid deep into House Ragewater territory. However, Ragewater closed its borders and as a result the raid was redirected onto the border territory of Shoulder Hills. In a further turn of back luck, House Spartan’s  support of the raid was cut off due to an invasion of their own territories. However, this still leaves the Ragewater defenders outnumbered two to one.

The attempted invasion on the Spartan held Lower Forest of Flowers was spearheaded by House Aurora, with their old allies House Westwind and House Tempest. The Warriors of the West, as they now refer to themselves, are led by the Grand Duchess of House Aurora who has been granted considerable authority in governing their combined provinces. Meanwhile House Westwind retains the belief that a Westwind King should ultimately rule a unified Everland. It would appear that the invasion of the Lower Forest of Flowers is a strategic first step towards that goal, as victory would finally connect the lands of Aurora to their allies further north. Despite their superior might, House Spartan will be hard pressed to defy the Warriors of the West as they stand alone against three armies.

Elsewhere in Everland, the newly founded Eastern Empire exerts its strength over the Wyld Plains, sending a force from house Wildbourne to pacify the peasant uprising that was believed to have been caused by agents from House Cavalier. House Leoness and House Ragewater support this move, however Ragewater has no choice but to redirect its forces to defend the home front. House Limrip did not take part in the military actions of its allies, but instead sent troops to claim the wild and previously uninhabited Far Esterwyld. Limrip stands unopposed in this endeavour, and it is believed that the Territory will quickly be brought under their control.

The Meridian Alliance, led by the great Andrei Khan, takes a bold opening move and sends forces north to assist their ally House Evergreen in retaking the Ironwood Forest from House Ragewater. With their allies occupied elsewhere, House Ragewater faces the Meridian Alliance alone and against insurmountable odds is not expected to maintain its grasp on the territory.


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