The Truth Revealed

With Everland set to plunge into war, House Castellan has finally broken the long silence regarding King Justin’s absence from the public eye. Representatives from every House across Everland were asked to come to King’s Seat, under a flag of truce. The Castellan guard vowed that they would throw open the sealed doors of the throne room and give Everland the truth once and for all.

From the day that the battered remains of the fleet landed upon the shores of this new and unexplored land, we have fought under the King’s banner. Under the King’s banner the Houses of Everland came together and defeated giant’s, toppling the fierce creature known as the Colossus and forever breaking his hold on this land. Under the King’s Banner we claimed our new lands, rebuilt our civilizations, and prospered.

But now that same banner has become a point of contention, and instead of bringing us together it now threatens to tear asunder everything we have accomplished. With tensions between House Cavalier and the Beasts from the East at an all time high, it is time for the truth to be revealed.

King Justin of House Cavalier, is a lie…

The man himself, and the legendary story of his ascendancy to Kingship holds true.  However while King Justin was the King of Old Freehart, he has never sat upon the throne of Everland. Everland has been without a King since the beginning. During the time known as the Crossing, when we fled the doom of Old Freehart, King Justin was lost at sea, cast overboard in the same storm that claimed so many others. In the dank , despair ridden cargo hold of the King’s own vessel, a plot was conceived in secret. High ranking members of both House Cavalier and House Castellan agreed that the tattered remains of the fleet would scatter if they learned of the loss of King Justin, and the legacy of Old Freehart would be forever lost. So in that moment they decided they would continue to fly the King’s banner.

Then upon sighting land, their resolve was strengthened, knowing that if they were to claim these mysterious shores the King’s banner must continue to fly. And thus was born the lie that King Justin yet lived, that he had merely become ill during the crossing. And so we rallied to our King’s banner. With every step further inland, with every adversity faced, and every victory won in the name of the King, it became seemingly impossible to let the truth be known. And so, even as the new capital city was constructed, it was given the name King’s Seat, to further perpetuate the lie. The throne room itself was an empty shell, with no need for a throne to seat a non-existent King.

Now as we gather within its empty walls for the first time, we face the truth at last. We have been lied to. House Castellan claims that it was necessary for us to become who we now are, and perhaps they are right, but it does little to soften the blow.

Order at any cost, these are the ancient words of House Castellan, and it would seem they cling to them even now. They make no apology, but simply state, that the sealed throne room and the great deception of King Justin no longer serve to bring order to Everland and instead risk plunging us all into the chaos and disorder of war.

They now offer the city of King’s Seat, and the false throne room itself as neutral ground where the Houses of Everland can meet to forge a new fate. A lofty gesture, but their betrayal is not so easily swept aside.

With no King in Everland, House Westwind was the first to make claim. They are the old blood of Kings, and ruled in Freehart for many generations before the crown was usurped by Justin of House Cavalier. Ever loyal, House Tempest backs this claim, as does their more recent ally, House Aurora. Though their claim is strong, it does not carry sufficient weight beyond the West.

Meanwhile in the East, the beastial Houses of Wildbourne and Limrip see the opportunity to finally establish their own empire under their beloved Eastern Empress. Joined by new allies in House Leoness and Ragewater, they seem intent upon declaring their own sovereignty and finally establishing the proud and savage Eastern Empire they have always longed for. A place where only the bold may rule.

House Solaris was among the most faithful supporters of  King Justin, despite his absence from the public eye. The news that he was lost at sea years earlier, struck a terrible blow. Deeply wounded by the betrayal, they have found common cause with House Evergreen, who are no stranger to betrayal themselves. Along with their southern allies from House Phoenix, Solaris has severed ties with House Cavalier. Though they once had appeared to be inseparable allies, House Solaris is disgusted with the dishonorable behaviour of House Cavalier in perpetuating such a grievous lie. Angered they now look to one of their own to rule, a Great Khan of House Solaris has risen up, seeking to forge a new destiny and restore the former glory of his House.

Within House Cavalier itself, there is turmoil. The high ranking members of that House bear the sole responsibility of this deception, for they hid the truth even from their own people. But the shame of a select few is a black mark upon the honor of a House once known for its chivalry. In an attempt to reclaim some shred of their honor, those who claim to have had no part in promoting the false king have arrested those responsible and have offered them up to face justice, a peace offering that they hope may yet prevent war between House Cavalier and the Beasts from the East. To further distance themselves from their role in the great deception, the remaining members of House Cavalier have renounced their claim to any crown or throne, and now seek only independance and the right to yet hold their own lands.

As the disgraced House Cavalier attempts to reforge their identity and reclaim their lost honor as an independent House, they suddenly find themselves with new prospects for allies. Though once adversaries during the Throne War, House Spartan and their close ally House Onyx, have extended an unlikely offer of friendship to House Cavalier. In them they see kindred spirits, for above all else House Spartan and House Onyx simply wish to have the freedom to decide their own fate, free from the tyranny of Kings and their schemes. These outcast Houses have no King, they need no King, for together their strength may yet rival all others.

With House Castellan now claiming neutrality and using their considerable strength of arms to enforce order within their own city-state, these newly forged alliances leave King’s Seat to return to their own lands. Even the very name of the short lived capital of Everland now serves as a mockery in the light of the truth revealed. Only time will tell what fate shall befall Everland. Where once there stood a Kingdom that dared to defy giants, there is now only four fractured alliances, each seeking to establish its own way in the world.

As a new era begins for the Houses of Everland, these fledgling alliances must gather their war councils and prepare to defend their new found freedom.


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