War Threatens Everland

Last month’s battle for the Ironwood Forest may have been the fuel, but the match which struck the blaze was the discovery that the King’s own House of Cavalier was behind the Peasant Revolt in the House Limrip controlled territory of the Wyld Plains. In the wake of the discovery, House Limrip immediately called for vengeance and ripped limbs. Their sisters in House Wildbourne were barely able to contain their fury but managed to halt their enraged brothers from launching an attack. Instead they convinced House Limrip that they would send an envoy to the capital, King’s Seat, on behalf of all the Beasts from the East. They would seek an audience with King Justin himself, and demand that he bring his errant kinsman in House Cavalier to justice.

However the more measured approach of House Wildbourne was not well received. Upon arriving in King’s Seat and marching to the very doors of the throne room, they were met in force by the Castellan Guard, sworn to protect the King from any threat. House Castellan informed them that the King was not well enough to grant audience, but the envoy would not be so easily turned away. House Wildbourne’s agents attempted to push their way past the Castellan Guard and discern the truth once and for all regarding King Justin’s mysterious absence since the crossing from old Freeheart. There are mixed reports of who struck the first blow, but a skirmish erupted. House Wildbourne was quickly overwhelmed by the Castellan Guards and forced to retreat.

By the time the Wildbourne envoy arrived home, word had already reached House Limrip. The Alpha Ripper himself had roused the beasts to battle, and the drums of war could be heard echoing throughout the Esterwyld Jungle. Everland sits poised on the brink of war, as the tensions between House Cavalier and the Beasts from the East threaten to draw in even those who consider themselves neutral in the conflict.

Now more than ever, it is important for the Houses of Everland to secure strong and faithful allies. In the dark days ahead, there will be strength in numbers. It’s time to pick a  side!

NOTE: Order forms for choosing alliances are now closed. Based on the responses of your Houses, four alliances have been created. See the  Alliances page for more details.


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