January 2017 Results

The final results for the January 2016 Tank edition of Project 314 Border Wars are now in. In an unexpected turn of events, House Ragewater has now gained control of the Ironwood Forest.

The Standings have been updated to include the rewards and penalties from the battles fought in January.

House Tempest successfully defended their capital, using their significant Might advantage to sway the battle in their favor and sending the House Onyx raiders home empty handed. Could this beleaguered House finally be seeing  a change in their fortunes?

Meanwhile the fortunes of the Western Alliance continue to rise as House Aurora’s raid against the Lower Forest of Flowers smashed the defences of the over confident House Spartan. Out numbered by the addition of House Westwind’s forces, the Spartan’s know defeat for the first time since establishing their new province in Everland. The raiders pillaged the territory and split the resources among themselves before returning to their own lands to celebrate their victory.

The Peasant revolt in the Ironwood Forest was put to a swift end, as the peasants foudn themselves caught between the colliding armies of eight Houses. The battle was long and hard fought, but in the end House Ragewater and it’s allies, the Beasts from the East, stood victorious. House Evergreen had no choice but to relinquish it’s claim to the territory and retreat to their seat of power in the Northern Highgreen Forest. Unable to carry House Evergreen to victory, House Cavalier and the allies they brought with them returned to South to their own lands to count their loses. This conflict has Everland set on edge, as it is the first major battle to occur between the Houses since arriving on these new shores. Many fear that it could signal a return to the endless wars fought between the rival factions in their old homeland of Freehart.


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