January 2017 Orders Received

Build Actions

Houses throughout Everland continue to build improvements in their territories, Civilization and Industry being the most common builds. Both Evergreen and Limrip discovered that the dense forest and jungle of their respective lands were not well suited for the construction projects they had planned. House Evergreen reached their limit of Agriculture in the Southern Highgreen Forest and House Limrip was unable to build Civilization in the Esterwyld Jungle. House Tempest was the only house that lacked enough resources to build any improvements, due to the raids by Onyx last month. nothing. King’s Seat and the Northern Highgreen forest have both had their improvements maxed out at five. For House Castellan, this means they can not build any further improvements.

Trade Actions

Trades were minimal this month, though there was one report of Mercenaries being hired, and House Tempest was able to strike a deal of some kind with another House to deliver much needed Agriculture to feed the people of Black Iron Gap.

Political Actions

As always there were many political actions taken behind the scenes, with spies crossing throughout Everland. The Political Actions that are public knowledge are summarized as follows:

House Evergreen uses its political influence to publically benefit the Ruling House Cavalier (+1)
House Spartan uses its political influence to publically benefit House Onyx (+3)
House Tempest uses its political influence to publically benefit House Westwind (+1)
House Westwind uses its political influence to publically benefit House Tempest (+1), but the diplomats were assassinated!
House Castellan uses its political influence to publically benefit the Ruling House Cavalier (+1)
House Castellan uses its political influence to publically benefit House Tempest (+1)
House Aurora sent diplomats in with supplies of Agriculture to Quell the Peasant Revolt in Wildvine Point
Unknown forces send agents to Incite Revolt in the Wyld Plains

As of yet, House Limrip has not been able to determine who sent agents into their lands to Incite Revolt, however by process of elimination, they have narrowed it down to Either House Evergreen or House Cavalier. The General of House Evergreen claims that he knew nothing of the event, and casts blame upon the Ruling House Cavalier. Regardless of who the perpetrator is, House Limrip has vowed swift vengeance.

Military Actions

January saw fewer conflicts overall, however the scope of those conflicts has grown, with a massive eight House battle looming in the Ironwood Forest.


House Onyx and Spartan continued to send raiders to the Tempest capital in Upper Black Hills. However, this month they seem to be targeting  Tempest’s Agriculture in a further attempt to starve their rivals out and cause widespread unrest throughout the province. But House Tempest is not without friends, and they now stand with a significant Might advantage due to deals made in the shadows by unknown benefactors.

To further improve their odds, it would seem that Spartan forces have once again been diverted from raiding with house Onyx in order to defend their own lands against a counter raid by the Western alliance. The counter raid is believed to be targeting the rich resources of the Lower Forest of Flowers. Of course House Tempest will be unable to join the raid due to the Onyx raids on their own territories, leaving House Westwind and Aurora to face off against the well disciplined forces of House Spartan.

The true conflict for this month however lies in the Ironwood Forest. Early in the month Forces from throughout Everland began converging on the outskirts of the territory. It seemed at first that a massive show of solidarity between the assembled Houses would mean a quick end to the Peasant Revolt. The leaders of the uprising were said to be already drafting up terms of surrender. However uncertainty began to arise about the true intentions of the gathered armies. While House Evergreen had originally assumed that the other houses were gathered to ensure that Evergreen would be given back control of the territory,  it soon became clear that House Ragewater had its own plans for pacifying the revolt and claiming the territory as its own. With promised support from the Beasts from the East (comprised of the combined might of Houses Wildbourne, Limrip and Leoness), Ragewater’s bid to occupy the Ironwood Forest is significant. However House Evergreen has been promised support from the Ruling House Cavalier, who in turn brought its staunch Southern allies House Solaris and Phoenix. The result is that the surrendering peasants are now stuck between the near equal armies of Ragewater and Evergreen, and their allies, with final control of the Ironwood Forest in the balance.


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