Orders Due by January 20th

We are now accepting orders for the January 27th edition of Border Wars. All resources for the month of January have been awarded and the Standings have been updated. House Tempest and House Evergreen both produced less than normal (due to penalties from raids in December).

As the fires of yet another peasant revolt rage unchecked, some houses are proposing that where force of arms has failed perhaps diplomacy may yet bring the revolts to an end. A new Political Action is now available. Houses with enough Civilization can attempt to send diplomats to Quell peasant revolts along their borders.

Meanwhile some of the houses have grown discontent with the meddling of House Castellan and the incessant raids that seem to hold Everland in their grip. Those Houses with excess resources or agriculture available are now considering hiring Mercenaries to fight for them. The prospect of payment may prove to drive some Houses to assign their armies to Mercenary duties. A new Military Action is now available. Mercenary Support is very  similar to Allied support, however the support only occurs if acceptable payment in Resources or Agriculture is made.


If you are a House General please click here to submit your orders. Orders submitted by anyone other than a House General will be automatically discarded.

Once you hit the submit button your orders are final and CANNOT be changed. Closing the webpage before hitting submit will resulting in resetting the form.


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